Chapter 347: Further Arrangement

Pei Rumo and Lu Wenshu cursed at Bai Luochu’s wit. She was truly hard to deceive.

Pei Rumo felt that his brain juices were about to run dry but he was still unable to think of an excuse to dismiss Bai Luochu’s suspicions.

Lu Wenshu’s brains moved faster and he thought of a reply immediately, “We disagreed about something.”

After Lu Wenshu’s explanation, Bai Luochu nodded skeptically before asking again, “Why don’t you tell me about the cause of the disagreement? I might be able to think of a better solution for you.”

Since Bai Luochu made the suggestion, the duo couldn’t think of any reason to refuse. Without a choice, Pei Rumo explained, “Now that we have entered the Desolate Region, we need to think of our next course of action. We were arguing over the marching schedule.”

“Tell me the plan.” Bai Luochu was still suspicious and she wanted to bait them into saying something wrong.

“In my opinion, the soldiers would be exhausted if they were to start marching after being trapped into the fog for such a long time. I suggested that we take a short break before advancing. His First Highness felt that we have delayed the journey for far too long and wanted to set off immediately.” It seemed as though Lu Wenshu had already thought of an excuse when Pei Rumo was speaking to Bai Luochu.

After hearing the cause of conflict, Bai Luochu no longer bothered with the two men. After all, the biggest problem right now was the campaign to conquer the Desolate Region.

After thinking it over, Bai Luochu suggested, “This isn’t a good place to have such a discussion. There is no water supply here and the temperature is too high. If we remain here for a long time, problems might arise. Looking for a water source should be a priority. Let’s set up camp after finding a source of water before discussing the marching schedule.”

When Pei Rumo and Lu Wenshu saw that Bai Luochu had finally stopped harping on the matter of their conflict, they heaved a sigh of relief. Since Bai Luochu had given a suggestion, there was no reason to object.

An order from Pei Rumo made the soldiers head out to look for a source of water.

They managed to find one before long and the army quickly set up camp.

Pei Rumo was in the main tent along with Bai Luochu and Lu Wenshu as they came up with a plan to reach the core of the Desolate Region.

“Where are we now?” Bai Luochu looked at the map on Pei Rumo’s table and asked.

Pei Rumo pointed to a location on the map and replied, “Seeing that water sources are scarce in the Desolate Region, we can confirm our general location.”

Bai Luochu looked at the area on the map and her mood sank. She never expected that the Green Flame Eagle would bring them to such a place. It was located at an awkward position as it was in the middle of the border and the central region of the Desolate Region. It seemed as though she would have to teach the Green Flame Eagle some geography when she got back.

Even though that was the case, she didn’t intend to blame the Green Flame Eagle. She didn’t give it clear instructions when flying out of the fog. Moreover, this wasn’t the time to blame anyone.

“Your First Highness, what do you think we should do?” Bai Luochu already had a plan but she had to show some respect to the Commander in Chief of the army.

Pei Rumo muttered for a moment and recalled that Lu Wenshu spoke about how he was fixated about moving out immediately. Pei Rumo could only stick to his role.

“We are moving too slowly and the conditions in the Desolate Region are harsh. We should head to the battlefield as soon as possible so that we aren’t caught off guard.”

Bai Luochu nodded. Even though he made sense, the soldiers might not be in their best condition to start their march to the central region.

“Young Master Lu, what do you think of this matter? I wish to hear your opinion.” Bai Luochu turned to ask Lu Wenshu.

Lu Wenshu was delighted that she was speaking to him but he quickly composed himself as he knew that the campaign should be his priority.

“I feel that we should rest and reorganize ourselves. The situation on the battlefield is unclear and it will be better for us to practice caution. Moreover, we are running low on supplies and if we can’t replenish them, we won’t be able to last long in the Desolate Region.”

Bai Luochu agreed with him, “Young Master Lu makes sense. Cultivators like us might not need supplies, but the soldiers are not cultivators. In my opinion, it will be better for us to replenish our supplies before heading out.”

That was Pei Rumo’s original intention but because of what Lu Wenshu said earlier, he had to change his plans. Now that Bai Luochu had made the suggestion, he was happy to agree. However, he wasn’t pleased when he saw that Bai Luochu had the same thought process as Lu Wenshu. Feeling rather annoyed, he wanted to get back at Lu Wenshu.

“Since that is the case, I shall listen to you.” Pei Rumo said to Bai Luochu.

Even though Bai Luochu was confused, Lu Wenshu knew that Pei Rumo was using the chance to get back at him.

“How can we replenish our supplies here? If the soldiers were to wander around without finding anything, it would be a complete waste of time.” Immediately after, Pei Rumo spoke of his considerations.

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