Chapter 399: Qing He Siblings' Whereabouts

"First Brother, do you think that you can hide your thoughts from Emperor Father as well? We are both stuck in the same situation now. It’s best for Your First Highness not to be the pot calling the kettle black." Pei Qingfeng noticed that Pei Rumo was trying to cover it up and he decided to use this chance to dispel Bai Luochu’s suspicions.

Bai Luochu wasn’t someone who could endure their antics. After all, she understood the feelings they had for her and she was merely pretending to be muddle headed so as to avoid the topic. Now that they had pointed it out for her, Bai Luochu wasn’t going to allow the situation to deteriorate any further. She quickly interrupted them, "Are you two enemies? Why are you quarreling as soon as you meet? I originally wanted to bask in the sun but the two of you are being too noisy! What a disappointment."

After realizing that Bai Luochu was getting annoyed at them, they immediately fell silent. After all, her blindness was the most important thing they had to deal with.

When it came time to help Bai Luochu back into her room, conflict broke out between the two of them again. In the end, Bai Luochu couldn’t bear to see them quarrel and she settled on them helping her on one side each. Bai Luochu felt that she wasn't blind. Instead, she felt like a cripple. Of course, she couldn’t actually voice her thoughts as one of them had taken care of her meticulously for the past few days and the other rushed over to the Desolate Region the moment he heard her condition. Even if she didn’t have any interest in them, she couldn’t be an ingrate.

After settling Bai Luochu, the two princes left the room and their faces turned solemn.

"It is good that you are here. Your strength is a valuable asset and the Desolate Region isn’t as simple as it seems. Otherwise, Luo Chu wouldn’t become blind..." Pei Rumo sighed after speaking. He had been fighting wars for a long time but this was the first time he felt powerless about the situation.

Pei Qingfeng revealed a grave expression and asked, "What happened to Luoluo's eyes? With her abilities, this shouldn’t happen.

"We found a ruins in the Desolate Region after some exploration and it was located within the region of the campaign. What is Emperor Father thinking?" Pei Rumo understood that the old emperor definitely had knowledge about the ruins.

"We’ll cross the bridge when we get there. If something really happens, the three of us will be able to figure something out.” Pei Qingfeng stated.

On the other side, Ying Lan had been constantly inquiring about the Qing He siblings.

"Storekeeper, have you seen this pair of siblings before?" Ying Lan was holding a portrait of the Qing He siblings as he went from store to store.

After a long search, he finally found some information on them from a bun stall.

"Oh... They always buy buns from my place and shouldn't live too far away. Why don't you wait for a moment? The older one will be here soon." The storekeeper replied and went back to attend to his store.

Ying Lan wasn't in a hurry. Since Bai Luochu had two people taking care of her now, it wouldn't really matter if he returned a little later. He was wearing a human skin mask and no one would be able to recognize him. As he thought of the situation in the inn, he concealed himself in a corner.

Sure enough Qing He appeared in front of the bun stall and Ying Lan took a long hard look to confirm his identity. After he was sure it was Qing He, Ying Lan followed behind him.

Qing He was very cautious and took a lot of detours before returning to his residence. Along the way, he would frequently look back as though he was afraid someone might follow him. As Bai Luochu’s secret guard, how could anyone notice him so easily?

After Ying Lin discovered the location of Qing He and Qing Rong, he returned to make his report.

Since the day Qing Rong saw the reincarnated Bai Luochu, she became rather absent-minded. She constantly thought of the reason behind Bai Luochu’s refusal to acknowledge them.

"Holy Maiden is so powerful but she isn’t able to come back to life?" Qing Rong looked at the steaming bun and felt that it was truly dull in flavor.

Qing He felt rather heart-broken as he looked at his sister. Bai Luochu was considered his junior sister and even though he was her senior, he had to admit defeat as she was simply too strong. His young sister doted on this junior sister of theirs the most and when Bai Luochu betrayed the temple, the person who was hurt the most was Qing Rong. She couldn't understand why the junior that she doted on so much would betray them because of others. After she personally witnessed Bai Luochu's miserable death, she became so upset she couldn’t speak for several months. When she was finally able to speak, the first thing she said was, "Is Holy Maiden not going to return?"

Since then, unless it was absolutely necessary, Qing He would never mention anything related to Bai Luochu to prevent his young sister from feeling upset.

Everything changed when she met Bai Luochu at the tea stall a few days ago. When she saw that someone had striking resemblance to the Holy Maiden, Qing Rong fell into a state of disarray again and it was as though she was possessed. She kept asking herself if Bai Luochu was coming back.

Qing He sighed and thought about the wonderful possibility that the lady was really Bai Luochu. If she was really the Holy Maiden, the rancor in his sister’s heart might be solved.

"Let's eat first and we will discuss that matter again at night, okay? Even if we want to find the Holy Maiden, we need to take care of ourselves first, right?" Qing He persuaded.

Qing Rong felt that her brother made sense. She started to eat the buns with big bites.

On the other side, Ying Lan reported to Bai Luochu about his findings.

"Qing He isn't an overly suspicious person. They must be really concerned about leaking their whereabouts if he is behaving like this. Since that is the case, don’t look for them during the day. Visit them at night and reveal your true appearance to them. If you don’t they will surely teach you a lesson." Bai Luochu exhorted.

"This subordinate understands… However, if they ask about Mistress, what should I say?"

Bai Luochu fell silent in response. Originally, she only cared about finding back her fellow disciples but she didn’t think of the excuse to use to explain her rebirth. Even if she gave a clear explanation, she would be hard pressed to explain the reason behind her disappearance. For the past few days, she threw the matter to the back of her mind. Now that Ying Lan had brought up the topic, she was confused.

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