Chapter 405: Exposed

What next? When he thought about the time she tried to sneak into the Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet, he almost laughed out loud. She had just started her cultivation journey and she already set off for the imperial palace. Her fearlessness knew no bounds. If he wasn’t there to cover for her, she would already have been executed by a palace guard.

Back when he had asked her to “treat his legs”, she even extorted a large amount of favors from him. Not to mention that he had even tried to invite her over for several meals. Furthermore, when she had been framed and blackmailed by others, he was also the one who cleared her name. It was as though she didn’t learn her lesson as she continued to run around, treating other people. She didn’t even bother spending time with the person who saved her life.

Not to mention the incident at the Falling Cloud Mountain Range. He already confessed his feelings to her and it was pretty obvious he was madly in love with her. He initially thought that he was merely interested in her. However, he only realized his true feelings when Lu Wenshu unleashed his strongest attack. He discovered that he was willing to give up his life to save her. It was a pity that she didn’t get his meaning during his confession and he even wanted to open up her brain to see if she had something called ‘feelings’. 

After that incident, he failed to find another chance to confess to her and she started her plan to scheme against the Phoenix King Valley. To help her, he even made a move and invited the inner valley disciples for dinner.

Too bad she had already shut out all her feelings for men. If not for Ling Xian’er, he was afraid that she would bury her feelings for him deep in her heart. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he had to thank that mischievous little monkey. Without her, god knew when he would be able to discover that she had feelings for him.

Even if the two of them were separated by mountains of knives and rivers of lava, he would be more than willing to cross them all as long as she showed some interest in him.

He didn’t expect himself to sneak into the Desolate Region to look for her...

He accidentally let out a laugh when he thought about his ridiculous actions. Thanks to that, he revealed himself. Before he knew it, Bai Luochu’s poisoned needles were right in front of his face.

Bai Luochu let down her guard as she thought that there wasn’t anyone else in the inn. She didn’t spread out her spiritual energy and she didn’t notice Pei Qingfeng until the laugh left his lips. In a state of panic, she threw her poison needles towards him without bothering to find out his identity.

Pei Qingfeng didn’t expect Bai Luochu’s reaction to be so quick, but as an expert, he managed to dodge all of it. Too bad his clothes had to bear the brunt of Bai Luochu’s attack and became riddled with holes. With the power of the needles, Pei Qingfeng was afraid that he would be seriously injured if the poisoned needles were to hit him.

“Who's there!”

After a long while of silence, Pei Qingfeng started to tease her, “Divine Physician Bai’s poison is lethal indeed. If not for my quick reactions, I would be a corpse lying in your courtyard.”

Only after hearing Pei Qingfeng’s voice did Bai Luochu apologize, “ I’m ashamed of myself. Now that my body’s unwell, I almost brought harm to Your Second Highness...”

Bai Luochu never expected him to appear in her courtyard. However, after slight considerations, he felt that it wasn’t weird for him to be here. Based on her understanding, it would be weird if he avoided her after sneaking into the Desolate Region.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Bai Luochu asked immediately, afraid that he was here for official business.

Pei Qingfeng had a sulky face and didn’t reply to her. Instead, he walked forward slowly until he reached Bai Luochu’s side before he sat down. “What proper business can I be here for? You guys are the ones fighting the battle, not me. I am here to take care of you.” Pei Qingfeng casually commented, as if it was no big deal that he rushed here from the Cloud Water Nation. 

Bai Luochu was struck speechless by his reply. Is he crazy?! He traveled all this way… to take care of me?!

“Please don’t joke around.” Bai Luochu evaded the question, as if she had been trying to escape from reality. 

Pei Qingfeng knew that Bai Luochu did not want to acknowledge his feelings and changed the subject quickly. After all, he was going to be by her side for a long time and he didn’t need to rush things. It wouldn’t be worth it if he frightened her away by being too straightforward.

Pei Qingfeng muttered to himself before flinging the blame to Pei Rumo, “Pei Rumo sent a message back to the capital explaining the situation here. Thus, I decided to come over and help out our Cloud Water Nation’s troops.”

Bai Luochu thought for a long while before she realised that there was something wrong with his logic.

“Did you sneak into the Desolate Region without telling anyone? Did you keep it a secret from His Majesty?!”

Pei Qingfeng shook his head helplessly. Even after dragging Pei Rumo into this, this little lass managed to find out the hidden meaning behind his words. He didn’t know if he should be happy that she cared enough to listen to him, or sad that she was able to catch on so quickly.

Now that she had already exposed him, he could only admit it helplessly, “Well… I might have told someone I was coming here...”

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