Chapter 353: Weird Innkeeper

A short while later, the door opened and Bai Luochu felt a headache coming when she saw the innkeeper. She knew that he wasn’t going to be an easy person to deal with.

The man looked ordinary, with thin eyebrows and sharp eyes and a caved in nose bridge. He exuded a killing intent and looked extremely unfriendly. Bai Luochu knew that it would be troublesome for them to find lodging today. 

When Bai Luochu thought up to this point, the Innkeeper spoke, “Oh, how can I help the two guests here? Are you here for a meal or looking for a room to stay for the night? Though I must warn you that we don’t have that many delicacies here and the living conditions are bad. If you feel uncomfortable, get lost and stop wasting my time.”

He prepared to close the door after speaking. Pei Rumo felt that it was a little suspicious for him to be chasing away his customers and he hurriedly stopped the innkeeper, “Please wait.”

The innkeeper revealed a look of irritation when Pei Rumo stopped him, “Could it be that this gentleman here wishes to stay in our broken down inn?” 

Pei Rumo wasn’t angry at his reply, “What are you saying! After all, your inn is rather spacious, Seeing that it’s getting late, we are planning to grab a meal here before staying for the night.”

Pei Rumo had already been very tactful with his words and most people wouldn’t be able to find a reason to reject him. Too bad this innkeeper was someone who defied logic and he snorted at Pei Rumo, “You’re indeed good with words, but at the end of the day, you are still just the son of a wealthy family from afar, what can you do to me if I insist on chasing you away?”

The innkeeper prepared to slam the door in Pei Rumo’s face. At this point, Bai Luochu could no longer tolerate the innkeeper’s rude behavior. “Is this how you treat your guests? Firstly, we are customers who will be paying you. Secondly, we are genuinely trying to find a place to stay. You should give us a reason to turn us away, right?”

When Bai Luochu snapped at him, she felt that something was wrong as he was a little afraid of her. She dispelled her thought immediately. That’s not possible...

“Money? Take it out and show me then. But I have to warn you, even though the inn is quite run down, it won’t be cheap for you to spend a night here. Don’t look down on my inn because it’s a little run down.”

After he finished speaking, he crossed his arms and looked at the two of them with contempt. Giving them a look of, “I knew you guys are poor people pretending to be rich.”

Bai Luochu had wanted to secretly teach this Innkeeper a lesson, but who would have imagined that Pei Rumo would strike out first? However, instead of using his fists, Pei Rumo simply threw a gold ingot in front of the innkeeper and taunted, “Is this enough?”

The innkeeper revealed a blank look on his face as he was shocked that someone would throw out a huge gold ingot so casually.

“Are you planning to chase us away after getting your hands on the money?” Pei Rumo asked.

When the innkeeper heard Pei Rumo's reminder, he quickly woke up from his stupor and  invited them in.

However, shortly after they went in, they met with another problem.  

“Even though there’s a lot of room here, we only have one good room. I think it is best that she stays in the room.” The Innkeeper pointed to Bai Luochu.    

The majority of people didn’t have any dissent, after all, Bai Luochu was the only female amongst them and letting her stay in a slightly better room was understandable. However, what made everyone astonished was the Innkeeper's attitude. 

That was because the way he treated Pei Rumo and Bai Luochu was totally different. When talking to Pei Rumo, he was rude and overbearing. When he interacted with Bai Luochu, he became extremely polite and amicable.

“Innkeeper, the person who paid for the rooms was this gentleman here, why are you offering me the best room?” Bai Luochu asked suspiciously. Afterall, it would not be good if he had any ulterior motive and planned to move against her secretly.  

The Innkeeper shifted his eyes shadily before answering, “This is my shop, and I can do whatever I want. If you’re unhappy about the way I do things here, then you can take your gold and scram.”

Afterwhich, he shoved the gold into Pei Rumo hands and chased them away before walking off.  

“Wait wait,” Pei Rumo quickly blocked the innkeeper, “We can talk this over, we can do it your way.”

The Innkeeper snorted coldly, “Heh, you can still be considered tactful, if not, I was planning to teach you a lesson.” 

The innkeeper took the keys and brought everyone to their rooms. After the innkeeper brought Bai Luochu to her room, he turned around to leave. Seeing his somewhat familiar back, Bai Luochu called out to him. “Innkeeper, have I seen you before?”

Bai Luochu narrowed her eyes and examined him, discovering that his body had stiffened up, “You must be joking, how can I have the honour of seeing people of your status?” 

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