Chapter 404: Watching Quietly

“For her, no matter how much turmoil she causes in this world, I’m willing to protect her. All I want is for her to stay safe.” Pei Qingfeng explained. 

“You seem to treasure her more than I thought you would...” Pei Rumo sighed regretfully. Who would have imagined that the Second Prince of the Cloud Water Nation would actually fall in love with an emotionless robot like Bai Luochu...

Pei Qingfeng simply laughed it off and glanced at Pei Rumo, “Aren’t you the same as me? This is the first time the First Prince of the Cloud Water Nation fell for a woman…”

“Hahaha…” Pei Rumo laughed casually and lifted the heavy atmosphere between the two, “You’re right… The both of us are stranded on the same island now. We thought we hid our feelings well but in reality, our feelings for her has already been revealed to the world. Only a fool would be unaware of our feelings for her. So...” Pei Rumo raised his eyebrow and continued, “Are you able to protect Luo Chu well? Those people aren’t easy to deal with.”

Pei Qingfeng was startled. Even though he already knew who Pei Rumo was referring to, he was curious as he had never revealed their identities before. He didn’t know how Pei Rumo learned about those people. It seemed as though his elder brother was clear about the relationship he had with them. The more he thought about it, the clearer the picture became. This makes sense… Pei Rumo probably conducted a thorough investigation on me together with the other princes. “Of course I will be able to protect her. Anyway, I will deal with those people personally. You don’t need to bother with my affairs.”

When Pei Qingfeng finished his last sentence, his tone dropped and his expression became unsightly. Being a tactful person and seeing that he had pissed off Pei Qingfeng, Pei Rumo quickly changed the topic. 

“Before we arrived, we both agreed to have a fair competition and leave it up to Luo Chu. Now that we’re here, we should let her choose her guardian, don’t you think?” Pei Rumo quickly redirected Pei Qingfeng’s attention onto Bai Luochu. 

From Pei Qingfeng’s point of view, this was indeed an attractive proposal. Now that Bai Luochu was blind and it was inconvenient for her to move about, he would be able to interact with her even more closely than before. Pei Qingfeng’s eyeball spun as he thought of a plan secretly. 

“Don’t you think that I should be the one to take care of her? After all, you already had your chance…” Pei Qingfeng said as he ridiculed Pei Rumo for jumping into a hole he dug.

Pei Rumo was shocked as he never expected that he would suffer a loss by randomly coming up with an idea. Before he could reply, Pei Qingfeng interrupted him.

“Don’t try to push it. Actually, I have already given you a lot of chances. If we count the time you spent with her when you left the capital city, you won’t be able to see her even after we return to the capital...” Pei Qingfeng opened the fan in his hands as he sat upright confidently. 

Pei Rumo felt a headache coming after shooting himself in the foot.

A smile blossomed on Pei Qingfeng’s face and Pei Rumo quickly turned away as he felt an uncontrollable urge to punch his second brother’s face well up in his heart. He waved his hand to chase Pei Qingfeng away.

Of course, Pei Qingfeng was unwilling to spend more time arguing with Pei Rumo and he quickly turned to leave. After thinking about Pei Rumo’s words, he felt that it wasn’t wise to head over to Bai Luochu’s courtyard. After all, they had probably angered her by quarrelling outside her room early in the morning and he might be adding fuel to the fire if he made his way there now. However, he threw caution to the wind and headed over anyway.

Bai Luochu sat in her courtyard in a daze and thoughts spun around in her mind. Since the day she reincarnated, she had met with all sorts of problems. Other than cultivating, she was hardly able to find any time to rest. Now that she was temporarily blind, she was finally able to take some time off to organize her thoughts.

Even though Bai Luochu couldn’t see anything when she opened her eyes, the brilliant sunlight reflected off them. It seemed as though two dazzling gems were embedded on her face. Her hair glistened in the sun with a bright gold luster, and her clear skin seemed to emit a soft hue. Bai Luochu suddenly burst out laughing as though she had remembered something funny. At that instant, Bai Luochu was no longer able to hide her charm. The adorable and captivating young lady seemed to shine brighter than the sun. Her cold personality seemed to thaw and a gentle and sweet little girl took her place.

When Pei Qingfeng arrived and witnessed this scene, he became completely dumbstruck. He stood silently in place and he didn’t dare to breathe loudly. He was afraid that the slightest disturbance would destroy the beautiful scene before him.

It was the first time Bai Luochu revealed this side of herself. In the past, she had always been busy and she went about with an air of indifference around her. Even if he tried, she wasn’t willing to let him see this side of her.

In Pei Qingfeng’s memory, Bai Luochu had always been busy. From infiltrating the imperial palace, to examining her patients, to messing with the Phoenix King Valley and increasing her strength… all the way till she established her footing in Pei Rumo’s army in the Desolate Region. She was like a flower fluttering in the wind and he was like the butterfly chasing after the flower. No matter how hard he tried, the flower didn’t stop for him.

Staring at Bai Luochu, he wanted to carve this scene into his memory. He refused to ruin the atmosphere and he stood there like a wooden block, afraid that he would sully the mood. Memories of the times he spent with her started to slowly surface in his mind. 

During his first meeting with her, he felt that she was a swindler out to scam medicinal herbs from him. Only after being the target of her schemes did he start to feel that she was becoming increasingly adorable. Unknowingly, the lofty Second Prince of the Cloud Water Nation fell for such an interesting Young Lady.

Now that he thought about it, he felt that her past actions were indeed understandable. If he had been in her shoes, he would have done the same thing as well. 

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