Chapter 330: Possible Dangers

Lu Wenshu thought that Bai Luochu would leave in a fit of anger. He never expected her to propose the idea of discussing the possible dangers on the journey. He was overjoyed and immediately agreed, “Divine Physician Bai is right, the Desolate Region is filled with dangers and we should plan for any contingencies.”

Pei Rumo was rather surprised that Bai Luochu didn’t fall out on the spot. After thinking about it, he realized that she was a concoction manic and it was impossible for her not to be tempted by the Field Pearl Flower.

“We still know nothing about the situation inside the Desolate Region. Let’s talk about the journey first. The borders of the Desolate Region have little to no human presence. We might not be able to find a place to rest and we might need to set up camp. This shouldn’t be a problem as we have an army with us.” Bai Luochu disregarded the schemes and started to break down the situation.

When she brought up Pei Rumo’s army, he hurriedly added, “Divine Physician Bai doesn’t have to worry. We can rely on them. The soldiers and officers can provide any assistance you need.”

After receiving Pei Rumo’s guarantee, Bai Luochu nodded and relaxed, “Accomodation is only one of the problems we will face. After all, we are going on a campaign and rations are a huge problem. We can’t fight a war on an empty stomach. Other than rations, we might meet aggressive spirit beasts during the journey.”

“What should we do about it?” Pei Rumo heard this feedback and immediately asked. He felt that spirit beasts wouldn’t be a problem as Bai Luochu subdued a Green Flame Eagle in the past. Moreover, the chief disciple of his sect, Lu Wenshu, was present as well. Spirit beasts shouldn’t be a problem for both of them… However, he seemed to have forgotten about his officers and soldiers...

Bai Luochu stayed silent. Instead, Lu Wenshu glanced at Bai Luochu before giving his suggestion, “I heard that there is a prescription of herbs that can repel spirit beasts. If everyone carries a bag, spirit beasts wouldn’t approach the army. If any of them dares to approach, we should have no problem killing them off with our huge army.”

Bai Luochu glanced at Lu Wenshu and cursed silently. Damn this man… Why is he always making use of others? Even though I am no longer the evil dao witch of the past, he is still involving me in his schemes. Why didn’t I notice this in my previous life?!

After listening to Lu Wenshu, Pei Rumo looked at Bai Luochu expectantly. His scorching gaze seemed to be burning a hole through her and she felt that she didn’t have a choice. “Your First Highness doesn’t have to worry. I will give you the list of herbs and you can instruct your men to purchase them.”

Pei Rumo finally calmed down. After all, all his officers and soldiers had gone through many battles with him and he couldn’t possibly watch them throw their lives away. If that were to happen, his losses would outweigh his gains. These warriors were also the reason he could retain his might in the imperial court.

Bai Luochu contemplated for a moment and felt that there was nothing else of concern. Just as she was about to leave, Lu Wenshu interrupted her.

“The Desolate Region isn’t inhabited by humans and has ample spirit qi. The spirit beasts there should be rather formidable and some might already possess vitality essence. If we really encounter those spirit beasts, Divine Physician Bai should kill some of them to extract their vitality essence.”

Bai Luochu snorted and spoke with disdain, “That isn’t necessary. We’ll kill those that dare to provoke us. If the spirit beasts have no intention of harming us, there is no need to chase them down. After all, spirit beasts are born and nurtured by mother nature. If we kill them for the sake of harvesting their vitality essence, we will be going against the laws of nature.”

Lu Wenshu felt rather embarrassed by Bai Luochu’s statement and laughed apologetically. Pei Rumo noticed the awkward atmosphere between the two of them and said something to alleviate the atmosphere, “The two of you are very thorough in your considerations. I hope that both of you will take care of me during the journey.”

“Nonsense.” Bai Luochu spoke indifferently. The room fell into silence but Bai Luochu seemed to be oblivious to the awkward atmosphere and she started to study the map.

After a long time, Bai Luochu pointed at a spot on the map and said, “If I’m right, landslides occur frequently here. We should be more careful.”

Pei Rumo and Lu Wenshu didn’t really mind as they felt that landslides rarely happened. The chance it would happen when they were traveling through the Desolate Region was slim to none.

Bai Luochu studied the map for a long time and realized there were no other locations that required attention. Hence, she made a summary, “That’s all. As long as we make preparations in advance, those dangers can be eliminated. The real trouble comes when we enter the Desolate Region. After all, there are no rules there and there might be factions more complicated than we can ever imagine.”

“The campaign to the Desolate Region is a last minute decision by Emperor Father. Will there be anyone else there to cause trouble for us?” Pei Rumo felt that Bai Luochu was a little too cautious when dealing with the matter.

“What makes you think that others can’t obtain information about the Field Pearl Flower as well?” Bai Luochu looked at Pei Rumo as though she was looking at a fool.

Pei Rumo looked at Lu Wenshu and realized the latter was nodded solemnly.

Even though Bai Luochu thought that Lu Wenshu was using the chance to get close to her, she felt that a selfish person like him wouldn’t head to the Desolate Region if he wasn’t able to obtain some benefits.

If she wasn’t wrong, Lu Wenshu should have received an order from his sect. Since they weren’t able to gain anything out of the Battle of Thousand Brilliance, their next goal might be the Desolate Region. 

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