Chapter 378: Meeting Once Again

“That’s for the better, speaking of which, did the First Prince bully you?” Seeing that Bai Luochu had her own plans, Ying Lan knew that it was already too late to change her mind. However, Ying Lan was still worried about the ambitious Pei Rumo. 

Bai Luochu frowned. She felt that even though Ying Lan had her interests in mind, he was a little too naggy. “How dare you bring up the matter with Pei Rumo! When Qin Feng left, what did you instruct him to do?! He made things difficult for Pei Rumo the moment we arrived at the inn. Without Pei Rumo’s help, I would have already died a few times over! Furthermore, he stepped out to help me quell the dissatisfaction with his troops!”

Ying Lan originally spoke out of good intentions, but he got chewed out by Bai Luochu the very next moment. He softly grumbled, “Mistress you are too gullible,... how can you change your attitude towards Pei Rumo so quickly? He merely helped you with some matters and you ignored whatever he did in the past.” 

“If you’re complaining in your heart, don’t say it out loud! Are you trying to trigger me?!” Bai Luochu threw the scroll in her hand at Ying Lan. “I’ll settle this with you after we leave the Desolate Region. If you have nothing else to say, go back and rest! It has been a long day and you need to take care of your body.”

Without waiting for Bai Luochu’s second reminder, Ying Lan went back to his room.

Early the next morning, Pei Rumo was eating breakfast with Bai Luochu in the main hall of the inn. She raised her suggestions for the next step in their plan. “Your First Highness, shall we set a time to investigate the ruins?”

“Let’s go tomorrow. We will rest up today and I will bring you around the Desolate Region for some fun. After so many days of hard work, the soldiers are getting tired. We can’t possibly send exhausted soldiers into battle, right?” Pei Rumo explained. 

Bai Luochu nodded her head and agreed with Pei Rumo’s suggestion. Even though she agreed, she didn’t understand Pei Rumo’s intention of ‘having fun’ in the Desolate Region. “Where are we going? I can make some preparations beforehand...:”

Pei Rumo felt that it was better to keep it from Bai Luochu as she would find tons of excuses to refuse otherwise. If they ended up not going because of Bai Luochu’s refusal, all his efforts would be wasted. He smiled and said, “You’ll know once you get there. For now, it’s better to keep it a secret.” 

Bai Luochu wanted to look for a reason to turn Pei Rumo down. However, the old fox, Pei Rumo saw through her plan. She couldn’t refuse and could only follow along obediently.

When they finally arrived, Bai Luochu realized that Pei Rumo had put in a lot of effort... 

“It must have been difficult to find such a lake here.” Bai Luochu felt refreshed as she basked in the beauty of nature.

Pei Rumo had indeed put in a lot of effort to find this lake. The Desolate Region deserved its name as there was nothing but sand and mud. Looking for a nice place in the Desolate Region was harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Moreover, there was a forest nearby and this was the most beautiful place Bai Luochu had seen in the Desolate Region.

“I found out about this place when scouting the Desolate Region. I wanted to bring you here but our schedule kept getting pushed back.” Seeing Bai Luocho's infectious smile, a smile slowly appeared on his usually solemn face.

“Your First Highness, Divine Physician Bai, you guys seem to be in a good mood. Why are you here to admire the scenery instead of going to the ruins?” Lu Wenshu interrupted as he walked out of the forest. The instant he appeared, a wave of disgust hit Bai Luochu. What is his problem...

Before Bai Luochu could make a sarcastic remark, Pei Rumo snided, “What a coincidence. In the vast lands of the Desolate Region, we ran into each other again. I guess fate is pulling us together...” Pei Rumo copied the way Lu Wenshu spoke and the mocking intent in his voice was as clear as day.

Lu Wenshu’s expression changed, but he realized that there was no reason for him to be angry. Even though the person in front of him was in possession of Bai Luochu’s spirit, she looked completely different from the evil dao witch of the past. In the eyes of others, they were strangers.

She felt that it was rather hilarious that two grown men were quarreling in front of her. However, her expression didn’t change as she faced Lu Wenshu with a look of indifference.

“Young Master Lu, you seem pretty free. Why are we meeting each other all the time? Since you’re here, we should have a good chat.”

Looking at Bai Luochu and Pei Rumo from a distance, the two of them looked like a couple. Lu Wenshu thought that they were in the midst of expressing their feelings for each other by the lake.

Lu Wenshu could no longer keep his emotions in check. In his mind, he should be the person standing beside her. How dare he snatch her away from me!

As though he was possessed by a devil, Lu Wenshu formed a single thought in his mind. I have to separate the both of them!

Unable to suppress his feelings any longer, Lu Wenshu erupted and flew directly towards Pei Rumo.

With her understanding of Lu Wenshu’s character, how could Bai Luochu not anticipate his next move? Her powerful spiritual energy sensed that Lu Wenshu was about to make a move and she immediately pulled Pei Rumo away.

“Are you hurt?”

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