Chapter 357: The Inn

Qin Feng’s body stiffened and his heart started to thump loudly. He cursed in his heart...This is bad, this is bad. Mistress is definitely going to find out. If she finds out, I will be in deep trouble. This time, I might not be able to avoid punishment...

“Qin Feng? Qin Feng?” Bai Luochu noticed that Qin Feng fell into a daze and his face was turning paler by the second. When she saw the cold sweat dripping down his forehead, suspicion welled up in her heart. Did he...

A bold thought appeared in her mind but she didn’t dare to think in that direction. However, now that the thought had appeared in her mind, she wanted to know the answer. She didn’t care about the process, but she felt that she had to know how he obtained the inn.

“Did you kill someone to snatch his ownership of the inn?!” Bai Luochu squinted at Qin Feng. It seemed as though she wanted to see through his thoughts.

When Qin Feng heard her question, he was like a rabbit whose tail had been stepped on. He shivered for a moment before regaining his calm. “No, no. Mistress, you have to believe me! I will never kill someone to take over their inn!”

“Fine. Tell me about how you took over this inn.” Bai Luochu chose to believe Qin Feng as he was a talent hand-picked by her. If she didn’t believe her subordinate’s confession, she would be a huge joke.

Qin Feng knew that he was unable to hide the truth anymore. He led Bai Luochu outside as he explained himself, “Mistress, please follow me. I will tell you how I obtained this inn.”

Qin Feng left the inn and went to the front yard. He twisted a mechanism on the wall and a concealed entrance on the ground opened. He quickly entered with Bai Luochu following closely behind. 

A human figure appeared after descending the flight of stairs. Bai Luochu was shocked as he looked exactly like Qin Feng when he wore the mask. “Is this the original innkeeper?”

Qin Feng knew that he did something wrong and he nodded. He braced himself for the scolding that was about to arrive as he explained, “When this subordinate arrived, I looked for the closest inn to stay. Even though Commander Ying asked this subordinate to put on a disguise, I didn’t know what would be good enough. It just so happens that I had a similar build to the innkeeper and an idea immediately formed in my head.”

“One fine night, this subordinate realized that the innkeeper was a scammer. He stole the guests’ belongings and hid them in the basement. This subordinate wanted to teach him a lesson and knocked him out. After hiding him in the basement, I disguised myself as him before running the inn. I would keep him alive by delivering food and water every few days.”

“This subordinate might not be able to investigate those formidable people, but a mere innkeeper wasn’t strong enough to stop me. I had to follow the personality of the innkeeper and that was the reason behind my nasty behavior in the day. I had to do so in order to avoid suspicion.”

“What are you planning to do after this blows over?” Bai Luochu asked.

“I’ll release him and allow him to return to manning the inn. After this, he will definitely learn his lesson.” Qin Feng spoke of his original intentions to Bai Luochu.

Bai Luochu raised her brows in response and felt it was rather funny. “Why don’t you just eliminate this person instead of keeping this hidden timebomb around?”

Bai Luochu was rather reasonable. No one knew if the innkeeper would look for trouble after he was released.

Qin Feng let out a bashful smile before speaking his mind, “Even though all crimes must be punished, his sin is a little too small for him to pay with his life. Furthermore, I am not those incorruptible officials in the constable department nor do I study the law. How can I decide the life and death of others? Doing so will make me no different from those uncultured swines in the martial world.”

Bai Luochu nodded with satisfaction and immediately praised him, “You have done well. Even though you’re a bad scout, you have a good moral character. I didn’t misjudge you. If you cultivate diligently, you will have a bright future ahead of you.”

Qin Feng felt embarrassed and he quickly humbled himself, “Mistress, please stop mocking me.”

They left the basement and made their way to Bai Luochu’s room. Qin Feng was planning to leave but she stopped him. “Wait a moment.”

Qin Feng stopped and turned back to face Bai Luochu, “Does Mistress have other instructions?”

Bai Luochu picked up the mask that fell in her room and handed it to Qin Feng. “Tomorrow, I will inform the First Prince everything you told me. After all, the two of us are on a campaign to conquer the Desolate Region. The more he knows, the safer I’ll be. As for the source of information, I will tell him about you.”

“Wouldn’t that be bad? I treated all of you so badly in the day…” Qin Feng spoke of his concerns.

Bai Luochu muttered for a moment and comforted Qin Feng, “You don’t have to worry about it. Remember to be friendly to us tomorrow. I will also be able to cover up my lie that way. Forgive me if I make you out to be the bad guy.”

Qin Feng might not understand what his mistress was up to, but since she said it wouldn’t be a problem, why would a subordinate like him care about it?

Qin Feng smiled and said to Bai Luochu, “Since I will be in disguise, Mistress can scold me all you like. You will be scolding the original innkeeper anyway. As long as Mistress can gain something out of it, please do anything you like.”

Bai Luochu was satisfied with Qin Feng’s reply and she waved her hand to dismiss him.

The next morning, Bai Luochu had just finished her cultivation session and she immediately noticed someone at the door. She held her sword and pushed the door open to take a look only to see Pei Rumo’s face staring at her. He was pacing back and forth outside her room and he seemed unable to sit still.

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