Chapter 332: Falling off the Cliff

It seems like Pei Rumo is determined to set off immediately.

Even though she was angry, she knew she had to be prepared in case anything went wrong.

Bai Luochu started to pick out the frequently used elixirs and stored them in a small bottle. Seeing as the dark clouds were starting to scatter towards the east, the rain was probably going to end soon. They were probably going to continue the journey the next day.

As expected, the rain stopped just as the sun was drooping over the horizon. As night fell, the clouds cleared.

During dinner, Pei Rumo announced to the officers and soldiers, "We will depart the moment the sun rises. No delays are allowed."

Pei Rumo glanced at Bai Luochu after passing down his order. Her expression didn’t change and he assumed that she understood his intentions for heading out immediately.

Early the next morning, the army started to march towards the Desolate Region once again.

Just to be safe, Pei Rumo sent out scouts in order to survey the ground. When the scouts returned safely, he felt reassured that nothing would happen. Bai Luochu was the only person who was worried and a frown filled her face.

Since she woke up, her right eyelid wouldn’t stop jumping. She felt that things weren’t as simple as she thought.

No matter what she thought, her words held no weight in the military. No matter what she said, it would be useless as no one would pay attention to her. She might as well shut her mouth to conserve some energy in case something happened.

As they marched over the landslide region, Pei Rumo and Lu Wenshu took the lead. In order to ensure her safety, they allowed Bai Luochu to follow the group at the back. After all, with such a massive army, only brainless fools would provoke them. There shouldn’t be a need to retreat.

It was too bad the heavens had other plans for Bai Luochu.

She felt that her horse was sinking into the ground and Bai Luochu quickly circulated her spirit qi to jump off the horse. The moment she landed on the ground, a piece of soil under her foot became loose. The inevitable happened. The ground she was standing on broke off the cliff face and she desperately reached out to grab the side.

“Not good! Divine Physician Bai fell off the cliff!” A soldier beside Bai Luochu realized something was wrong and immediately yelled out.

Pei Rumo immediately turned around and he flew towards her. He reached out to grab her hand.

“Luo Chu, grab onto me!” Pei Rumo reached out to Bai Luochu and she hurriedly reached out to grab his arm. As her whole body was suspended over the cliff, she wasn’t able to exert any strength at all. The soldiers looked at each other in dismay as they couldn’t do a thing. The soil was loose and the more people going over to help, the greater the risk of falling.

In order to pull Bai Luochu up, Pei Rumo exerted all his strength. His face was flushed red and his veins were bulging.

Lu Wenshu never expected that Bai Luochu would meet with an accident. He didn’t have enough spirit qi to pull her up and if he went over recklessly, he might cause Pei Rumo to fall over the cliff as well.

“Pei Rumo, hurry up and let go!” Bai Luochu suddenly shouted at Pei Rumo, “Hurry up and let go! You’re going to fall off if you don’t let go!”

“I am not letting go, not even if I die! I promised someone to protect you even if I have to risk my life! I, Pei Rumo, never go back on my words!” Pei Rumo desperately tried to pull her up. The more he tried, the looser the soil underneath him became.

“Listen up. Now isn’t the time to fulfill promises! The two of us cannot possibly fall and die together. As long as one of us lives, everything will be fine! Listen to me... let go.” Bai Luochu put up a strong front and hoped he would listen to reason.

But Pei Rumo still didn’t give up and Bai Luochu had no choice but to slowly pull her hand away. However, before she was able to pull her hand away, the soil beneath Pei Rumo’s body gave way and they fell off the cliff together.

Despite falling, Pei Rumo grabbed Bai Luochu and wrapped his body around hers. He wanted to protect her even if they fell and hoped that her chances of survival would increase with him acting as an airbag.

Pei Rumo felt that even though he wasn’t able to develop a relationship with her, dying together wasn’t too bad.

However, Bai Luochu was thinking about that night when Pei Qingfeng said to her, “You must come back safely.” She closed her eyes tightly. She never thought that she would fail to fulfill her promise to him.

Pei Rumo was going to resign to his fate and he circulated his spirit qi to form a protective barrier around the both of them. Bai Luochu understood Pei Rumo’s idea and even though she didn’t have plenty of spirit qi, she still poured everything into the barrier around them.

The cliff had plenty of well-grown trees and Pei Rumo would crash into them from time to time. Even though it slowed them down, several trees were smashed due to the huge impact. By the time the two of them landed, Pei Rumo had lost consciousness. 

Bai Luochu looked to the side and realized that the two of them were nearly at the bottom of the cliff. There was a cave beside them and due to the bad weather, she knew better than to remain in the wild.

Bai Luochu started to shout, “Pei Rumo! Pei Rumo, wake up! Let’s go to the cave at the side!” No matter how she screamed, Pei Rumo wouldn’t wake up. Bai Luochu thought that something had happened to him and she quickly tried to see if he was still breathing.

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