Chapter 375: Important Timing

Lu Wenshu stood behind the duo and watched as they left and the view didn't feel pleasing to the eye. They didn't look like they were here to gain intelligence, they were more like a couple that were out for a hunt. Lu Wenshu felt that his plan to split them up would have to be expedited.

Not far away, Pei Rumo's candid laughter could be heard. When it traveled into Lu Wenshu’s ears, he found it extremely jarring. Lu Wenshu's juniors saw their senior waving his hand and had severed a rather thick three that was five miles away. Soon after, Lu Wenshu's voice echoed, "Let's go." Lu Wenshu immediately turned and left without any intention to stay behind.

The disciple that had been relaying the messages felt very curious to see Lu Wenshu in this state. After all, his senior was a person who would have the same scowling face no matter who he was talking to. Why was he so friendly to that unknown young lady? He was thinking if he should report this matter to the Sect Patriarch.

Just as this thought formed in his mind, Lu Wenshu interrupted, "All of you had better listen up. Do not say a word to anyone about anything that happened here. Otherwise, your outcome will be the same as this tree."

After finishing his statement, Lu Wenshu used his leg to kick the tree that he had severed earlier.

The fellow juniors were all trembling with fear. That messenger disciple, Hua Sen, thought about how he just brushed shoulders with the grim reaper. Cold sweat drenched his back and his lips were trembling. 

"Why do you think Lu Wenshu came over to look for us today?" Pei Rumo felt that Bai Luochu understood Lu Wenshu very well, thus, he didn’t hold himself back when asking the questions.

Bai Luochu fell silent for a moment and she fell deep into her thoughts. A moment later, Bai Luochu spoke, "It is hard to say. But there is one thing I can be certain of. He must be trying to make it clear that spying on us isn’t a decision made by him. According to what he said, he would be following his sect’s orders by observing our actions in the dark.”

Pei Rumo nodded in agreement, "That's right. I feel the same way. If we discover them spying on us without knowing their intentions, it would be difficult for them to explain themselves. After revealing themselves to us, we wouldn’t be able to hold them accountable if we found them spying on us. Even though he was exposing their existence, he was taking the chance to involve us in his scheme. What a troublesome matter…”

"Lu Wenshu isn't a fool. There are people with better innate talent than him in his sect but he is able to keep his spot as their chief disciple. That alone is enough to prove that he isn’t an ordinary person. Furthermore, from the looks of things, once his master retires, he will definitely be able to ascend to the position of the Sect Patriarch. When that happens, he will be able to command great power..." Bai Luochu calmly analyzed the matter for Pei Rumo.

"It seems like you understand Lu Wenshu very well?" Pei Rumo finally asked the question lingering in his mind.

Bai Luochu paused for a moment before giving a casual explanation, "I don't really understand him that well. When I was young, no one cared about me. I would always sneak out and listen to folk tales. After listening to many stories, I managed to piece them together and form a clear understanding of the current Lu Wenshu.”

Pei Rumo fell silent in response and only spoke after a long time, "Apologies for reminding you of your hurtful past." Pei Rumo felt like slapping himself. If he avoided the topic in the past, why was he actively talking to her about it now? 

Bai Luochu understood Pei Rumo’s intentions but she felt that she didn’t need an apology as she wasn’t the original owner of the body. She immediately shook her head, "It doesn't matter, I am already used to it."

Bai Luochu snapped the reins of the horse and her horse charged forward.

Pei Rumo responded by following closely behind her. When they arrived at the inn, Bai Lucohu didn't enter immediately. She turned to Pei Rumo and said, "It has been a few days since I visited that tea stall. I am thinking of obtaining some information from the lady boss. You can stay here as she doesn’t like to deal with you. If you go, she might hide all the information we need.”

"Alright. Please be careful. If you are not back by the time it takes three pots of tea to brew, I will personally head over there to bring you back." Pei Rumo pretended to threaten her.

Bai Luochu never saw Pei Rumo acting like this before and she felt that it was rather funny. "I am already so old… What can possibly happen to me? I will be back soon." Bai Luochu mounted her horse and she left for the tea shop after speaking.

Pei Rumo remained at the entrance of the inn until she disappeared in the distance. When he was finally unable to see her figure, he turned and entered the inn alone.

"Oh? This customer must be very busy recently as I haven't seen you for a long time. It seems like you have something to ask me again." When the lady boss of the tea stall saw Bai Luochu, she immediately teased her.

Since the lady boss seemed to be in a pleasant mood, Bai Luochu revealed a smile and replied, "How can that be? I am obviously here to drink tea."

"Nonsense. How can Young Masters and Young Ladies like yourself develop a taste for my tea? I’m sure you are here to ask me some questions. Since I’m in a good mood now, you should hurry up and shoot. Do it before I change my mind and chase you away.”

As the lady boss spoke, she poured a bowl of tea for Bai Luochu.

Bai Luochu was rather embarrassed when she saw that the lady boss had seen through her true intentions. Bai Luochu quickly asked, "Lady boss, do you remember the earliest batch of people who entered the Desolate Region? When did they appear?" Bai Luochu was very concerned about the time Lu Wenshu's sect discovered the Desolate Region. If it hadn’t been for their sensitive identity, she wouldn’t have bothered the lady boss. She felt that it was imperative that she knew the time Lu Wenshu first entered the Desolate Region as she would be able to deduce their true intentions for being here. It was impossible that his sect mobilized so many disciples for a single Field Pearl Flower.

The lady boss knew that this information was rather important to Bai Luochu and she quickly turned serious. "I don't really remember the exact timing but I know that they arrived half a month before you."

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