Chapter 398: Meeting

When the lady boss bit on the golden leaf that Pei Qingfeng gave her, she realized that it was made from genuine gold. She was amazed and muttered, "Oh my, what kind of people are here in the Desolate Region? Are they all so generous?"

When Pei Qingfeng arrived at the Pleasant Arrival Inn, the one who welcomed him was the disguised Ying Lan.

"This young master, are you staying at our inn or are you here to have a meal?" Ying Lan already guessed that Pei Qingfeng was here to look for her mistress. However, as the innkeeper, he couldn’t expose his disguise immediately.

"I am looking for someone." Pei Qingfeng immediately started to describe Bai Luochu's facial features. After listening to the description, Ying Lan revealed an expression of sudden realization. "I see. What a coincidence! She is currently living here. Please follow me, I will bring you to her.”

When Pei Qingfeng arrived, he was greeted by a peaceful scene.

Bai Luochu was sitting on a stone bench in the courtyard as she looked up into the sky. Her spirited eyes seemed dull and her pupils weren’t focused. Perhaps she hadn’t been out in the sun for some time, her skin was pale to the point it looked a little translucent. She was much skinnier than before and Pei Qingfeng naturally attributed it to the lack of delicious food in the Desolate Region. After all, she would be regularly treated to meals by the princes in the capital city.

Pei Qingfeng could see nothing else but Bai Luochu. When he looked at her, his eyes revealed the pain in his heart and he wasn’t willing to blink. He was afraid that if he blinked, Bai Luochu would disappear from his sight once again.

Ying Lan was rather tactful as he immediately left after bringing Pei Qingfeng to Bai Luochu.

It was unknown if Pei Qingfeng's gaze was too passionate as Bai Luochu turned around to look at him. She stared quietly at Pei Qingfeng and a puzzled expression appeared on her face.

"Strange… Why can I feel Pei Qingfeng’s presence here?" Bai Luochu muttered softly. She just thought of him and he appeared before her. "It seems like I am possessed." Bai Luochu thought it was her misconception and she turned back to face the sky.

Pei Qingfeng had been looking at Bai Luochu, and with his acute senses, he was able to hear everything she said. He simply walked over and hugged Bai Luochu from behind. He whispered into her ear, "Luoluo, you are not hallucinating. Neither are you possessed. I am really here.”

When Bai Luochu was hugged by Pei Qingfeng, her body froze. This was a presence that she was extremely familiar with as she had once carried him on her back from the Falling Cloud Mountain Range back to the capital city. It’s him! He’s here!!!

"Why are you here..." Bai Luochu forcefully composed herself and tried her best not to let Pei Qingfeng hear the unsteadiness in her voice.

"Why are you questioning me? Have you forgotten what you promised me? You said something about taking care of yourself! Look at you! You’re blind now!" Pei Qingfeng reprimanded Bai Luochu first and suddenly recalled that it wasn't entirely Bai Luochu's fault. After all, she was injured. His attitude took a 180 degree turn and he asked with concern, "Did it hurt when you were poisoned? Is Pei Rumo taking care of you properly? He is just a boor who only knows how to yell and kill. He definitely doesn't know how to take care of others." As Pei Qingfeng was asking, he didn't forget to criticize Pei Rumo. 

When Bai Luochu heard Pei Qingfeng's words, she felt like laughing. She couldn’t help but tease him, "Aren’t you here to kidnap me back to the capital city? Now that I can’t see, you are really doing whatever you want with me… It seems like you are a rather capable and reasonable prince…”

"Hmph, even if I tie you up and bring you back, will you be willing? As long as your legs aren't broken, you will surely run back here." Pei Qingfeng snorted and grumbled to Bai Luochu.

In response, Bai Luochu let out a burst of unprecedented and hearty laughter, "Hahahaha, why didn’t I realize that you are actually a clown? Tsk tsk, the great Second Prince of the Cloud Water Nation is grumbling like a woman. Tell me what is going on?"

Pei Qingfeng naturally knew that Bai Luochu was making fun of him but he wasn't angry at all. After all, if Bai Luochu could still laugh at him like this, her injuries shouldn't be too much of a problem.

"What do you think is the problem? Someone is behaving like a stubborn mule and I cannot pull her back. I have no choice but to follow along." Pei Qingfeng stated.

Bai Luochu was startled for a moment before she thanked softly, "Many thanks." Thoughts immediately started forming in her mind. Why is he able to obtain the information about my eyes so quickly? Without bothering about his feelings, Bai Luochu asked, "How did you know I am blind? How did you come so quickly?"

Pei Qingfeng suddenly realized that he had been on the move for three whole days and he quickly took several steps back. "Nothing much, I found out privately that your vision was affected and I rushed here without rest. A few of the horses were exhausted to death before I finally arrived at the Desolate Region. I didn't know where you were staying and I asked all the shopkeepers I met along the way.”

"It has been hard on you… But if you are here, what about the situation in the capital city? I remember that His Majesty appointed you to receive the mysterious guests and if you leave like this, wouldn’t there be any problems?" Bai Luochu was touched as Pei Qingfeng rushed all the way here after hearing what happened to her. However, she was still rational and she was worried about the situation in the capital city.

Before Pei Qingfeng could reply, Pei Rumo's voice echoed from behind, "Why are you here?"

Pei Qingfeng turned around and retorted, "Why haven’t you committed suicide after embarrassing yourself? Didn’t you promise me to take good care of Luoluo?! Why is she blind?! I am here to settle the score with you, you war-monger...”

"You came to the Desolate Region without approval. If Emperor Father finds out..." Pei Rumo originally wanted to speak of the punishment but after seeing Pei Qingfeng's eye signal, he glanced at Bai Luochu. Seeing that she was still listening to their conversation, he quickly ended it before she started to worry. "...Your intentions will be exposed."

Bai Luochu knew that the two of them were concealing something from her but she didn’t expose them. If something really happened, she decided to take on the responsibility with the both of them.

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