Chapter 390: Something Strange About the Spirit Medicine

Pei Rumo looked at the jade medicine bottle. He did think about refusing to receive it as who knew what the shrewd fox, Lu Wenshu, was planning? But when he recalled the attitude Lu Wenshu treated Bai Luochu with, he hesitated and ultimately received the medicine bottle. He then questioned the person delivering the medicine, "Did your senior say anything else?"

Hua Sen thought carefully before shaking his head, "He didn't say anything else. He simply asked me to deliver the spirit medicine to Your First Highness and said it can treat your friend’s eyes.”

Hua Sen had a vague understanding of Divine Physician Bai’s identity but he didn’t dare to speak of it in front of Pei Rumo. He only knew of her because he had been stalking them. If he were to say it, it would be the same as inviting disaster onto himself.

When Pei Rumo noticed that Hua Sen was trying to deceive him, he nodded and asked Hua Sen to leave, "When you report back to Lu Wenshu, remember to say that I accepted the medicine on behalf of Luo Chu. I cannot be certain if she will eat it. Your senior should know how stubborn she is." Pei Rumo turned around and headed towards Bai Luochu’s room as he prepared to hand the medicine to her.

Hua Sen watched as the door closed and was constantly complaining in his heart. He knew that if he were to report everything Pei Rumo said, a layer of his skin would be peeled off. After recalling how his fellow disciples mocked him the day before and thinking about the uncertain future, Hua Sen couldn’t help but sigh, "Sigh, the Desolate Region is probably a cursed ground for me. After arriving in this place, nothing I did has been smooth. The heavens truly want me dead."

Even if that was the case, he couldn't just escape. He still had to return and report back to Lu Wenshu. In the end, Hua Sen let out a long sigh before heading towards the direction of the sect’s camp.

When Pei Rumo entered Bai Luochu's room, he was puzzled as it was extremely quiet. He popped his head over the screen and realized that Bai Luochu wasn’t resting. Instead, she was cultivating diligently. He helplessly shook his head and thought. She truly is a cultivation maniac.

Pei Rumo rubbed the jade medicine bottle in his hand and felt that it didn’t matter when he gave her the medicine as he wasn’t the one who concocted it anyway. As such, he wasn't anxious and propped his head up before closing his eyes to relax. After arriving at the Desolate Region for such a long time, it was the first time he found time to rest. It just so happened that he could take the opportunity to have a break while Bai Luochu's body wasn't feeling too well. In any case, the investigation was already almost done, what was left was the blades and blood.

Bai Luochu wasn’t idling around. The spirit qi in the Desolate Region was much more concentrated than the spirit qi in the capital city. Since she wasn't able to move around for now, why not cultivate quietly and increase her strength? Assistance from outsiders wasn't going to last and it was still better to rely on her own strength.

Bai Luochu had been cultivating for almost two hours since she woke up in the morning. Coincidentally, Bai Luochu detected Pei Rumo's presence and immediately withdrew her qi. She then asked, “Is there some pressing matter such that you need to look for me so early in the morning?"

Although he said that he was going to take care of her, Bai Luochu felt that it was too excessive for an imperial prince to appear in her room before she ate breakfast.

Pei Rumo returned to his senses and he shook his head to clear his mind. He slowly narrated the events from before.

"When I went out this morning, I happened to encounter a person delivering medicine for you. He said something about being Lu Wenshu’s junior and he gave me a bottle of medicine meant to treat your eyes. He even passed the medicine to me personally.”

Bai Luochu raised her brows in response. She felt a little curious as she had just given Lu Wenshu a stern scolding the day before. She couldn’t understand the reason behind him sending her medicine early in the morning. He is probably too embarrassed to hand over the medicine to me personally. After all, if I refuse him again, it would be too much for him to handle.

Bai Luochu became curious. Why is he so sure his medicine will help me? When she thought about this question, Bai Luochu asked Pei Rumo to come over, "Your First Highness, can you bring Lu Wenshu's medicine over to me?"

Pei Rumo might not want Bai Luochu to owe Lu Wenshu a favor, but he still brought the medicine over. After all, Bai Luochu's well-being was of the utmost importance.

Pei Rumo placed the medicine bottle on Bai Luochu's palm before he turned around to pour a cup of water.

But when Pei Rumo returned, he noticed that Bai Luochu didn't consume the medicine immediately. Instead, she placed the medicine at her nose as she carefully smelled it as though she was trying to find out the ingredients used to make it. As time elapsed, Bai Luochu's frown became deeper. She then placed the spirit medicine back into the bottle and asked Pei Rumo, "Do you think there is something strange about this matter?"

Pei Rumo thought that Bai Luochu was finding it suspicious that Lu Wenshu asked someone to deliver the medicine to her. Hence, he explained, "After you refused Lu Wenshu yesterday, he must have sent people to observe us. After all, he has a better understanding of the Desolate Region compared to us. Furthermore..." Pei Rumo sensed the strange atmosphere between Lu Wenshu and Bai Luochu but he was afraid she might get angry, thus, he didn't say it. He observed Bai Luochu's expression carefully before continuing to speak, "Lu Wenshu seemed to treat you differently. It is reasonable for him to send someone to deliver some medicine after knowing that you have gone blind. Is there something wrong with the spirit medicine?”

Bai Luochu shook her head in response and said, "There is nothing wrong with the medicine. It is the exact cure for the poison mist that affected my vision and that is the most suspicious point.”

Pei Rumo obviously didn't understand the reason behind Bai Luochu’s doubt. "What does Divine Physician Bai mean? Please enlighten me."

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