Chapter 389: Spirit Medicine Delivery

When Lu Wenshu heard his junior, Hua Sen, yelling out, he immediately came back to his senses and asked seriously, "What are you yelling for? Does your master allow you to behave so inappropriately back at the sect?"

Lu Wenshu returned to his normal behavior and the expression on his face became one of indifference. Hua Sen focused and noticed that Lu Wenshu was standing before him. He instantly cupped his hands and apologized, "Chief Senior, please forgive me. This junior was too exhausted and was in a daze. Due to my inattentiveness, I mistook Chief Senior for a ghost. Please issue me your punishment!”

Originally, Lu Wenshu wanted to flare up but when he suddenly recalled that Bai Luochu mentioned he was an opinionated person, he felt that he had to change his personality. An imaginary halo appeared on his head and he softly reprimanded, "Do not behave so inappropriately in the future. I am just injured from my daytime cultivation and look a little pale. What if you encounter some mishap in the future? What are you going to do then?"

Hua Sen was prepared to be berated by Lu Wenshu but instead, he received a treatment like never before. He was startled and felt Lu Wenshu was truly possessed by a ghost. It was too bad he couldn’t voice the thought in his heart as it would get him into deep, deep trouble. 

When Hua Sen saw that Lu Wenshu was so gentle tonight, he asked with concern, "Is Senior feeling uncomfortable? If you are, please have a good rest. If you require some help from this junior, please inform me."

"That isn't necessary. I am tired and I am going to rest. You should rest early too." Lu Wenshu knew this was just civilities and simply waved his hand before heading towards his room.

Hua Sen saw Lu Wenshu leave and he turned around to return to his room. Before he could take another step, Lu Wenshu called for him.

"Wait, I do have something for you to do."


Early the next morning, Hua Sen was standing in front of the inn where Bai Luochu was residing. He felt extremely apprehensive. He didn't know why he had to run his mouth off yesterday. Wasn't it great now? He was actually used as a manservant to run an errand and was even made a laughing stock by his fellow disciples. Just the thought of their mocking faces caused him to recall Lu Wenshu’s instructions for him the day before.

"This is for you. Tomorrow morning, you will deliver the medicine to the Pleasant Arrival Inn. Immediately report my name and indicate that you wish to see the Cloud Water Nation's First Prince. Say that this medicine is for Divine Physician Bai and it can cure her eyes. He will definitely receive it." Lu Wenshu spoke while handing the medicine to Hua Sen.

Hua Sen was stunned by Lu Wenshu's sudden instructions but he still received the medicine and provided a stern guarantee, "Chief Senior doesn't have to worry. This junior will definitely do it for you." Hua Sen then bowed with cupped hands.

When Lu Wenshu heard the acknowledgment, he felt at ease. He might have gotten the guarantee from Hua Sen, but he still left behind a sentence to threaten him, "You better do it properly. If you aren't able to finish this task, I shall hold you responsible."

Hua Sen came back to his senses. This is the Chief Senior I know...

He might be threatened, but he reacted even more calmly than before and returned to his room.

Slowly pulling back from his thoughts, Hua Sen looked at the inn's tightly shut doors and hesitated. He was a little regretful for giving his response so quickly yesterday. Was he going to knock on the door or not?

Hua Sen walked forward and hesitated. Just as he made the decision to knock on the door, it flew open. Hua Sen didn't control his strength and he hit the person behind the door.

He wanted to apologize but the person behind the door spoke first.

"Do you need anything from us? Why are you standing at the door?"

"I am here on the orders of my Chief Senior to deliver the medicine. My Chief Senior said that this medicine must be personally handed over to the Cloud Water Nation's First Prince. Will this brother please go in and inform him?" Hua Sen explained his purpose for visiting.

After waiting for a long time, the person in front of him didn't respond, causing him to feel a little impatient. He still had to return to report and couldn't afford to waste any more time at the inn. "Will this brother please act quickly and help me out? If this brother doesn't wish to go, please tell me where the First Prince is and I will personally speak to him."

Who would have expected the wooden block-like person to suddenly reach out? A jade pendant was raised in front of Hua Sen, "There is no need for you to enter. I am the First Prince of the Cloud Water Nation. What else does your Chief Senior need? You can just tell me everything here."

The person who opened the door was none other than Pei Rumo. He was originally preparing to go out to look for a physician and he never thought that he would run into the person delivering the cure. He wasn't moving earlier because he couldn't understand the purpose of Hua Sen’s visit. Now that he knew that Hua Sen was holding the cure for Bai Luochu’s blindness, his attitude changed.

Pei Rumo felt that the ‘Chief Senior’ Hua Sen was referring to was Lu Wenshu as they were not acquainted with the other factions in the Desolate Region. He realized that this disciple was probably sent by Lu Wenshu to deliver the medicine for Bai Luochu's eye treatment. As for the reason behind Lu Wenshu’s knowledge of Bai Luochu’s condition… Pei Rumo already expected him to know. After all, the Desolate Region was massive and Lu Wenshu' sect arrived earlier than them. He definitely had his informants all around.

Hua Sen felt as though he was a clown dancing on crowded streets. He was utterly embarrassed but when he recalled Lu Wenshu’s instructions, he braced himself and explained, "My senior's name is Lu Wenshu and he ordered me to seek an audience with Your First Highness. I have to deliver this medicine personally." Hua Sen explained and took out the medicine.

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