Chapter 336: Something Queer About the Beast Essence

Back then, Lu Wenshu would always address Bai Luochu as ‘Ah Chu’ affectionately. When she asked why he addressed her as Ah Chu, Lu Wenshu smiled and replied, “‘Chu’ is a word that has a wonderful meaning. I hope that our feelings for each other will never change.”

A long time later, Bai Luochu came across a poem, “No matter how blissful the first encounter, everything disappears with the autumn wind.”

This poem was like the prophecy predicting her miserable outcome when Lu Wenshu betrayed her.

Bai Luochu shoved Lu Wenshu away and snapped, “Young Master Lu please mind your conduct.”

Lu Wenshu was depressed. He felt that the ravine between him and Bai Luochu wasn’t something he could fill in a short period of time. When the scene of Lu Wenshu hugging Bai Luochu entered Pei Rumo’s eyes, he felt a strange feeling well up in his heart.

Pei Rumo felt that the flame of jealousy in his heart was about to turn him into ashes. He immediately criticized Lu Wenshu, “I didn’t know that Young Master Lu had such a great relationship with Divine Physician Bai! No matter how close you are, shouldn’t Divine Physician Bai be the one to initiate the hug?”

When he heard Pei Rumo’s scolding, Lu Wenshu frowned. It seemed like Bai Luochu was just as attractive as she was in her past life. Pei Qingfeng had already fallen for her… Now, Pei Rumo was the second prince to fall for her.

Lu Wenshu naturally knew that Pei Rumo was jealous and he quickly replied, “What is the First Prince saying? I spent so much time looking for both of you and I was only unable to control my actions because of the relief I felt.”

Heh… unable to control your actions... Pei Rumo mocked Lu Wenshu in his heart. When he turned to look at his exhausted soldiers, he immediately praised, “This prince is truly grateful for everyone’s help. When we return after the triumphant campaign, I shall request for Emperor Father to raise everyone’s rank in the military. Since everyone is tired, we shall set up camp here. Rest for a day and we shall depart at dawn tomorrow.”

Bai Luochu had to admit that Pei Rumo was a person with great management skills, otherwise, it was impossible for him to have so many subordinates and soldiers at such a young age.

When the soldiers heard Pei Rumo’s words, they immediately knelt down and thanked the First Prince for his favor. After all, Lu Wenshu had treated them like a group of animals during the rescue mission. It seemed as though their master was the better person.

Bai Luochu led a few of the soldiers who didn’t look too tired to gather some wild fruits. They went out to hunt some small animals for food. Even though the meal was a little crude, a joyous and harmonious atmosphere filled the air. Of course, everyone was enjoying themselves other than the three people in the main tent.

“Luo Chu, you can have this rabbit’s thigh.” Pei Rumo tore the thigh from the roasted rabbit and handed it to Bai Luochu.

On the other side, Lu Wenshu tore out the other thigh and handed it over to her.

Bai Luochu could see the open contest between the two of them. Since she couldn’t accept one without offending the other, she ripped the head off the rabbit. “I... don’t like to eat meat. Gnawing on bones is good enough.”

She never expected for the both of them to snap off the ribs of the rabbit after the words left her mouth. She had no choice but to say that she was already full. Before long, she returned to her tent and left Lu Wenshu and Pei Rumo alone.

Bai Luochu could only endure the feeling of hunger for the entire night.

Early the next morning, the army departed. After climbing the cliff and resting for a short while, they headed straight for the Desolate Region.

When they reached the next town, they replenished their supplies before setting off.

They were getting closer to the Desolate Region and more and more spirit beasts appeared. Some of the timid spirit beasts would flee when they saw the army marching over from a distance as they were afraid of being captured. But there were plenty of fearless spirit beasts that rushed over to do battle with the large army.

Whenever a spirit beast attacked, Lu Wenshu and Pei Rumo would deal with it before it could arrive before the army. They would then extract the beast essence for Bai Luochu.

Initially, she accepted it happily. However, the more she received, the more she felt that something was wrong. There was some mutation in the beast essence but she wasn’t able to do proper research as they were rushing towards the Desolate Region.

After a long journey, they were finally two days away from the elusive Desolate Region. The army set up camp and decided to have a good rest.

After dinner, Bai Luochu headed back to her tent and she decided to study the mutated beast essence.

Looking at those collected recently, Bai Luochu’s frown became deeper. There was definitely something odd with the beast essences. Even though it looked fine, it might pose a problem if hastily refined into medicine.

Bai Luochu contemplated for a moment before making the decision to discuss with Pei Rumo.

When Pei Rumo saw Bai Luochu entering his tent, he was rather confused. He couldn’t fathom why Bai Luochu would look for him all of a sudden. Shouldn’t she be cultivating or concocting medicine?

Even though he felt that something was wrong, he still poured a cup of hot tea for her. “It is already late. Why are you looking for me?”

Bai Luochu stayed silent for a long time before saying, “I noticed something strange about the beasts essences we harvested recently.”

“What about it?” Pei Rumo didn’t normally deal with spirit beasts, hence, it was natural that he couldn’t sense anything wrong.

“Your First Highness better ask someone to invite Lu Wenshu over. I am afraid that my current cultivation isn’t strong enough to make a proper examination. If Lu Wenshu is here, there shouldn’t be any problems.” Bai Luochu stated.

Pei Rumo knew that members of the sects were more knowledgeable when it came to spirit beasts. Even if he knew that Lu Wenshu was hard to deal with, he still asked the guard outside to call for Lu Wenshu.

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