Chapter 359: Splitting Up

Pei Rumo stayed silent for a long time before speaking up, “Since that is the case, we will still act according to our original plan. We will check out the location of the campaign before coming back everyday to discuss the situation.”

Bai Luochu also had the same idea and immediately nodded with approval, “I am thinking of the same thing. But in order to be efficient, let’s split up.”

“Wouldn’t it be dangerous? I am fine with splitting up but if things are really like what the innkeeper mentioned, the others might not be easy to deal with. With your strength... it might be a little troublesome.” Pei Rumo spoke of his worries to Bai Luochu.

Bai Luochu turned silent in response. Everything that Pei Rumo spoke about ran through her mind but she had no choice but to push his concerns to the back of her head. After all, the situation was urgent and even if she was weaker than her enemies, she could flee with her movement skill. After thinking about it, she decided to go ahead with the plan anyway. “Your First Highness doesn’t have to worry. My strength might be lacking, but I can use my movement skill to compensate for it.”

Pei Rumo felt at ease after hearing the reply. He had also witnessed Bai Luochu’s movement skill at the Falling Cloud Mountain Range. Back then, she had just started cultivating but she was able to dodge Feng Wan’er’s aggressive attacks. She was also able to approach the Green Flame Eagle while doing so. If her movement skill wasn’t good enough, she wouldn’t be able to achieve such a feat. Had it not been for the final sword strike from Lu Wenshu, not only would she obtain the Green Flame Eagle, she would be able to take the younglings and run away.

Bai Luochu noticed that Pei Rumo no longer had any objections and she chased him out.

When Pei Rumo reached the entrance, he suddenly stopped and turned to face Bai Luochu, “What kind of illness was the innkeeper suffering from?”

Bai Luochu revealed an awkward expression and coughed lightly, “Cough cough. Do you really wish to know?”

When Pei Rumo saw Bai Luochu’s awkward expression, he became even more curious. He stared straight at Bai Luochu and decided not to leave if he didn’t get to the bottom of the matter.

Without a choice, Bai Luochu hesitantly revealed the truth, “As a physician, I am not supposed to leak my patient’s conditions. Since Your First Highness is a trustworthy individual, I guess it’s fine.”

“Then I shall thank Divine Physician Bai for the trouble.” Since the matter involved Bai Luochu, Pei Rumo wouldn’t rest till he got to the bottom of it.

Bai Luochu looked around to make sure no one was around before she whispered into Pei Rumo’s ears, “He... has body odor!”

“Achoo!” Qin Feng was currently cleaning up the table when he sneezed. Isn’t the Desolate Region really hot all year round? Why would I catch a cold?!

Qin Feng would never imagine that his mistress threw him under the bus in order to placate Pei Rumo.

Bai Luochu easily came up with an excuse as she knew Pei Rumo’s weakness. After living in the First Prince’s residence for such a long time, she knew that even though he wasn’t as finicky as the other imperial princes, Pei Rumo had mysophobia and couldn’t stand unpleasant odors. Such an excuse would allow Pei Rumo to avoid Qin Feng so that he wouldn’t discover the relationship between them. If Pei Rumo were to learn that Qin Feng was her subordinate, she didn’t know his impression of her would change.

As expected, when Pei Rumo heard the words ‘body odor’, he immediately took two steps back as though Bai Luochu was the person emitting the foul smell. After a moment, he immediately asked to leave.

Bai Luochu saw that she had achieved her objective, she quickly returned to her room. She started to prepare all her equipment as the Desolate Region wasn’t a playground. If she were to perish during her mission, the losses would outweigh the gains. She started to speed up the poison tempering process.

Bai Luochu had ample spirit qi and was able to refine the herbs without much difficulty. She retrieved the poison herbs she prepared earlier and the silver needles she always kept by her side. Without wasting a second, she started to work on her new poison needles.

With the increase in strength, Bai Luochu was currently able to refine even more complicated poisons. She split the silver needles into sets of five and tempered each set with a different kind of poison.

When she was done, the needles emitted brilliant radiance that concealed their lethal might.

She stored the needles properly before waiting for Pei Rumo to look for her.

When it was noon, the two of them finally left the inn.

“Do you have any new findings?” Bai Luochu asked as soon as they left the inn.

Pei Rumo shook his head as he replied, “None yet. It was quiet and it seemed as though we were the only group in the Desolate Region.”

Bai Luochu sighed with regret. She didn’t notice anything off as well.  

The days passed one by one and the two of them realized that they made no progress. Finally, after several uneventful days, Qin Feng visited Bai Luochu’s room in the middle of the night in order to report something that slipped his mind a few days ago.

“Knock knock.” Bai Luochu looked outside the window and saw that it was already deep into the night. She felt that no one would look for her at this hour other than Pei Rumo or Qin Feng. No matter who it was, she had to open the door anyway.

The moment she opened the door, she caught sight of Qin Feng’s figure standing outside. “What happened? Is there any more news?”

Bai Luochu had instructed Qin Feng not to look for her unless he found out something important. This was so that they could avoid alarming Pei Rumo. Now that Qin Feng was here, she was finally able to make progress in her investigation.

Qin Feng never expected for Bai Luochu to guess his intentions before he could open his mouth. He nodded and started his report, “It is indeed the case. I recalled that one of the individuals who stayed in the inn mentioned a location. I wanted to inform Mistress of this new lead.”

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