Chapter 342: The Same Thought

Bai Luochu let out a long sigh. Now that someone fell sick, our journey will be delayed again. It seems like we can’t sit back and do nothing. If the fog is released to deter invaders, it won’t be dispersing any time soon. The three of us can condense spirit qi to protect ourselves but the soldiers can’t. We cannot simply sacrifice the soldiers who are sick… it seems like we need to think of a solution.

It seems like I really have to think of a solution to solve both problems. I should have a proper discussion with Pei Rumo.

Bai Luochu felt better now that she had a plan. A solution... I already have one, but unless absolutely necessary, I do not wish to reveal my trump card.

On the other side, Pei Rumo was also thinking about the same thing. These soldiers have gone through thick and thin with me. If they really get wiped out, none of this will be worth it. My strength in the imperial court will weaken and the morale of the soldiers who didn’t come will definitely be hit. My Commander in Chief Position in the military might even be shaken...

Two days passed quickly. The soldier who fell sick made a full recovery and when Bai Luochu diagnosed him a second time, she instructed, “Your liver is inflamed and you’re suffering from the bad weather due to your weak spleen. Eat these elixirs for now. However, you need to pay attention to your health after returning to the capital city.”

Bai Luochu was speaking the truth. She had always been bold when treating her patients. After considering the issue with speed, she prepared medicines that had aggressive medicinal effects. Other military physicians wouldn’t dare to use such prescriptions while she was merely relying on her medical skills to prescribe these elixirs as she saw fit. In the future, if there were any soldiers that were pulling down the entire army because of their weak physique, they would certainly be tossed to the side of the road.

The soldier naturally understood that Bai Luochu was telling the truth and nodded repeatedly, “Yes, of course. Divine Physician Bai is wise! After I return to the capital city, I will certainly nurse my body back to health. I will comply with Divine Physician Bai’s instructions.”

Without any sick soldiers holding them back, the army continued to march towards the Desolate Region. Due to the heavy fog, the entire army had to reduce their speed in order to preserve their strength.

As night fell, visibility became worse. Another layer of obstruction to their vision appeared and an additional feeling of mystery overwhelmed them.

Bai Luochu prepared all the medicine she could think of but the buffoonery of the soldiers would constantly travel into Bai Luochu’s ears. Among the coarse voices of the soldiers in the military camp, there would be traces of clear and refined voices that would constantly linger around her ears.

“How many days has it been? Let alone reaching the Desolate Region, we don’t even know when this fog will disperse.”

“That is right. I wonder if we will die of old age in this place.”

“Shush, be quiet. Don’t let His First Highness hear it, or we will surely be scolded!”

Everyone paused for a moment after the comment but didn’t stay silent for long.

“Divine Physician Bai might have treated me, but others might fall ill as well. We cannot delay the journey for several sick soldiers… Our priority is to make our way out of this blasted fog!” The person who spoke up was the soldier who recovered after Bai Luochu’s treatment.

Bai Luochu’s brows arched slightly upwards and felt that this soldier was rather quick-witted. He knew that they had to solve the problem at its root cause, unlike the other boorish men in the army.

“We’re just listening to orders… Even if the captain went over to give his feedback, nothing will happen.

“That is true. His First Highness and the others might also be in the same predicament. Whatever the case, I think we’re all dead.”

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could fly out of the fog?” Someone made the suggestion but was quickly ridiculed by others.

“How can we fly? Are you some kind of immortal-level character? We are not His First Highness and the others who can use their spirit qi to fly out.”

The man who was ridiculed was scratching his head embarrassedly before he muttered softly, “That’s all I can think of…”

Bai Luochu dropped everything in her hand and stared at the entrance of the tent in shock. She never expected that a soldier would think of the same solution as her.

That’s right. When Bai Luochu encountered the fog, she already thought of leaving through flight. However, she needed to borrow the Green Flame Eagle’s ability and decided to use it as her last resort. It would only be a trump card if she kept it hidden.

At this point in time, it was too late to hope for a solution to fall out of the sky. Bai Luochu decided that she should break out of the fog using whatever method available.

Bai Luochu tidied up the table before heading to Pei Rumo’s tent.

Pei Rumo was rather surprised by Bai Luochu’s visit. With his understanding of Bai Luochu, she should be either concocting medicine or cultivating. For her to visit him personally, there had to be something important.

“Speak. What do you have to report?” Pei Rumo asked.

Bai Luochu wasn’t amazed that Pei Rumo was able to guess her intention. She conveniently sat down and asked Pei Rumo, “In Your First Highness’s opinion, when do you think we’ll be able to arrive at the Desolate Region?”

Pei Rumo’s thoughts were slightly stirred. It seems like she is getting a little anxious and worried that someone might snatch the Field Pearl Flower.

As such, Pei Rumo said something to calm Bai Luochu, “Don’t be impatient. The fog is already starting to disperse. In my opinion, we are merely days away from entering the Desolate Region.”

Bai Luochu poured a cup of water for herself before asking, “A few more days? Even if we can wait, what about your soldiers? Today, more people are falling sick. If we drag this out, our combat strength will fall significantly. By the time we enter the Desolate Region, all the soldiers will either be dead or sick.”

When Pei Rumo heard Bai Luochu’s response, he understood that Bai Luochu already had an idea. Since he didn’t have an idea to bring everyone out, he might as well listen to Bai Luochu’s brilliant plan.

“Since Divine Physician Bai already has an idea, please enlighten me.”

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