Chapter 400: Night Conversation

After a long time, Bai Luochu finally said to Ying Lan, "Tell them about my reincarnation. Since we are all on the same side, there is no need to hide anything from them. If they ask why don't I visit them personally, then just think of an excuse for me."

Ying Lan naturally understood that his mistress wasn't ready to meet them. He immediately acknowledged his order and left.

It was late at night and the entire Desolate Region was peaceful. There was a shadow that was rushing towards an unassuming small house in the Desolate Region.

Inside the house, a pair of siblings were having a somewhat unhappy conversation.

"It has been so long and you still believe the Holy Maiden will return?" The one speaking was Qing He and he was obviously a little helpless towards his young sister’s obsession over the matter.

The rim of Qing Rong's eyes were red as she looked at her elder brother. She sobbed, "Why is it not possible? Holy Maiden is incredible and there must be a method to bring her back! Even if reincarnating into another body is a surreal subject, we can’t give up, right?"

When Qing He saw that his younger sister was on the verge of insanity, he had no choice but to console her, "Alright, alright, alright. I know that you treat the Holy Maiden like a sister. We have lots of time and we will look for her together.”

After hearing the response, Qing Rong finally stabilized her emotion. However, she quickly raised a new question, "Do you feel that someone is making their way over to us?”

Due to the sutra that Bai Luochu's temple practiced, all the temple disciples' spiritual energy were much superior to people of the same cultivation level. If Ying Lan was intentionally concealing his track and presence, it was impossible for the duo to detect him. But Ying Lan wasn’t planning to hide himself. 

Qing He frowned. It seems like I was followed in the day...

Qing He and Qing Rong looked at each other before picking up their swords.

Just as Ying Lan entered the courtyard, Qing He and Qing Rong charged out. They placed their swords on Ying Lan’s neck and immobilized him.

"Who are you?!" Qing He asked and his sword inched closer to Ying Lan’s neck.

Ying Lan laughed lightly and he teased, "Ha, we haven't met in a long time and this is how you two siblings treat me? Tsk tsk, this meeting gift is truly an original approach."

Qing Rong felt this voice was rather familiar and immediately stopped her elder brother, "Stop! His voice sounds familiar..." Qing Rong then gathered a bundle of fire in her palm with spirit qi and used the light to observe Ying Lan’s face.

"What… Are you thinking about how handsome I’ve grown in the past few years? Are you planning to ruin my looks?" Ying Lan knew that Qing Rong was trying to get a clearer look but he didn't wish to let someone bully him so easily. He started messing around with them.

"Elder brother... he is... he is the Holy Maiden's personal secret guard! Ying Lan!!" Qing Rong's tears fell from her face as she spoke. Now that the Holy Maiden’s secret guard was here, didn’t it mean that the Holy Maiden was still...

"Ying Lan? How are you still alive?! Why are you here?" Qing He quickly put away his sword.

When Ying Lan noticed that there was no longer a knife at his neck, he cupped his hands and replied, "I am here on the order of my Mistress to contact the members of the Thousand Brilliance Temple.”

"Who… Who is this ‘Mistress’ you are talking about?" Qing He started breathing heavily and he seemed even more affected than Qing Rong.

"The secret guard of the Thousand Brilliance Temple only has one mistress. She is the current Holy Maiden. Ying Lan is a secret guard of the Thousand Brilliance Temple and I too, only have one Mistress, Bai Luochu." Ying Lan declared and he raised his head to look at the teary eyes Qing Rong. Qing He held back his tears but his eyes were already red.

If someone else saw the brother and sister duo, they would think the siblings were acting with too much exaggeration. It was merely the Holy Maiden of a faction, was there a need to be this emotional? But Ying Lan understood. The two of them grew up together and instead of saying they were fellow disciples, it was better to say that they were close relatives. Qing Rong had treated Bai Luochu dearly and doted on her. Back when Bai Luochu left with Lu Wenshu, she cried for several days straight. She was constantly thinking of bringing Bai Luochu back and Ying Lan didn’t know how much Qing He and Qing Rong suffered. However, he could somewhat understand their pain after seeing their expressions.

"Do you mean that the Holy Maiden... is still alive?" Qing He asked shakily. It was obvious that his emotions weren’t stable at the moment.

"Mistress indeed died in the Battle of Thousand Brilliance. However, she reincarnated into another body..."

After the words left Ying Lan’s mouth, Qing Rong’s sobs became even louder. "Elder brother, what did I say? I knew that even if the Holy Maiden had to reincarnate into another body, she would definitely return. She is so incredible! She won’t leave us behind!”

When Qing He saw how his young sister was behaving, he quickly rubbed her back to soothe her feelings. He then turned to Ying Lan and asked, "The Holy Maiden can’t possibly send you here for such a small matter. Why don’t you come in for a chat? It is better to be on guard."

Ying Lan naturally knew that Qing He and Qing Rong were living their life on the edge. He didn’t refuse and he accepted their invitation.

When they finally settled down, Qing He poured a cup of tea for Ying Lan and said, "I don't have any good tea. There aren’t any traders in the Desolate Region and the tea leaves are made with some random fragrant leaves.”

Ying Lan didn't mind and immediately drank the tea. After seeing Ying Lan drinking the tea, Qing He asked, "Before we have our conversation, I have to ask you a question as it involves our safety.”

"I was the one who tailed you in the day. I found out from Mistress that the two of you are in the Desolate Region but I didn’t know where to start looking. After snooping around, I got an answer from the bun stall owner. I hid in the corner and stalked you back here." Ying Lan already guessed Qing He’s question and he immediately replied.

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