Chapter 335: Friends

“No matter what, I still need to thank you.” Bai Luochu took out the ashes of the firewood that had practically stopped burning as she thanked Pei Rumo.

Pei Rumo was rather surprised that Bai Luochu would actually say thank you to him. He immediately felt a little overwhelmed by the favor.

“Why do you say so?” Since there was no one here, Pei Rumo wanted to say everything that was in his heart.

Bai Luochu stopped what she was doing and patted the ashes off her clothes. She then sat beside Pei Rumo and said, “If you didn’t save me, I would be a corpse at the bottom of the cliff by now. I always thought we were making use of one another…”

Pei Rumo’s brows raised up and his head became heavy. He didn’t think that one wrong move in the beginning would hinder all progress with her.

“At the start, I was indeed making use of you.” Pei Rumo felt that since Bai Luochu had already voiced it out, he should be frank about it. He turned to look at Bai Luochu’s expression and when he didn’t notice anything odd, he continued talking, “I might be an imperial prince, but there are many things that I have no control over. Back when I bought you from the Bestial Battle Arena, I wanted to use you to strike a fatal blow to my Third Brother. I didn’t know when, but I started to fall for you. Maybe it was during the trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range, or it might be when you started appearing as Divine Physician Bai. At the start, I was merely curious about you. How did a lass from the general’s residence who was thrown into the Bestial Battle Arena so mysterious?”

Bai Luochu could see that Pei Rumo was reminiscing about the past and she quietly sat at the side.

“Afterwards, I started to pay attention to you. In the end, I wasn’t even aware that I had already fallen so deep down the rabbit hole.” Bai Luochu felt rather uncomfortable after hearing Pei Rumo’s statement. After all, she was aware of Pei Rumo’s feelings but she had been beating about the bush when it came to his feelings for her. Now that he had stated it out clearly, she wasn’t able to remain silent. Her brains started to move and she tried to think of a plan to deal with Pei Rumo.

“If I was given another chance, I would never choose to make use of you.”

Even if I can’t obtain your heart, you won’t feel disgusted by me.

Of course, Pei Rumo kept his thoughts to himself as he might frighten Bai Luochu and push her further away from him.

When Bai Luochu noticed that Pei Rumo wasn’t speaking anymore, she spoke unhurriedly, “Where can one find the medicine for regret? If it wasn’t because you wanted to make use of me, we might even be friends right now.”

Pei Rumo revealed a bitter smile. Friends huh? It seems like I am still different from Pei Qingfeng. Whatever. Before everything is set in stone, no one can claim to be the final winner. Now that Luo Chu brought up being friends, it seems like our relationship isn’t as tense anymore. I’ll just take it slow… No need to hurry.


By the time Lu Wenshu led the soldiers down, it was getting late. He didn’t make them start the search immediately. Instead, he allowed them to set up camp by the lake. He felt that they should take a good night’s rest in order to do their best during the search the next day. 

When the soldiers heard the news, they were immediately relieved. After all, they had used half a day to descend the cliff. Even cultivators would feel tired, let alone soldiers who didn’t cultivate spirit qi. In response, the soldiers started to gather in groups of twos and threes before sitting down to rest.

It’s getting late. I wonder if she can take care of herself... The more Lu Wenshu thought, the more worried he became.

At the first glimmer of light, Bai Luochu woke up and immediately headed out to search for wild fruits. She conveniently caught a rabbit along the way and got ready to roast it.

Just as she was preparing to make the rack to roast the rabbit, she heard voices moving closer and closer to her.

“Young Master Lu, how long more before we can reach the area where His First Highness and Divine Physician Bai fell? Our brothers really can’t walk anymore.” The person speaking was the hundred-man captain. Lu Wenshu woke everyone up before dawn and ordered them to march towards the place where Bai Luochu fell. Before the soldiers could rest up, they had already walked for more than ten miles.

Lu Wenshu didn’t say anything and continued walking. In Lu Wenshu’s heart, he felt that the faster he walked, the less the possibility of Bai Luochu being in danger. As such, Lu Wenshu charged his way through the forest without a care for anything in the world.

Bai Luochu felt that with her spiritual energy, she would be able to hear voices within eight miles of herself. If she pushed it, she would be able to hear voices more than ten miles away. According to her calculations, Lu Wenshu and the soldiers shouldn’t be too far away.

“Pei Rumo, wake up.” Bai Luochu turned around and woke Pei Rumo up.

Pei Rumo gradually awakened and thought that something had happened. He grabbed onto Bai Luochu’s arm and asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen? Are you injured?”

Bai Luochu shook her head helplessly and said, “I am fine. Lu Wenshu should have brought your army here to look for us. They are around ten miles away and if they travel fast, they will be able to find us in an hour.

Pei Rumo was invigorated after listening to Bai Luochu. He immediately sat straight and asked, “Are you certain? Is this true?”

Bai Luochu nodded firmly and said, “I’m sure.”

Too bad Lu Wenshu traveled much faster than expected. By the time Bai Luochu and Pei Rumo finished the rabbit, he arrived before them. 

When Lu Wenshu saw Bai Luochu waiting for him, he walked over quickly and hugged her. It was as though he had found a priceless treasure, “Ah Chu, I finally found you! Do you know how afraid I was? I was so afraid I would lose you again.”

Lu Wenshu’s ‘Ah Chu’ caused Bai Luochu to fall into a daze. She felt as though she had gone back to her previous life when they were still deeply in love with each other.

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