Chapter 380: Blind

Bai Luochu entered the room and closed the door without saying anything. Seeing that there was no further movement coming from Bai Luochu’s room, Pei Rumo left.

After Bai Luochu completed her cultivation session the next morning, she prepared her equipment and waited for Pei Rumo’s call.

By the time the two of them had arrived at the ruins, the sun was hanging high in the sky.

“Let’s complete our investigation as soon as possible.” Pei Rumo suggested and took a step forward. 

However, Bai Luochu blocked Pei Rumo before he could walk any further, “I’m afraid that there will be a ton of traps in the ruins. It will be better for me to lead the way.”

“How can I let a lady stand in front of me? You should just follow behind me.” Pei Rumo disagreed with Bai Luochu and walked ahead.

“Now is not the time to fight with one another. Furthermore, there’s no difference between a male and a female in the military. Since I’m better at this, I shall take the lead.”

Without a choice, Pei Rumo obediently followed behind Bai Luochu.

When they entered the ruins, Bai Luochu cut off a small piece of the pillar supporting the structure and weighed it in her hand. She passed it to Pei Rumo, “Look at the material used to build the pillar. Most of the structures in the Cloud Water Nation are made from wood. However, this is made from stone.

Pei Rumo received the piece of rock in Bai Luochu’s hand and discovered that she was right. The pillar was made from stone. “This doesn’t seem to be a peaceful place.”

“Exactly. That’s not all, take a look at this.” Bai Luochu pointed to a brick wall on the other side.

Pei Rumo felt slightly embarrassed. They were behaving like thieves instead of investigators. No, that wasn’t right. After such a long time and the numerous people buried in the ruins, they should be called grave-robbers instead.

Bai Luochu twirled the brick she had sliced off and raised it in front of Pei Rumo, “Take a look at this brick, it’s actually made of rare earth forged in a kiln!”

Pei Rumo didn’t know why Bai Luochu was so knowledgeable and since he knew nothing at all, he nodded and agreed with whatever she said.

The two of them proceeded deeper into the ruins and they eventually ran into a spacious and empty room. Feeling that something wasn’t right, Bai Luochu stopped Pei Rumo from proceeding further.

“What’s wrong?”

“This is the only road that leads to the outside world. With so much space, there are probably many traps here. Wait for me to disable them before doing anything else.” But before she was able to start, she was stopped by Pei Rumo.

“Wait, let’s go together instead.” Pei Rumo then grabbed Bai Luochu’s hand and refused to let go. Seeing that he was not going to let go no matter what, Bai Luochu had no choice but to disarm the traps together with Pei Rumo.

After Bai Luochu had examined the area, she discovered that there weren't any traps around. She muttered to herself, “That’s strange, there are definitely traps here.”

“You’re overthinking. Let’s go.” Before Bai Luochu had a chance to reply, Pei Rumo had already walked forward. As soon as he stepped into the corridor, Bai Luochu heard a ‘kacha’, and arrows started flying. Bai Luochu yelled, “Pei Rumo! Be careful!” 

After hearing the warning, Pei Rumo immediately drew his sword and turned around. He barely managed to repel all the arrows flying at him.

As Bai Luochu was standing far away from the exit, she wasn’t affected by the rain of arrows.

“This trap is so ingenious!” Pei Rumo can’t help but to sigh. 

Bai Luochu didn’t expect there to be traps assaulting those who were about to leave. However, when she thought about it, it made sense. Those intruders would usually let down their guards before leaving and if she failed to remain alert, Pei Rumo would have died.

The further they walked, the more traps they faced. Bai Luochu systematically disarmed them all.

When they finally arrived at the end of the passageway, Bai Luochu felt a strange eerie feeling. Ordering Pei Rumo to stand to the side, she started disarming the traps.

“I’m done.” After Bai Luochu was done, she pushed the door open. The second she touched the door, a purple vapor shot out from the cracks. As it was too quick, Bai Luochu wasn’t able to react in time and the purple vapor entered her eyes.

“Ahhhhh!” Bai Luochu cried out painfully and she stumbled backwards.

Before Pei Rumo could react, Bai Luochu was already covering her face and crouching on the ground. 

“Luo Chu! Are you okay?!” Pei Rumo rushed forward to support her. He tried to access the situation in case they were hit by any more traps.

Bai Luochu felt her eyes throbbing in pain. After a long while, the pain subsided and she lowered her hands.

“Pei Rumo, did the ruins collapse?”

“Luo Chu, how many fingers am I holding up?” Pei Rumo was in a state of denial as he raised his hand towards her face.

Seeing that Pei Rumo could ask her that question, it was evident that the darkness before her wasn’t because of the collapsed ruins. Don’t tell me… “Pei Rumo, did I go blind?!”

Pei Rumo squeezed his eyes shut. His voice trembled as he replied, “Luo Chu, calm down. There is a physician going by the name of Ghost Doctor in the Desolate Region and I will definitely ask him to save you. Even if I have to beg him, I will make sure your eyes are healed. Let me bring you back to the inn first.”

Pei Rumo carried Bai Luochu on his shoulders and charged out of the ruins. He placed her on the back of his horse before getting on. After making sure that she wasn’t going to fall off, he charged towards the inn at full speed.

As he thundered across the Desolate Region, he left a trail of dust in his wake.

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