Chapter 383: Attentive Care

When the last description left Bai Luochu’s mouth, Pei Rumo completed the map of the ruins. After looking though it, he noticed that there were no discrepancies and he kept the map in his robe.

After keeping the map, Pei Rumo didn’t take his leave immediately. He opened his mouth as he stood before Bai Luochu’s bed, but the words didn’t leave it.

Even though Bai Luochu wasn’t able to see, she was able to feel his hurried breaths. Now that Pei Rumo was standing there like a block of wood, Bai Luochu became a little curious. “Is there anything else? Why are you not leaving?”

Peu Rumo stuttered for a long time and finally spat the words out of his mouth. “Luo Chu, can I stay behind and take care of you?”

“I don’t need people to take care of me.” The moment his voice fell, she rejected him without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Pei Rumo fell silent after the rejection. After a short while, he spoke once again, “Didn’t you fall while trying to get to the table? How many times do you want to fall before you are satisfied? I know that you are uncomfortable with the idea of people taking care of you as you are unfamiliar with the servant girl at the entrance. However, I’m no stranger. I’ve been by your side from the time you left the Bestial Battle Arena. Our interaction should be long enough for us to no longer act like strangers around each other. Now that we are relying on each other for survival in the Desolate Region, why don’t you trust me to take care of you?”

Bai Luochu’s mouth twitched. She wanted to say something but didn’t manage to voice out her thoughts in the end. She simply brushed him off, “I trust you.”

Even though she admitted that her trust for Pei Rumo was real, she didn’t allow him to take care of her.

The room fell into silence at once. As the awkward atmosphere pervaded, Pei Rumo was the first to back down. 

“I won’t follow you around. I will set up a screen between us in order to avoid making things weird. You won’t feel uncomfortable that way. If there is something I cannot help with, I will send for the servant girl. I understand that we are merely friends and I will not try to overstep my boundaries. Will you concede now?” There was a hint of pleading when Pei Rumo reached the end of his sentence.

Bai Luochu sighed deeply and finally nodded her head.

Seeing that Bai Luochu didn’t refuse him, Pei Rumo excitedly exclaimed, “Wait right here! I will return to my room to get some items. I’ll be back in a flash.” He rushed out of the room and kicked up a trail of dust in his wake.

Bai Luochu wanted to ask him a question, but he disappeared before she could. She helplessly lowered her head and muttered to herself, “Why is he behaving less and less like the First Prince of the Cloud Water Nation?”

When Pei Rumo returned, the steadfast and heavy aura around him was back. He took out a gold note from his purse and he passed it to Qin Feng. “Innkeeper, get me a huge ball of cotton and some little bells. Bring me sturdy bull tendons as well.”

Qin Feng didn’t know what Pei Rumo was up to and he was shocked at the sudden request. “What does Your First Highness want those items for? I might be able to make some suggestions if you tell me your intentions.”

“Luo Chu is temporarily blind and she doesn’t want people to take care of her. I want to create a soft carpet so that she won’t be hurt when she falls. As for the bells and bull tendons, I am going to surround her candles so that she doesn’t burn herself when walking about. Money isn’t a problem.” Pei Rumo’s expression didn’t change and it seemed as though lying didn’t affect him in the slightest. He did it as easily as breathing.

Qin Feng saw that he was trying to take care of his mistress and he left to gather the items in an instant. He even instructed Ying Lan to avoid getting into a conflict with Pei Rumo before passing on the job of taking care of the inn to him.

If Ying Lan hated Pei Rumo for scamming Bai Luochu to go on the campaign, his hatred decreased by a huge amount after hearing that he was trying to care for her. Even though he hated Pei Rumo a little less, he still felt a bitter taste in his mouth.

Evening fell by the time Qin Feng returned with the goods. Pei Rumo pulled the servant girl and Qin Feng as they worked their hardest to fix up Pei Rumo’s items. By the time they were done, night had already fallen.

Seeing that it was already late, Qin Feng prepared dinner and personally brought it up for everyone. Pei Rumo helped Bai Luochu off the bed and when her feet touched the cotton-padded ground, she felt a little uncomfortable. She almost fell but luckily, Pei Rumo was standing beside her. He pulled her into his embrace before letting her walk on her own. After several tries, she finally managed to make her way to the table. 

Pei Rumo stood beside her silently as he prepared to catch her the moment she fell. After all, he couldn’t hold on to her without letting go. With her stubborn and obstinate personality, she definitely wanted to rely on herself. This was the main reason he wanted to craft a cotton carpet for her. He didn’t want her to fall on the cold hard ground. She would also be able to understand the concern he had for her.

When she finally arrived at the table, she realized that the table and chairs were padded with cotton. She knew that Pei Rumo was definitely the person behind it. “You did this?”

Pei Rumo hesitated for a moment and finally replied, “The innkeeper and the servant girl were the main workers. I’m not used to doing such things and didn’t help much.”

Bai Luochu knew that Pei Rumo was the person who came up with all the ideas and he didn’t want to claim all the credit for himself as he didn’t want her impression of him to change. She couldn’t deny that she wasn’t moved by his actions. After all, this was probably the first time Pei Rumo thought of other people other than himself.

“Thanks.” Even though she couldn’t see, she turned to face Pei Rumo and thanked him.

Even the usually calm Pei Rumo became flustered by Bai Luochu’s expression of goodwill. He coughed lightly, “Cough cough… It’s nothing much. After all, I caused you to be hurt. Anyway, we should eat. The dishes are getting cold.” Pei Rumo quickly changed the topic.

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