Chapter 388: Late Night Visit

Lu Wenshu raised his head and saw that the ‘sound asleep’ Bai Luochu was sitting by her bed, tidying up her clothes. Even though her eyes weren't focused, he knew that she was looking straight at him.

"Why is Young Master Lu so late? I nearly fell asleep after waiting for half the night." Bai Luochu spoke indifferently. Had it not been for the timing, occasion, and the strange atmosphere between the two of them, Lu Wenshu would think that Bai Luochu was blaming him for being late for showing up after her reincarnation.

Too bad that would never happen. Moreover, if he looked closely, he would notice the look of disdain on her face. Lu Wenshu sighed and asked, "Have... have you already guessed that I will visit today?"

Bai Luochu heard the question and snorted, "Heh, Young Master Lu is exaggerating. I am not a fortune teller. Why will I be able to predict the time of your visit? I casually set up a poison array in order to protect myself. If Young Master Lu has been hurt by it, I hope for your forgiveness.”

"You should know that I already know your true identity." Lu Wenshu knew that this topic wasn't developing well, hence, he prepared to talk about something else to make Bai Luochu less vigilant towards him.

Bai Luochu was startled when Lu Wenshu suddenly shifted the topic. She pretended to be muddle-headed and replied, "What is Young Master Lu talking about? Who else can I be? I am naturally the orphan child of the general's residence, the only daughter of the Cloud Water Nation's former military general, Luo Chu."

"How long are you going to keep up your act? Your act might be able to fool the world, but you’ll never be able to hide from me. Even though you are in Luo Chu’s body, you are still the Holy Maiden of the Thousand Brilliance Temple. I understand you deeply and I know all of your preferences and habits.”

Lu Wenshu spoke with sincerity as though he wanted to announce to the world that he was lovers with Bai Luochu in her previous life.

"It is true that you understand me very thoroughly." Bai Luochu's aura changed after speaking and Lu Wenshu trembled with fear before her. He felt as though he was facing the Bai Luochu of the past, the undefeatable evil dao witch.

"If you don’t have a good understanding of me, how are you going to scheme against the Thousand Brilliance Temple? How are you going to make me die a miserable death in front of the temple gates? Lu Wenshu, you have done a great job. You are really the person who understood me the most in my past life." Since Lu Wenshu had already taken the initiative to speak about the topic, Bai Luochu no longer tried to hide. She shredded away all pretense of cordiality and whatever barrier protecting them from each other crumbled. The pain stabbed into both their hearts.

She still blames me for it... Lu Wenshu’s heart throbbed with pain. He choked on his words as he said, "Ah Chu, I owe you an explanation and I will definitely pay you back for it. If it isn’t enough, I can even use my life to compensate you. Please don’t push me away.”

"If I ask you to pay me back with the life of your sect members, are you able to do so? If you are able to make the promise that your sect will endure the same fate as my temple, I will gladly chat merrily with Young Master Lu in the future. I will also burn some incense on your grave on your death anniversary." Bai Luochu heard Lu Wenshu's opinionated tone and felt a surge of anger. Had it not been for her lack of strength, she would have turned Lu Wenshu into a corpse.

Lu Wenshu stood still like a wooden statue in front of Bai Luochu and he didn’t know what to do. He never expected her hatred to run so deep. After some thought, he realized that her hate was justified. She betrayed her temple for him while he destroyed her life in return. She was right when she said that I was the least qualified person to betray her...

"Ah Chu, if you wish for my life, I can give it to you/ However, your temple’s members…” Before Lu Wenshu could finish speaking, Bai Luochu immediately interrupted him.

"Does Young Master Lu wish to say that the death of my temple members is due to the interference of the other sects? Are you trying to say that you can’t be responsible for their death? Lu Wenshu, you’re such a brilliant schemer. Why didn’t I realize that in my previous life?" Bai Luochu snapped at him.

"It isn't like that... Listen to my explanation..." Lu Wenshu wanted to say something to justify himself, but Bai Luochu obviously wasn't going to give him the chance.

"When our views are different, it is a waste of time to continue the conversation. Will Young Master Lu please return? It is late at night and if the matter of Young Master Lu barging into a lady's room is made known, it will not be beneficial for any of us." Bai Luochu swung her sleeve and went back onto her bed. She pulled the curtain and faced the wall.

Lu Wenshu knew that this was a wasted trip. He originally wanted to leave the medicine behind but after some thought, if he didn't explain the effects of the medicine, Bai Luochu would probably throw it away. Seeing that she was trying to avoid him, he turned to leave.

On the way back, Lu Wenshu didn't know if his body was too weak or that he had no energy because of Bai Luochu’s opinion on him. He dragged his feet as he swayed in the wind. He was like a patient who had been bedridden for the longest time.

Lu Wenshu walked while holding onto the jade bottle and mumbled to himself, "Ah Chu... this jade bottle is already warm after being held by me. What about your heart? When will you give me another chance?

The current Lu Wenshu was like a lunatic who had lost his mind as he stumbled and crashed around while walking. After a moment later, Lu Wenshu let out a maniacal laugh, "Hahahaha, yes! I broke your heart! You gave me your heart but I shattered it! How am I able to warm it up again? Hahahaha, everything is my fault! A single wrong step led me down a path of no return!"

By this time, Lu Wenshu had arrived back at his sect’s camp. When his juniors heard the commotion, they ran far away to avoid the mentally unstable Lu Wenshu. Who would have thought that the messenger boy would run into this crazed lunatic?

"Ahh! Ghost!" This yell was like a sharp blade that sliced through the serenity of this dark night.

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