Chapter 338: Fatal Strike

“Luo Chu!” “Ah Chu!” Pei Rumo and Lu Wenshu yelled out at the same time, but Bai Luochu had already closed her eyes as she got ready to receive the attack.

No one could have guessed that after enduring the attack, Bai Luochu managed to escape unscathed. The demonic beast actually became stunned. It didn’t understand why it wasn’t able to take the life of a weak human with its attack. The thing that confused the demonic beast the most was the omnipresent spiritual energy that descended the moment he made contact with her body. It was as though it flipped some switch in Bai Luochu’s brain.

“Mere animals, who gave you the guts to scheme against me!” When Bai Luochu finished talking, the heads of all the demonic beasts exploded. Corpses filled the ground and the stench of blood saturated the air. 

Pei Rumo who had experienced plenty of battles and Lu Wenshu who initially thought he understood Bai Luochu were shocked. They couldn’t understand how a young lady like Bai Luochu could possess such horrific strength.

In fact, Bai Luochu wasn’t at fault for losing her temper. In her previous life, she had basically subdued all species of spirit beasts. It wouldn’t even be excessive to say that Bai Luochu was the Queen of Beasts. Right now, some random demonic beasts were trying to climb over her head. Anyone in Bai Luochu’s shoes would be enraged if their pet tried to take a shit on their head. Bai Luochu no longer bothered about anything else and she crushed them all.

Of course, she had to pay a price for using such a terrifying move. After all, she wasn’t as strong as she once was. She exhausted all her spiritual energy and all she wanted was a good sleep. She felt her vision spinning and slowly going dark.

Before Bai Luochu fainted, she gave an instruction, “Check all the essences to see if they are demonized.”

She finished talking and immediately collapsed. Had it not been for Pei Rumo’s quick actions, she was probably going to fall face-first into the ground.

Lu Wenshu noticed that Pei Rumo had taken care of Bai Luochu and he went to retrieve all the beast essences. He cleaned them up before bringing them all to Pei Rumo’s tent.

The soldiers saw that the battle had ended and immediately came out to clear the battlefield. When they saw the state of the battle, they were shocked. Someone started the rumor that Divine Physician Bai was the person who killed the demonic beasts in one blow and heated discussion ensued.

“My god. Isn’t Divine Physician Bai a lady? How can she be so brutal? Looking at the splatter of blood on the ground, the stench can spread over two miles...”

“Isn’t that so. Divine Physician Bai is an expert when it comes to saving people. It seems like she is also an expert in killing as well…”

“Tsk tsk tsk. A woman drenched in blood. The man who marries her will be in for a lifetime of bad luck.”

Too bad Pei Rumo overheard their discussion.

“Seems like the men in my army are better at gossiping than the eunuchs in the palace…”

When the soldiers heard their master’s voice, they were dumbstruck.

“:Listen up. Without Divine Physician Bai, Young Master Lu and I wouldn’t be able to kill all the spirit beasts. All of your bodies would be littering the ground right now. How dare you badmouth your savior behind their back? What amazing soldiers. This prince felt that only eunuchs would gossip all day. It seems like all of you would rather serve under my Emperor Father… Please let me know so I can make a recommendation for you to enter the palace.”

Everyone’s legs went soft and immediately begged for mercy, “Will Your First Highness please forgive us! We will never commit the same mistake again!”

Pei Rumo turned around and walked towards his tent. Before he left, he didn’t forget to add one more statement, “You guys better not let me hear anything else. I’ll pull out the tongues of anyone who speaks more nonsense.”

Pei Rumo entered his tent and left behind a group of trembling soldiers and officers to clear up the mess.

“How is it? Are there any findings?” Pei Rumo noticed Lu Wenshu inside the tent and immediately understood that he had something to report.

“Come over and look at the beast essences. All of them are demonized.”

Pei Rumo observed the beast essences carefully and noticed that the demonization progress was even more severe than the previous ones. He immediately asked, “It seems like the trip is getting more and more terrifying.”

Lu Wenshu nodded and said, “That is indeed the case. How is Luo Chu?”

Pei Rumo shook his head, “Nothing much. She probably fainted due to over-exhaustion of spiritual energy. She should regain consciousness after a day.”

He was right. Bai Luochu woke up at dawn the next day.

Before she did anything, Bai Luochu asked with concern, “Were the spirit beasts demonized?!”

Pei Rumo nodded.

“We can’t stay here anymore. We have to enter the Desolate Region as soon as we can.”

Bai Luochu felt alright, but Pei Rumo was concerned about her. “Is your body feeling fine? We can rest for another day if you’re not feeling too good.”

Bai Luochu shook her head and rejected Pei Rumo’s suggestion, “We can’t risk the soldiers’ life. We will move out immediately. I’m fine.”

After Bai Luochu’s repeated insistence, Pei Rumo led the army and marched out at dawn.

When they continued their journey, everything was peaceful and there were no obstructions in their path. It was a little too peaceful...

“Don’t you think it’s too quiet?” The soldiers were already used to trouble popping up now and then. Since there was nothing to do, they started to feel uneasy.

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