Chapter 402: The Mysterious Man

The next morning, the sun had just risen and Bai Luochu was about to conclude her morning cultivation session. Not only was Bai Luochu awake, Pei Qingfeng, Pei Rumo, and Ying Lan were all awake. Pei Qingfeng and Pei Rumo woke up early so that they could take care of Bai Luochu. As for Ying Lan, he wanted to look for Bai Luochu to tell her the news about the siblings.

To Ying Lan’s surprise, when he reached Bai Luochu’s courtyard, Pei Qingfeng and Pei Rumo were already waiting outside.

“Your highness is really early. You are waiting outside a woman’s house so early in the morning... aren’t you afraid that others will start talking behind your back?” When Pei Qingfeng said this, he obviously didn’t think about his status. He was also an imperial prince and he was similarly waiting outside Bai Luochu’s room.

Pei Rumo merely snorted, “Ha, I am not as capable as Your Second Highness. You travelled all the way from the capital to the Desolate Region just to become a door guard for Divine Physician Bai. Your friendship is strong enough to move even the most heartless person in the world.” Pei Rumo’s insult was so obvious it caused Pei Qingfeng to furrow his brows.

Sensing the tense atmosphere, Ying Lan’s neck shrunk as he prepared to leave quietly. He was fearless when it came to fights and if the three of them were to break out into blows, he was confident of holding his own. However, when it came to relationships, he was worse than Bai Luochu. Just as he was about to leave, Bai Luochu opened the door.

Bai Luochu’s thoughts were interrupted by the two birds chirping outside her room and their voices were akin to drum blasts in her head.

Knowing that there was no point in trying to resume her cultivation session, Bai Luochu cleared her head and headed to the door. The second she opened the door, Pei Rumo and Pei Qingfeng fell silent.

“Why are the two of you being so quiet now? Aren’t you quarreling with each other without a care for anyone else just a moment ago? You guys are even better than the Imperial Censor and the storytellers on the streets. Why did the two of you go mute all of a sudden?!” Bai Luochu immediately yelled at the two of them after leaving her room.

Pei Qingfeng and Pei Rumo felt guilty and they remained silent like children who were caught doing something bad. 

“Let me make a guess. The two of you are here so early in the morning as you want to take care of me. It’s too bad I don’t need any of your help, please leave.” After she finished her speech, she turned around to slam the door.

Just before the door shut, she called out to Ying Lan, “What are you standing there for? Enter from the back…”

Ying Lan made his way around to the backyard and entered Bai Luochu’s room.

“Mistress, it was lucky you didn’t request me to take care of you. Otherwise, Pei Rumo and Pei Qingfeng will probably work together to get rid of me. Your loyal secret guard will disappear from the face of the earth…” Having done what Bai Luochu instructed, Ying Lan started to joke around.

“If you are not satisfied, I shall open the door right now to expose your presence...” Bai Luochu spoke monotonously, spitting out a clear threat at Ying Lan.

He instantly fell silent. After a short while, Ying Lan started to ask for Bai Luochu’s forgiveness. “Mistress, please forgive me! I won’t make fun of you anymore. I am here to report about my findings about the Qing siblings. Would you like to hear more about them?”

“Speak. I have already placed restrictions around my room and the two of them are no longer at the door. Even if they are, they won’t be able to hear anything.” Bai Luochu waved her arm and signalled for him to carry on.

“When I asked them about the location of the other disciples, they said that many of the others are still alive. They were protected by a mysterious man… Doesn’t something seem strange here?”

Bai Luochu kept her silence. It was indeed strange. Even though her fellow disciples were hidden somewhere in the continent, she knew that everyone wanted to get rid of them once and for all. After the Battle of Thousand brilliance, Bai Luochu thought that everyone was dead. She was shocked when she saw the Qing siblings and she wondered what kind of madman would try to save all the disciples of the Temple of Thousand Brilliance.

“What are their views on him?” Bai Luochu asked Ying Lan. She wanted to gain as much information on this ‘mysterious man’ as she could.

Ying Lan initially shook his head but seemed to recall something, “Qing Rong said that this person had some status in the martial world. Other than protecting them, he is able to send them some resources once in a while.”

Bai Luochu frowned even harder. She never thought that there would be someone secretly helping her sect. A thought seemed to appear in Bai Luochu’s mind. However, it was too fleeting that she failed to put her finger on it.

“Don’t let the Qing siblings investigate this. Once we settle everything in the Desolate Region, I will investigate it myself. Just tell them to secretly track down the remaining disciples. I am afraid that investigating this will be dangerous...” Bai Luochu ordered Ying Lan to pass on her message to the Qing siblings.

Ying Lan smiled, “Mistress, you can rest assured. After hearing about the matter with the mysterious man, I already told them to lie low. You don’t have to worry about it. The most important thing right now is your health. How are you feeling right now?”

When she heard Ying Lan’s question, Bai Luochu raised her brows. It was indeed weird for someone like Ying Lan to show her concern. However, she replied indifferently, “The seventh day is about to pass and I didn’t want to use Lu Wenshu’s antidote as I felt that there was something fishy with it. Let’s wait and see if my eyes heal by themselves.”

Ying Lan nodded, “It is good to be careful. Lu Wenshu...I don’t know what his intentions are. It is better to be wary of him.”

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