Chapter 376: Reunited With An Old Friend

Was it half a month? Bai Luochu was silent as she contemplated. Half a month was neither a short nor long time, but in the Desolate Region, it was long enough for them to establish their footing. It seemed like there had to be something up with the ruins as it managed to attract so many people. Bai Luochu felt that it was time to consult Pei Rumo and that they had to carry out a proper investigation.

“Is there any problem?” The lady boss hurriedly asked when she saw the uncertain look on Bai Luochu’s face. She thought that there was some problem with her tea.

Bai Luochu shook her head and reassured the lady boss, “There’s nothing wrong, I am a curious person and would like to get to the bottom of things.”

The lady boss knew that Bai Luochu did not want to reveal too much and did not press further. Hence, she stood up and prepared to leave, “Then enjoy your drink, I will go ahead and tidy up some stuff before closing up the shop.”

Bai Luochu nodded her head and slowly drank the tasteless tea. As she was lost in her chaotic thoughts, she didn’t realize that someone was spying on her.

“Hey, look at her, doesn’t she look like the Holy Maiden?” A lady asked. Even though she was covered by a veil, one could tell that she was a peerless beauty just by looking at her eyes.

Sitting beside the lady was a man with a deadpan expression. He looked like someone who shouldn’t be provoked. After hearing what the elegant lady said, the guy immediately put his fingers on his lips to signal her to lower her volume. 

“Quieten down, if you let them hear you say the name ‘Holy Maiden’, they will find out we’re from the Thousand Brilliance Temple and arrest you in the name of upholding the righteous dao.” 

The elegant lady felt wronged and replied, “I miss the Holy Maiden too much! Even though she betrayed us, she wasn’t at fault! It’s all because of that evil b*stard!” According to them, she was still the Holy Maiden of their temple and she took care of them in all her years of service. Taking a step back, she was punished when she died in front of the temple. However, they couldn’t accept that the so-called righteous sects set their eyes on her even though she did nothing wrong.

“Just give up, it has already been three years, if she was still alive, those sects would have already gone after her. She’ll never appear in the Desolate Region.” The cold man gravely said and patted the shoulders of the elegant lady. Even though reality was cruel, they had to admit that their Holy Maiden was never coming back.

At this point, the elegant lady started to tear up, “I don’t believe you, so what if it has been three years?! Even if it takes my whole life, I will wait, I believe that the Holy Maiden will return, and when she does, our Thousand Brilliance Temple will make a comeback!” 

Seeing that the lady wasn’t able to control herself anymore, the grave man quickly held her back. He pacified, “Calm down. Let me ask her before we jump to conclusions, alright?”

Bai Luochu wasn’t able to notice someone approaching her as she was lost in her thoughts.

The closer the man approached, the more awkward he felt. He realized that not only did she look similar to their Holy Maiden, they even had similar temperaments.

After hesitating for a long while, the man finally forced the question out of his mouth, “Sorry to disturb you but my junior sister thinks that we might know each other.”

After Bai Luochu swept her gaze across the teahouse, she saw that no one else was around. This man had to be talking to her. She turned around and prepared to reply, but she was struck speechless the moment she noticed his appearance.

This person was actually her formal fellow disciple in the temple!

As her thoughts drifted back to when she was still in her sect. She reminisced about the time she spent with her fellow disciples. The days when they got beaten up by their master when they got caught skiving off appeared on her mind and a smile nearly broke out on her face. Those were happy times… However, all of that was in the past now.

Bai Luochu stared at the man and fell into a daze. If she remembered correctly, his name was Qing He. According to seniority, she should be his Senior Sister. After she became the Holy Maiden, all of them changed the way they addressed her. The only time they would call her by her name was when no one else was around.

Just as Bai Luochu was caught up in her memories, Qing He’s Junior Sister came up and blamed him, “Senior Brother, look what you’ve done! You scared her with your terrifying appearance… Let me do the asking..” 

“This friend here, let me apologize for my Senior Brother’s behavior. You really look like one of our old friends, especially your temperament and gaze. We mistook you for her.” Qing He’s Junior Sister explained as she choked with emotions. 

Bai Luochu recognized her. She was called Qing Rong and she was Qing He’s sister. In Bai Luochu’s memories, she had a spirited personality and was a little mischievous at times. Looking at her again, it seemed as though her personality had gone through a huge change ever since the incident. The lady before her was calm and unflustered and the lively girl was nowhere to be seen.

Bai Luochu opened her mouth and wanted to tell them the truth. However, she thought about her current strength and influence and decided against it. “I’m afraid you got the wrong person. I’m from the Cloud Water Nation and this is my first time stepping foot in the Desolate Region.”

After they heard her denial, Qing Rong broke down. Qing He became dejected as well and he let out a sigh, “Please forgive us for mistaking young lady’s identity.”

Bai Luochu nodded her head and left the payment for the tea on the table before leaving. She didn’t bother saying goodbye.

“Why don’t you believe me? I already made the analysis and nothing matched! Her looks, strength, and background are completely different from the Holy Maiden...” Seeing that Bai Luochu had left, Qing He grumbled to his sister.

“Stop lying to yourself. You chose to forget about her after being disappointed too many times. You’re the person who hopes for her return...” 

“What’s wrong with her today? She left without saying goodbye...” The lady boss grumbled when she saw that Bai Luochu had already left. When all was said and done, Bai Luochu wasn’t someone with no manners.  

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