Chapter 346: A State of Mutual Hostility

Lu Wenshu still wore a smile, but Pei Rumo felt like punching him in the face. Had it not been for the soldiers present, Pei Rumo would have started a fight with him.

Lu Wenshu was naturally aware of Pei Rumo’s feelings and he continued, “Does Your First Highness not have your guesses? Oh, I forgot, with Your First Highness’s understanding of Divine Physician Bai, you should know better.”

“What’s the meaning of this!” Pei Rumo was obviously angered. If he wasn’t suppressing the fury in his heart, his face would already be distorted due to his rage.

As the soldiers were looking at the interaction between Bai Luochu and the Green Flame Eagle, they were oblivious that a fight between Pei Rumo and Lu Wenshu was about to break out. When Lu Wenshu noticed the unpleasant expression on Pei Rumo’s face, he decided that he wouldn’t hold himself back any longer.

“Why is Your First Highness so angry? Am I not speaking the truth?” Even though there was still a brilliant smile on his face, a hint of sinister intent was creeping up behind it. Lu Wenshu stared at Pei Rumo with a complacent look.

Pei Rumo was silently shocked. How much more does Lu Wenshu know?

In fact, Lu Wenshu was able to guess that Bai Luochu had stolen the Green Flame Eagle’s younglings as he knew that she was doing it for the Green Flame Eagle.

As for the reason behind Lu Wenshu’s provocation, he had noticed that Pei Rumo was getting more intimate with Bai Luochu. If he knew that Pei Rumo was a witness during Bai Luochu’s covert operation to steal the egg, he would have kept his mouth shut.

When Pei Rumo heard what Lu Wenshu said, a feeling of suspicion bloomed in his heart. He thought that Lu Wenshu was secretly stalking him. No longer able to hold himself back, Pei Rumo erupted with rage.

How dare he plot against me!

“Young Master Lu, a meal can be eaten however you like but words must not be spoken without thinking. Do you know the consequences of spouting nonsense?” Pei Rumo was starting to threaten Lu Wenshu.

Lu Wenshu didn’t flare up and he calmly replied, “Your First Highness should be clear of your status when talking to me. I am not a member of your Cloud Water nation and the rules of the nation don’t apply to me. With my current status, even if Your First Highness wants to make a move against me, you had better consult your Emperor Father about it. There are some people you can’t touch even if you want to.”

Bai Luochu isn’t someone you can obtain as well...

Of course, Lu Wenshu kept the last statement in his heart. He was sure that if he said it, a storm of blood would be shed.

Lu Wenshu’s attitude had utterly infuriated Pei Rumo. Just as Pei Rumo felt that he wasn’t able to suppress the anger anymore and was about to make a move, Bai Luochu suddenly felt the hostility between the two of them, “What are the two of you doing?”

Bai Luochu wouldn’t believe it if anyone said that nothing happened between the two of them. The atmosphere changed after she spoke.

The calm and indifferent Pei Rumo had fire spitting out of his eyes. If he were to open his mouth, a ball of fire might emerge to obliterate the person standing before him.

As for Lu Wenshu, there wasn’t a need to describe his behavior. Bai Luochu knew him too well and knew that he wouldn’t show his emotions when he was angry. Instead, his face would be filled with a brilliant smile. The brighter his smile, the greater the rage in his heart. Right now, Lu Wenshu was smiling so brightly that only his teeth could be seen. It was clear to Bai Luochu that Lu Wenshu was thinking of slicing Pei Rumo up into a thousand pieces in his heart.

Bai Luochu even suspected that without the presence of the soldiers, the two of them would be tearing at each other’s throat.

She hurriedly tried to diffuse the situation in case anything happened.

When Bai Luochu’s voice entered their ears, they knew that it was time to back down. If they continued to act with hostility, Bai Luochu would start to get suspicious. If that were to happen, the two of them wouldn’t be able to worm their way out of it.

The first to respond was Lu Wenshu. After hearing Bai Luochu’s voice, he withdrew the smile and his stern aura before turning to look at Bai Luochu with a gentle and sentimental expression. He was obviously the person who started this. Whatever. I can’t destroy the image I tried so hard to build up because of the arrogant Pei Rumo. 

Of course, his ‘improved image’ was something he thought up. In Bai Luochu’s eyes, he was still a despicable and heartless betrayer.

When Pei Rumo saw the change in Lu Wenshu’s expression, he couldn’t help but snort. What a hypocrite. It’s a waste he didn’t take up acting as his profession.

Of course the First Prince couldn’t show his weakness. His expression immediately changed and the calm and indifferent Pei Rumo returned.

When Bai Luochu saw that their attitudes changed in the blink of an eye, she became suspicious. What are they hiding from me?!

“Answer me. What is going on between the two of you?” Bai Luochu tried to get to the bottom of the matter.

The duo who were originally in a state of mutual hostility became the best of friends when faced with Bai Luochu’s question.

“We were discussing something important. If you don’t believe me, Young Master Lu can back me up. Pei Rumo replied to Bai Luochu’s question and didn’t forget to drag Lu Wenshu down  with him.

Lu Wenshu silently cursed at Pei Rumo for being an old fox. He turned to look at Bai Luochu before speaking, “That’s right. We were discussing something important.”

Couldn’t he nod to show his agreement? Why is he repeating after Pei Rumo? The two of them look like they are guilty of something...

“Why are you getting angry when discussing important matters?”

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