Chapter 391: Individual Analysis

"Something is strange with Lu Wenshu’s medicine. I had already expected him to get someone to tail us after my refusal to include him in our team. Even though he knows our every move, he shouldn’t know the recipe of the antidote. Your First Highness might not know this, but the poison that blinded my eyes might look like a regular poison mist, but in fact, it is far from one. Even though the blindness will only last seven days, this poison mist is made from a kind of rare ingredient. Only the Gluttonous Pearl Herb is able to neutralize the poison. With Lu Wenshu’s medical ability, it isn’t likely for him to be able to come up with an antidote on the spot. The only way he can be confident that his medicine can cure me is because..." Bai Luochu spoke of the suspicion in her heart.

Pei Rumo's face suddenly turned cold as he was aware that this matter wasn't as simple as he imagined. The more he thought about it, the more suspicious Lu Wenshu seemed. "After hearing what you said, I feel that Lu Wenshu is extremely suspicious. He approached us in the capital city and asked to follow us into the Desolate Region. He helped us out along the way and we even developed some sort of trust. However, he parted ways with us the moment we arrived and when he appeared again, he struck out at me without the slightest bit of mercy. Right now, he even asked his junior to deliver some sort of spirit medicine to express his goodwill. Lu Wenshu definitely has some sort of request. Otherwise, he wouldn’t go out of his way to send us spirit medicine.

"It seems like we need to be more careful when dealing with Lu Wenshu. The poison mist in the ruins can be put aside for now." Bai Luochu was rather vexed at the moment. Originally, she was attracted to the Field Pearl Flower. Pei Rumo had used the information to tempt her to come to the Desolate Region because he felt that it was a good chance to get closer to her. But what about Lu Wenshu?

Three years was enough time for a person to change completely. Bai Luochu was no longer able to guess Lu Wenshu’s thoughts and she didn’t know his true intention of luring her to the Desolate Region. Does he want to kill me again? Bai Luochu felt that things were moving too quickly and she was slowly losing control over the situation.

Pei Rumo felt that something was wrong with Bai Luochu and he quickly consoled her, "We will act accordingly to the situation. If something really happens, I will definitely protect you.”

Bai Luochu knew that Pei Rumo was consoling her right now, but if Lu Wenshu truly wanted to make a move on her, Pei Rumo wouldn’t be able to stop him. It was also impossible to talk to Pei Rumo about the feud she had in her previous life as she would reveal her darkest secret. She could only endure the powerlessness as she pondered over Lu Wenshu’s true intentions.

"Nevertheless, have you sent the information we gathered to the border zone?" Bai Luochu didn't wish to bother about Lu Wenshu any longer. No matter how she thought about it, she wasn’t able to determine Lu Wenshu’s true purpose. She felt that in the seven days it took for her to recover, she couldn’t allow anyone to fall prey to Lu Wenshu.

"The information had already been delivered yesterday. If nothing is wrong, their reply should be on the way. I didn’t send out the information about your injury as I am afraid it might demoralize the army." Pei Rumo noticed that they were back on track and he quickly summarised the report for Bai Luochu.

Bai Luochu nodded in agreement, "It is a good thing you did so. During a war, it is best to avoid destabilizing the army. The two of us are still in the central zone of the Desolate Region, if they start to panic, it will be difficult for us to manage them. Battles are lost if the soldiers’ will to fight is lost. It is better to hide the matter of my injury since I will recover in seven days.”

On the other side, Hua Sen was currently waiting outside Lu Wenshu's room. He was still thinking if he should tell his senior everything Pei Rumo said.

Lu Wenshu had suffered a serious internal injury the day before but he didn’t take the chance to rest. Instead, he worked extra hard to concoct the medicine for Bai Luochu. Right now, his body was no longer able to hold up. He sat in a lotus position and he circulated his spirit qi around his body. When he sensed that there was someone outside his room, he stood up and opened the door, "Has the medicine been delivered?"

When Hua Sen saw that Lu Wenshu was standing before him, he quickly responded, "Of course. When this junior went to the Pleasant Arrival Inn today, I happened to encounter His First Highness. After verifying his identity, I handed it directly to him."

"That will be good. If there is nothing else, you can be dismissed." Lu Wenshu turned around and prepared to continue his recovery. However, he was stopped by Hua Sen.

"Senior, His First Highness asked me to relay a message. But, this junior doesn't know if I should say it."

Lu Wenshu raised his brows. He knew that whatever Pei Rumo said wasn’t going to be nice but he ordered his junior to speak anyway.

"Speak. Since Pei Rumo said it, I will not blame you.”

After obtaining Lu Wenshu's promise, Hua Sen instantly relaxed and repeated Pei Rumo’s words, "His First Highness said that he has received the medicine but it is up to Divine Physician Bai if she eats it or not. He has no control over her actions." After he spoke, Hua Sen raised his head to look at Lu Wenshu’s expression. When he noticed that Lu Wenshu was still staring at him with a look of indifference, he sighed with relief and asked to be dismissed.

Lu Wenshu naturally understood Pei Rumo's meaning. With Pei Rumo's current position, Lu Wenshu was considered a love rival and it was evident that he didn't want Bai Luochu to accept Lu Wenshu's goodwill so easily. Lu Wenshu wasn’t afraid that Pei Rumo would hide the antidote as he knew that Pei Rumo was more worried for Bai Luochu than him.

When Lu Wenshu's thoughts reached this point, it sank a little. Lu Wenshu understood Bai Luochu's temperament very well. She might just throw the medicine away after hearing that it came from him. He wasn’t in a rush to verify the matter as he patiently waited for the day Bai Luochu forgave him.

As Lu Wenshu thought about Bai Luochu, thousands of miles away in the capital city, Pei Qingfeng’s mind was also filled with thoughts of Bai Luochu. Afterall, she had left for more than a month.

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