Chapter 355: My Men

This person simply reached up and ripped the mask off his face. His appearance changed in an instant.

“Greetings to Mistress.” The person knelt on the ground and gave Bai Luochu his greetings.

As soon as the person ripped the mask off, Bai Luochu recognized him. He was one of the individuals she recruited during the Phoenix King Valley’s disciple selection.

His name was Qin Feng and he was a military scout. He was abandoned by his parents since he was young and had been learning skills while performing on the streets. After growing up, his biological parents found him and acknowledged his existence after explaining the reason behind throwing him away in the first place. Their business failed and they lost their family fortune, giving them no choice but to abandon him. Qin Feng was already able to think for himself and he merely accepted the resources given to him by his parents before starting to cultivate  diligently. As for what happened next… he failed the Phoenix King Valley’s disciple selection and was recruited by Bai Luochu.

“It has been a long time since we last met, Qin Feng.” Bai Luochu withdrew her sword and reached out to help Qin Feng.

When Qin Feng heard Bai Luochu addressing him by his name, he became overjoyed. He knew that he was an ordinary member of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence and never expected Bai Luochu to remember his name.

“If I have offended Mistress in any way during the day, please forgive me.” Qin Feng immediately asked for forgiveness. He knew that he had offended her and if she were to take things to heart, his days in the future would be a living hell.

Bai Luochu didn’t bother about the offense. She smiled and said to Qin Feng, “There is no need to pay attention to the small stuff. However, why are you being so hostile to the First Prince?”

Qin Feng scratched his head in embarrassment before explaining himself, “Mistress, to be honest, Commander Ying Lan passed down the order.”

 Bai Luochu frowned in response. “Why did Ying Lan order you to do that? I understand the reason behind ordering all of you to take part in the campaign. But why did he order you to go against the First Prince?”

Qin Feng was placed in a difficult spot. He opened his mouth but no word came out.

Bai Luochu’s temper started to rise and she snapped at him, “Speak. You’re just complying with Ying Lan’s orders. I’ll put all the blame on Ying Lan’s head if anything goes wrong.”

After hearing Bai Luochu’s statement, Qin Feng finally heaved a sigh of relief. “Mistress, when you just left, Commander Ying ordered me to rush towards the Desolate Region as quickly as I could. He also asked me to put on a disguise and scout out the information before passing them on to Mistress. I did as I was told and when I left the capital city, I ran into Commander Ying again at the Ten Miles Gentleman Pavilion. He had been waiting for quite some time and he even passed on several instructions to this subordinate.”

‘Look for a place to set up camp in advance. Also, when you see Mistress, look around for a man wearing black clothes. If he looks like a young master, make his life hell.’

“This subordinate didn’t understand the reason behind Commander Ying’s instructions and I spoke out of turn to question him.”

‘He used the Field Pearl Flower as a bait to lure Mistress into going to the Desolate Region. Mistress never wanted to go but he used his dirty tricks to force her there. He placed Mistress in a dangerous situation, do you think you should make life difficult for him?’

“This subordinate felt that Commander Ying’s words were reasonable and I agreed with his suggestion. When I saw the First Prince today, I tried making things difficult for him.”

After listening to Qin Feng’s report, Bai Luochu shook her head helplessly. She didn’t expect that Ying Lan was such a narrow-minded person. It seemed like she would need to talk to Ying Lan about this matter properly after returning.

“You knew of his identity and still tried to mess with him?” Bai Luochu asked.

Qin Feng stayed silent for a moment before replying, “In any case, this subordinate disguised myself. He doesn’t know of my true appearance. The First Prince will only think that this subordinate is some eccentric inn owner and he wouldn’t become suspicious. Furthermore, even if I am exposed, Mistress will surely protect us.”

After seeing that Qin Feng believed in her so much, she withdrew her intention to make fun of him and immediately asked about the important matters.

“Since Ying Lan sent out here as a scout, did you find anything useful?”

Qin Feng’s eyes flickered and he gave an awkward response, “Mistress, to be honest, this subordinate is just a feral child and doesn’t have much experience. I don’t know what the Field Pearl Flower looks like and I can’t find any news related to it.”

Bai Luochu shook her head helplessly in response. She didn’t expect for the usually reliable Ying Lan to actually make a mistake. It was obvious that she came to the Desolate Region in order to obtain the Field Pearl Flower. Ying Lan should have sent someone a little more reliable than Qin Feng.

Qin Feng seemed to have detected Bai Luochu’s anger and he quickly let out an apologetic laugh. He then suddenly recalled something and said to Bai Luochu, “But Mistress, this subordinate found out plenty of other information unrelated to the Field Pearl Flower. Would Mistress like to hear them?”

Bai Luochu felt that since Ying Lan would send Qin Feng to assist her, he was definitely going to be of use. Even though he didn’t obtain news on the Field Pearl Flower, he definitely would have information on other matters in the Desolate Region. I should really listen to what he has to say. Otherwise, I would be wasting Ying Lan’s efforts...

Bai Luochu then nodded as an indication for Qin Feng to continue talking.

When Qin Feng saw Bai Luochu nod, he realized that he was still useful and acted as though he was a child who just obtained sweets from his parents. He didn’t immediately report the findings and asked Bai Luochu in return, “Mistress, after staying in the Desolate Region for a period of time, what is your impression of it?”

Bai Luochu’s thoughts returned back to the time when she first entered the Desolate Region. The scene of blood and gore filled her mind.

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