Chapter 354: Dark Silhouette

The innkeeper then ran off in a hurry. Even though Bai Luochu was suspicious of him, she decided to keep it to herself, after all, he wasn’t a threat to her yet. Thinking up to this point, she then closed the door and went to rest. 

“Knock knock,” Just as she laid on the bed, someone knocked on the door. “Who is it?”

Pei Rumo whispered, “It’s me, I have something to discuss with you.”

Bai Luochu opened the door and asked, “Is there something important you need to tell me?” Bai Luochu asked. However, she already knew Pei Rumo’s purpose for seeking her out.

“Don’t you think that this innkeeper is a little strange?” 

As she expected, Pei Rumo was here because of the innkeeper. She then replied with a question of her own,  “Is there a normal shopkeeper in the Desolate Region?”

Pei Rumo muttered to himself for a short moment and felt that what Bai Luochu had said was indeed reasonable. However, he still felt that it was somewhat strange. “What you say is indeed reasonable, but I think that this innkeeper is far too strange. If he was hostile to both of us, I might be able to understand that he has an attitude problem. However, he treated you strangely well. I’m afraid that something might be up and we might be targeted by somebody.”

“Your First HIghness… are you feeling jealous because he treats me better?” Bai Luochu teased Pei Rumo in an attempt to relieve his anxiety.

Even though Pei Rumo understood her intentions, he still felt worried, “You obviously know that’s not what I meant. Anyway, just stay alert and shout for help if anything happens.”

After seeing Bai Luochu nod her head, Pei Rumo turned around and left. 

Truthfully speaking, Pei Rumo's worries weren't unfounded. Other than being oddly nice to Bai Luochu, the innkeeper was also suspicious as he had deliberately arranged Bai Luochu’s room to be far away from the others. In fact, it would be strange to not suspect him. 

Even though Bai Luochu was suspicious, she knew that all she needed to do was to wait for the innkeeper to take the bait. He would definitely take action once night falls.

When Bai Luochu ended her cultivation, it was already deep into the night. If someone wanted to take action against her, it was about time they struck. Hence, she started to make some preparations.

Bai Luochu took out her sword and polished it and was prepared to cut down her assailants the moment they appeared. Suddenly, Bai Luochu placed her sword on the table and pretended to doze off.

At this moment, a shadow darted out from one of the rooms in the front yard and crept towards Bai Luochu’s room.

The lack of people in the Desolate Region coupled with the weather made it a perfect time to kill someone.

As the night once again enveloped the yard, it was pitch black everywhere as the moonlight was blocked by thick clouds. It was impossible to see one’s own shadow in the yard, and the only thing that could be heard was the sound of the gale blowing through the night.

As the dark silhouette approached, Bai Luochu only had one thought in her mind.  

Not long after, Bai Luochu could feel the dark silhouette standing right outside the door, and was waiting for the right opportunity to enter. 

“Creak” The dark silhouette opened the door and darted in before immediately closing it behind him.

After noticing that there was no one in the room other than Bai Luochu, the shadow heaved a sigh of relief before reaching out his hand to tap her shoulder.

At this moment, a ray of light illuminated the room and blinded the dark silhouette. He covered his eyes and retracted his hand. In the next instant, he felt a chill at the back of his neck. He realized that the light came from the reflection of the moon when Bai Luochu drew her sword. 

“I’m touched that someone remembered about my presence and decided to visit me despite the bad weather. You definitely took a lot of effort to come up with your plan. What is your reason for coming here? If you are here with bad intentions, please talk to my sword instead.”

The shadow was shocked and he wanted to retreat. However, he decided against it after seeing that the sword was placed behind his neck.

Bai Luochu opened her eyes, and a grin formed on her face. I knew it, the innkeeper is here. However, she didn’t understand why the man was so impatient. He could have dragged his plan out for them to lower their guard before taking action.

Bai Luochu didn’t expect for him to tear off a piece of skin from his face before revealing his true appearance.

When Bai Luochu saw him tearing off the mask on his face, she had a faint conjecture in her heart. Now that his face was revealed, there was no longer a need for her to question his identity. It was as though she was struck by lightning as she stared at him without blinking. She stared into his eyes as she waited for an answer.

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