Chapter 371: Nearly Exposed

Just as Lu Wenshu was thinking about what to do, his junior rushed over to look for him.

When Lu Wenshu felt a wave of spirit qi rushing at him, he immediately drew his sword and charged at his junior.

The instant he drew his sword, Bai Luochu felt that something was wrong. She turned to face the direction where Lu Wenshu was hiding and she yelled, “Who is there?!”

Lu Wenshu knew that things were going south. It slipped his mind that Bai Luochu’s spiritual energy was much stronger than the average person. A slight mistake was enough for her to detect his presence. Without a choice, Lu Wenshu grabbed his unsuspecting junior and threatened, "Behave yourself and shut your mouth. If she discovers us, I will push you out to take the blame.”

Lu Wenshu quickly fell into a meditative state after he spoke. He behaved like an old man on the verge of death. Even though there were weak traces of spirit qi surrounding his body, it became undetectable. It was obvious that he was trying his best to hide his presence.

"What’s going on?" Pei Rumo's spiritual energy was far inferior to Bai Luochu’s and he was much weaker than Lu Wenshu. Even though Lu Wenshu released a wave of spirit qi, he wasn’t able to detect it. 

Bai Luochu clenched her teeth and an ugly expression formed on her face, "I detected someone over there." Bai Luochu pointed towards Lu Wenshu’s hiding spot.

The Desolate Region might be messy, but there were places where there was nothing but sand and dirt. The location Bai Luochu pointed out was suspicious and it was possible that there were experts hiding there.

Pei Rumo's expression changed drastically in response. He immediately held Bai Luochu's hand and walked towards the location she pointed out.

"I will go with you. If something happens, leave me and run." Pei Rumo held onto Bai Luochu with one hand and he placed the other on his sword. It was obvious he was prepared for battle.

If they were able to avoid Bai Luochu’s detection, they weren’t useless cannon fodder. Also, it wasn’t possible for a group of people to hide from her. As such, Bai Luochu knew that they were facing an expert.

Bai Luochu originally wanted to pull her hand away but she decided against it. In fact, she had a guess as to who the person following them was. She knew that he was merely waiting for an opportunity to take action.

Pei Rumo was getting closer to Lu Wenshu and Bai Luochu became more certain that there was definitely someone following them. Just as they were about to expose his hiding spot, Bai Luochu stopped Pei Rumo, "Let's go, that person is already gone."

Pei Rumo turned around and looked at Bai Luochu with a doubtful expression. He asked in disbelief, "Gone?"

Bai Luochu nodded, "The person must have concealed his presence and ran off. I can’t detect the presence of anyone in this area. With his abilities to stalk us unnoticed, he should have ran far away after exposing himself.”

Pei Rumo felt much more relaxed after Bai Luochu’s reassurance. He held on to her hand and pulled her away.

When they were about to mount their horses, Bai Luochu asked, "Can you please let go of my hand now?"

Pei Rumo was startled by Bai Luochu's words. He held onto her in order to react quickly to danger. He didn’t expect that she would ask for his permission before retracting her hand. Since she had already mentioned it, Pei Rumo wasn’t shameless enough as to reject her idea.

He spoke with embarrassment, "I have been rude. Young Lady Luo Chu, please forgive me."

Bai Luochu waved her hand as she didn't care about such trivial matters. 

When they both of them finally left, a figure slowly showed himself.

Lu Wenshu closed his eyes and sighed heavily, "She knows... She did it on purpose."

He wasn’t wrong. When he first released his spirit qi, he knew that Bai Luochu already discovered his presence. After spending such a long time together in her past life, Bai Luochu should be extremely familiar with Lu Wenshu’s spirit qi. It was the same reason he was able to recognize her even though her appearance was different.

As for the words 'on purpose', Lu Wenshu wasn't wrong either. Bai Luochu did it on purpose. She didn’t pull her hand away as she knew that Lu Wenshu’s state of mind would be affected after seeing her act intimate with Pei Rumo. That was the only way she could stimulate Lu Wenshu and force him to reveal himself.

She was right. Lu Wenshu wasn’t able to control the spirit qi leaking from his body and he exposed himself. Even though Pei Rumo wasn’t able to sense the fluctuations in the air, Bai Luochu felt it.

Only heaven knew that when Lu Wenshu saw Pei Rumo holding Bai Luochu's hand, the fire in his heart nearly caused him to succumb to his inner demons. If it wasn't for the fact that Lu Wenshu didn't wish to expose himself so early on, he would rush out to chop Pei Rumo's hand off. How dare he sully Ah Chu...

Bai Luochu had her own considerations for stopping at the last moment and not allowing Pei Rumo to expose Lu Wenshu. She needed to know his reasons for approaching her. If she were to tear off all pretense now, it would really restrict her future movements. Since she already knew the identity of the person following them, there was no need to expose him.

Lu Wenshu originally thought that even if he wasn’t able to tolerate that lecher, Pei Qingfeng from getting together with Bai Luochu, Pei Rumo would be a much better choice. From the looks of things now, it seemed as though Lu Wenshu wouldn’t be able to allow a member of the male species near her.

Now that Lu Wenshu had nowhere to vent his anger, he turned around and snarled at his junior, "You better have a reasonable explanation for approaching me. Otherwise, I won’t allow you to leave the Desolate Region alive.”

The junior's knees went soft after hearing Lu Wenshu’s threat and he nearly fell to his kenns. He hastily composed himself and he reported, "Senior, it seems like someone has their eyes on us!"

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