Chapter 379: Uninterested

“Lu Wenshu, are you crazy?! We should talk our differences out! What’s the point in attacking the moment we meet? Are you a demonic beast?!” Bai Luochu shouted furiously. 

Bai Luochu felt that Lu Wenshu was really demented. Why won’t he let me off? I died miserably in my past life and he won’t let me off even in this life. I betrayed my sect for him, fought against the world in order to keep him by my side, and he took the opportunity to betray me when I was at my weakest! What the f*ck!

Seeing the person he loved protect another man, Lu Wenshu went mad with jealousy. He admitted that he wronged her in the past life. He was more than willing to spend the later half of his life to make it up to her, but she was unwilling to even look at him. WHY?!?!

He was crazily in love with her but he wasn’t able to express it. He knew that if he did, the chance of Bai Luochu living out her second life in peace would go down the drain. Everyone would turn against her and the Three Great Immortal Sects wouldn’t let her off. He lost her once and he couldn’t bear to lose her again.

When he thought up to this point, Lu Wenshu mocked himself in his heart. Seeing that he had to give them an explanation, he said with indifference, “I had a sudden urge to spar with His First Highness. I never expected Divine Physician Bai to interrupt our duel.”

Bai Luochu knew that Lu Wenshu was lying and she snided, “Oh, Young Master Lu, you’re the same as always, still thinking so highly of yourself!”

His disgusting habit of assuming that he was always right had not changed. She became a gentle and mindful lady before him in her past life but he stabbed her in the back when she least expected it. Luckily for Pei Rumo, she was present. Otherwise, Lu Wenshu would have landed his sneak attack.

Pei Rumo finally calmed down and patted Bai Luochu’s shoulder to reassure her.

“Young Master Lu is indeed in a great mood today. However, I should conserve my strength for the upcoming battle. I shall not take you up on the duel, goodbye.”

After Pei Rumo spoke, he pulled Bai Luochu’s hand as they walked back to the inn. When the scene of them leaving entered Lu Wenshu’s eyes, he hurriedly stopped them, “Please wait a moment.”

When Pei Rumo stopped walking, Lu Wenshu continued, “I was rude earlier. To atone for my mistakes, please allow me to accompany the two of you into the ruins. I have a basic understanding of the Book of Changes and if we meet with any dangers, I will be able to provide some assistance.”

Lu Wenshe thought that the two of them would be more than happy to accept him into their group. However, the truth hit him hard. Only Pei Rumo seemed slightly moved. The thought of accepting Lu Wenshu crossed his mind as he was hoping for someone to protect Bai Luochu in case anything went wrong.

Just as Pei Rumo was going to agree, Bai Luochu rejected Lu Wenshu's suggestion, “Young Master Lu, I thank you for your concern, but I’m afraid that Young Master Lu will betray us in the ruins. Furthermore, we’re determined to get the treasures inside the ruins and I’m sure Young Master Lu won’t be able to stand by and do nothing as we obtain the treasures. We shouldn’t cross paths as our goals are the same.”

After speaking, Bai Luochu left with a belly full of anger. Pei Rumo chased after her as he was afraid she might do something stupid in her fit of rage.

When they finally returned, Pei Rumo wanted to look for Bai Luochu to analyze the situation. He didn’t expect for her to slam the door in his face.

Pei Rumo stood awkwardly outside Bai Luochu’s door for a moment and he finally decided to return to his room. Before he could do so, Bai Luochu opened the door again and called out to him.

“This is for you.” Bai Luochu then handed a small bottle to Pei Rumo. Feeling curious about the contents, he turned to stare at Bai Luochu as he waited for an explanation.

Bai Luochu explained happily, “This pill is for you to stabilise your spiritual energy, Lu Wenshu’s attack is too powerful and if you try to circulate your spiritual energy, you will realize that you are actually hurt.”

“Then will you…” Pei Rumo was worried for Bai Luochu as she had been even closer to Lu Wenshu’s attack. She bore the brunt of the attack if that was the case.

“I’m fine. Even though Lu Wenshu has stronger spirit qi, he is no match for me in terms of spiritual energy.” Moreover, Lu Wenshu forcefully withdrew his energy when Bai Luochu made her move. She even felt that Lu Wenshu’s injury was more serious than Pei Rumo’s. In order to avoid suspicion, Bai Luochu kept her thoughts to herself.

After knowing that Bai Luochu was fine, Pei Rumo calmed down. He even felt that he should convince her to allow Lu Wenshu to follow them into the ruins.

Before he even had a chance to open his mouth, he was immediately turned down by Bai Luochu, “If you want to persuade me to bring Lu Wenshu along, I advise you not to waste your breath. Once I make up my mind, even the heavens won’t be able to make me change my decision. I will never keep a betrayer by my side. As for the Book of Changes, I know quite a bit about it. We won’t have to rely on him.”

Bai Luochu was right. Lu Wenshu merely knew the basics written in the Book of Changes. She was the person who taught him whatever he knew… Moreover, after seeing the strange ruins, Bai Luochu realized that basic knowledge wasn’t going to help them.

Knowing that it was impossible to persuade Bai Luochu, Pei Rumo could only do it her way. Though he had to admit that what she said made sense, he gave her a final reminder before leaving, “Take a good rest. I will call for you tomorrow before heading to the ruins. Even though Lu Wenshu rained on our parade today, I will bring you out after settling our business in the ruins.”

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