Chapter 365: Change of Plan

“That’s right. If the same faction can send out so many formidable individuals, they are an influential one. If those people are not from the same faction… the power structure of the Desolate Region will be unpredictable. There are too many hidden talents and I’m afraid a storm of blood will wash through the Desolate Region soon.” Bai Luochu carried on Pei Rumo’s statement.

Pei Rumo was different from before and he was no longer as anxious as he was in the past. He felt that since they had found the location of the ruins, there was no longer anything they needed to worry about. All they had to do now was to plan their next course of action.

“What should we do next? Do you have any ideas?” Pei Rumo sat down in front of the writing desk and asked Bai Luochu.

Bai Luochu already had a plan in mind and was merely waiting for Pei Rumo to ask. Not wanting to waste anymore time, Bai Luochu started to speak of her plans.

“We shall send a message to the soldiers at the border region. Ensure that supplies are sufficient and that the soldiers are ready to move out at any time. The situation in the Desolate Region is too uncertain and a battle might break out when we are least expecting it. We must be ready for everything that comes our way. Time is no longer on our side.”

“Next, the two of us shall continue to scout out the ruins. I have a feeling that many people there will recognize you and if you appear, it will be more convenient for me to conduct my investigation. Moreover, you can stop those who are plotting malicious schemes against me in the dark. They might even come out and start to negotiate with us, sparing us a ton of effort.” Bai Luochu finished speaking and paused for a moment.

Pei Rumo thought that Bai Luochu was already done, hence, he raised his brows and tried to tease her, “What? Are you done? Don’t try to fool me. The great Divine Physician Bai should have a much more comprehensive plan.”

“Is Your First Highness looking down on me? I am merely pausing to catch my breath. My plans have never disappointed you before, right?!” Bai Luochu was already used to Pei Rumo making fun of her and immediately fought back.

The two of them were able to behave in such a relaxed manner even when the situation was so tense… Some people might find it unbelievable but they were well adapted to deal with the pressure placed on their shoulders. Regardless how well equipped they were to deal with stress they faced, the relaxed atmosphere dissipated shortly.

“The soldiers we left behind at the border should be the stronger ones. They should scout out the vicinity of the border zone as well and report their findings to us. This will avoid unexpected changes in the situation.”

Pei Rumo gave his approval after listening to her suggestions. “Not bad. This might be the first time you are accompanying the army, but you are able to think about all the factors thoroughly. Let’s move according to your plan.”

Bai Luochu was rather surprised that Pei Rumo agreed just like this. She originally thought she would have to waste more time trying to convince him.

Right at this moment, knocks came from outside the door.

“Knock knock.”

Bai Luochu turned around and asked, “Who is it?”

The person at the entrance was none other than Qin Feng. He was carrying a meal box and he waited respectfully at the entrance. After hearing Bai Luochu’s question, he immediately replied, “It is me, young lady. I am here to deliver lunch.”

When Bai Luochu heard that it was Qin Feng, she didn’t go over to open the doors and simply instructed, “Come in then.”

Qin Feng acknowledged the orders and entered to arrange the dishes on the table. As he laid the food out on the table, he said, “I noticed Young Lady’s exhaustion and I added some dishes for you. The food in the Desolate Region is lacking and I apologize.”

Pei Rumo felt that it was somewhat strange that the innkeeper was speaking so politely to Bai Luochu. However, he thought about it and realized that his behavior should be influenced by the fact that Bai Luochu treated his unmentionable illness.

When Bai Luochu saw the table filled with dishes, she felt that it was rather funny. It seemed like Ying Lan had informed Qin Feng about her preference for food before he came. Whatever the case, she wouldn’t be able to finish all the food on the table by herself. Since Pei Rumo was present, she should share her lunch with him in order to cut down on the food wastage.

“Your First Highness is also exhausted. Why don’t you have lunch together with me?” Bai Luochu proposed.

Pei Rumo wanted nothing more than to have lunch with Bai Luochu. He immediately nodded in agreement.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Qin Feng was dumbstruck. He prepared the food with utmost care and it was going to enter someone else’s stomach. Moreover, the person who was going to eat was also the person who forced his mistress to go on the campaign to the Desolate Region. He was about to make some sarcastic remarks when a voice appeared in his head.

“Don’t say anything sarcastic to the First Prince. He helped me quite a lot today. Tonight, come and look for me as I have something I need you to do.”

Qin Feng could naturally recognize Bai Luochu’s voice. When he turned to look, her mouth was closed and he could see that Pei Rumo was unaware of the voice in his mind. Did Mistress just send me a secret message?!

Qin Feng looked at Bai Luochu with extreme astonishment and received a nod in response. He instantly understood the meaning behind her words. Since she had already given her orders, Qin Feng acknowledged and asked to be excused.

“Please enjoy the meal. If you need me for anything, don’t hesitate to call me.” Qin Feng then withdrew from the room.

Pei Rumo noticed the difference in treatment and he lamented, “It is truly great to have a specialized skill. I’m benefiting from my association with Divine Physician Bai… How convenient.”

Bai Luochu was aware of the meaning behind Pei Rumo’s words but she didn’t feel like refuting. 

The two of them sat around the table and ate lunch quietly.

When they were eating, Bai Luochu wanted to clear the doubt in her mind. Why did the old emperor decide to conquer the Desolate Region? This makes no sense. “May I be so bold as to ask Your First Highness if you sensed anything strange when His Majesty passed down the order to conquer the Desolate Region?”

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