Chapter 369: Observers in the Dark

After getting Ying Lan’s firm answer, the two of them let out a sigh of relief as though a huge burden had been lifted off their shoulders. They then helped Ying Lan to pack his baggage.

It was already deep into the night and the city gates were already closed. It was obvious that they couldn’t just strut their way outside through the gates. As such, the trio were preparing to exit through a secret passage.

After sending Ying Lan to the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence outside of the city, Guan Yue brought out the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence’s best horse and handed the reins to Ying Lan before saying, “This is our Palace of Brilliance Resurgence’s best horse, don’t work it to death. If the horse dies from exhaustion, you’ll be held responsible.”

Ying Lan took over the reins and mounted the horse immediately before replying, “Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of your horse.” Ying Lan knew that Guan Yue was using the horse as an excuse. He probably wanted Ying Lan to take breaks throughout the journey so as not to tire himself out.

At this current juncture, it seemed like it was useless to say anything else. Finally, Ying Lan turned around and urged the horse forward, leaving a trail of dust in his wake. A faint farewell could be heard from Meng Luoping, “Take care of yourself.”

The capital city wasn’t the only place bustling with excitement. Things were heating up in the Desolate Region as well.

It was deep into the night and it seemed as though a screen of black was formed around the sky, blocking off all connection to the outside world. 

“Creak.” The door quietly opened, and a figure suddenly appeared in the room.

The person inside the room remained still as though he was expecting someone. Lu Wenshu’s solitary figure could be seen clearly as he faced the newcomer.

“Have you investigated clearly?” Lu Wenshu spoke to the figure in the dark.

The person walked over silently. With the dim illumination of moonlight, the figure finally revealed his face. Looking at his clothes, it was clear that he was from the same sect as Lu Wenshu.

“Senior, I have already monitored that person for two days. There are some new findings and I am here to make a report.”

It was pretty obvious who they were talking about....

“Speak. What did you find out? If you are here to run your mouth off, you should know the consequences.” It was clear that Lu Wenshu was threatening his fellow disciple.

That person immediately bowed deeper and there was a trace of fear in his voice, “I wouldn’t dare. Senior’s instructions are like the orders of god. I will never defy them.” He lifted his head after speaking to carefully observe Lu Wenshu’s expression. After seeing everything was fine, he continued, “I have been monitoring that person for a total of two days. Yesterday, she discovered the ruins. I didn’t know if she ran into it by luck or if someone pointed her in the right direction. She didn’t enter the ruins immediately and she merely explored the places around it. I followed her back to a tea stall and she seemed as though she was waiting for someone. I retreated the moment I saw the person she was waiting for and the only thing I managed to notice was the noble aura around him. After all, he seemed stronger than me and it wouldn’t be advantageous for Senior if I was discovered.”

Before the junior could finish speaking, Lu Wenshu asked, “Does that man have a scar on his face?”

The junior pondered for a moment before nodding repeatedly, “Yes, yes, yes, that is right. I also saw him today. He was together with the person you requested for me to monitor and they appeared at the entrance of the ruins. The man wanted to enter but the person you asked me to follow stopped him.”

“Stopped him?” Lu Wenshu muttered to himself.

With Lu Wenshu’s understanding of Bai Luochu, she wasn’t someone who would back away from the unknown. Interesting… It seems like she isn’t really interested in the ruins.

Lu Wenshu’s junior seemed to be oblivious to the situation as he continued to analyse, “They went around to investigate the area around the ruins after stopping at the entrance. She went around pulling out weeds or digging up soil. I didn’t know what she wanted to do. As for the man with the scar, he allowed her to do all those useless things. Their actions seemed strange considering the fact that they were in a rush to discover the ruins.” 

Lu Wenshu immediately understood something and couldn’t help but shake his head. He laughed in his heart. This lass is still as shrewd as before. She realized the complicated relationship between the factions in the Desolate Region. Even though she isn’t afraid that people will recognize her, she hopes that they will recognize the first prince of the Cloud Water Nation...

The First Prince of the Cloud Water Nation had exceptional talent and his influence even stretched across to other factions and nations. Now that Bai Luochu brought Pei Rumo around the ruins, she gave the other factions a window to make their decision.

If they wished to form an alliance, they would definitely approach Bai Luochu and Pei Rumo. If they didn’t want to fight, they would use the time to run far away.

“Heh… smart lass...” Thinking up to this point, Lu Wenshu couldn’t help but complain silently in his heart.

The junior saw that Lu Wenshu was in a rather good mood and decided to push his luck. “Senior… why did you send me to monitor some random lady?” He felt that it was a waste for a talent like him to play the role of a spy.

Lu Wenshu’s expression changed and he emitted a frosty air. “Don’t ask things you are not supposed to. If you ask the wrong question, you might die without knowing who killed you.”

His junior immediately turned silent. He knew that Lu Wenshu used to be a cultured and refined individual. However, his personality changed drastically after the death of the evil dao witch. Not even his master or elders in the sect would dare to provoke him.

“Will senior please forgive me? I will not speak out of turn in the future.”

Lu Wenshu glared at his junior and didn’t say anything else. He simply waved his hand to dismiss him.

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