Chapter 344: Arrival at the Desolate Region

Lu Wenshu emerged from the tent first and he immediately questioned Bai Luochu. Pei Rumo came out next and after hearing that Lu Wenshu had already voiced the question in his mind, he turned to stare at Bai Luochu. 

Since they came out to look for her, they saved her the trouble of looking for them. Since the matter at hand was urgent, she ignored formalities and immediately said, “I just received a report from a soldier saying that a spirit beast had killed our men. It is right over there.” As Bai Luochu spoke she pointed over to the forest.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go over now.” In the end, the soldier who ‘died’ was his men. Pei Rumo took charge and led the way as Bai Luochu and Lu Wenshu followed behind.

Bai Luochu was weaker than the two of them and definitely wasn’t as fast. By the time she arrived, she saw two humans and one eagle staring each other down. The Green Flame Eagle was looking down at Pei Rumo and Lu Wenshu with a hostile look in its eyes.

Bai Luochu swore if she had known the ‘killer’ spirit beast was her Green Flame Eagle, she wouldn’t have asked Pei Rumo and Lu Wenshu to come no matter what. After all, these two individuals stole her eggs. There was no changing the fact that they were enemies with the Green Flame Eagle.

“Cough cough.” Bai Luochu coughed lightly to indicate that she had arrived. When the Green Flame Eagle saw Bai Luochu, it walked over with big, heavy steps. After arriving before her, it lowered its head and rubbed it against Bai Luochu’s face.

Bai Luochu didn’t refuse the gesture and the Green Flame Eagle was considerate enough to retract its spiked feathers to prevent injuring her.

The tremors caused by the movements of the Green Flame Eagle managed to stir the soldier who fainted.

He sat up and turned around to be faced with a scene tens of thousands times scarier than before.

The giant spirit beast was acting like a little pet in front of Divine Physician Bai! It was behaving so intimately!

“Am I already dead? I must be dead in order to see such crap.” 

When Pei Rumo saw the soldier waking up, he asked, “What is going on?”

When the soldier heard Pei Rumo’s question, he was pulled back to reality. After checking that he was truly alive, he gave Pei Rumo his full report, describing everything that happened in the morning.

After Pei Rumo finished listening, he grunted, “Heh… useless fool.”

When the Green Flame Eagle finished its display of affection, it stood beside Bai Luochu as it glared at Pei Rumo and Lu Wenshu.

“As it turns you, you still called for the Green Flame Eagle. No wonder you were willing to leave my tent without negotiating with me. It seems like Divine Physician Bai is getting better at taking matters into your own hands.”

Bai Luochu raised her brows as she obviously heard the complaints and anger in Pei Rumo’s tone. However, she couldn’t blame him for flaring up as she had disregarded his goodwill. Anyone else placed in Pei Rumo’s position would be angry too.

“Whatever. There is no way to turn back time and you should hurry up and explain things to the soldiers. If they don’t agree with my decision, I will ask the Green Flame Eagle to return.” Bai Luochu saw that Pei Rumo was getting angry and she quickly turned the topic away from herself.

Without a choice, Pei Rumo could only nod and agree.

When Bai Luochu brought the Green Flame Eagle back to the military camp, all of the soldiers gathered around to gawk at the magnificent beast.

“Divine Physician Bai, is this big bird yours?” The hundred-men captain immediately asked.

The Green Flame Eagle nearly wanted to send the captain flying. What a country bumpkin. I am an outstanding spirit beast. How can you compare me to a damn bird?!

“Everyone, this spirit beast in front of you is the Green Flame Eagle and it indeed belongs to me. We have been trapped in this fog for a long time and we shouldn’t delay our journey any longer. This is my solution to our problem. I will get the Green Flame Eagle to carry us out of this fog and into the Desolate Region.”

“Oh my. I just spoke about flying yesterday… It seems like we are really going to soar through the skies...” 

There were plenty of cautious individuals who felt that flying was a little bit too risky. “Divine Physician Bai, what if we fall off?”

The Green Flame Eagle was rather unhappy when faced with the doubts of so many soldiers. Bai Luochu had to appease the Green Flame Eagle before explaining to the troops, “Everyone doesn’t have to worry. The Green Flame Eagle is extremely stable and you will definitely not fall off. As long as you don’t look down, nothing bad will happen to you. Focus on keeping your balance throughout the flight and it won’t be easy to fall off.”

After Bai Luochu’s explanation, silence ensued. She wasn’t in a hurry and she slowly waited for the soldiers to make their decision.

Cold sweat was forming on Pei Rumo’s back. If his soldiers were to agree, there was nothing he could do to stop this from happening. If Bai Luochu exposed the Green Flame Eagle in the Desolate Region, how was he supposed to protect her? This wasn’t the Cloud Water Nation where his reputation as the First Prince would deter potential evil-doers. Neither was his great army stationed in the Desolate Region. All the soldiers he brought wouldn’t be enough to protect Bai Luochu if some great faction placed their sights on the Green Flame Eagle.

“Rather than sitting here and waiting for death, why not take a little risk? Divine Physician Bai has never lied to us before.”

“That’s right, Divine Physician Bai, we are willing to fly out. Even if there is a possibility we might fall, we are still willing to give it a shot.”

Once the two individuals voiced their comments, the rest of the soldiers started to echo their agreements.

Pei Rumo sighed at the sight of the situation before him. Things were really going south right now.

Bai Luochu let out a sigh of relief as her plan was approved. Even if it wasn’t for the soldiers, she was in a hurry to get out in order to look for the Field Pearl Flower.

Bai Luochu turned back to look at Pei Rumo with a victorious smile and asked, “The soldiers agree with my plan. What does Your First Highness think of my plan?”

“Majority wins. Since the soldiers agree, we shall follow your plan.” Pei Rumo had no choice but to give in.

The Green Flame Eagle wasn’t too eager to ferry its enemies across the fog. Only after multiple persuasions by Bai Luochu did it agree to let Pei Rumo and Lu Wenshu ride on its back.

After several painful days stuck in the fog, everyone managed to arrive at the Desolate Region. It was as though a new chapter opened as the campaign to conquer the Desolate Region had officially begun.

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