Chapter 329: Lu Wenshu’s Participation

When Pei Rumo disregarded everything and rushed in, Bai Luochu was still sipping on her tea. As he was in a rush, Bai Luochu wasn’t able to identify the newcomer as Pei Rumo and she nearly threw the teacup at him. When she looked closely, she managed to withdraw the cup right before it left her hand.

“Why is Your First Highness in such a hurry? I thought some assassin was here for my life and I was preparing to make a move.” Bai Luochu realized that the First Prince was standing in front of her and she immediately exchanged pleasantries.

As for Pei Rumo, his eyes lit up when he saw Bai Luochu sitting in front of him. “Have you thought it through?”

Bai Luochu could see the expectant look in Pei Rumo’s eyes and she decided to go straight to the point. She nodded, “The conditions that Your First Highness proposed is very tempting. It’s not impossible for me to go to the Desolate Region as an army physician...”

After hearing Bai Luochu’s reply, Pei Rumo sat down in front of the table and said to Bai Luochu, “It’s an honor to bring Divine Physician Bai along on the campaign. Your presence allows us to rest easy.”

Bai Luochu was rather fed up with Pei Rumo’s superficial exchange but managed to keep her contempt from showing. She replied, “Your First Highness is being too serious. The reason I am here today is to discuss something more important.”

Pei Rumo was startled at first but he immediately composed himself. With Bai Luochu’s personality, if she didn’t have anything else to say, she would simply send Cai Ling to deliver the message. He urged her to speak about her concerns.

Just as Bai Luochu was about to speak, Zi Su entered the room and interrupted them.

“Master, Young Lady Luo Chu, Young Master Lu has arrived and wishes to meet with the two of you.”

Young Master Lu? Lu Wenshu?! Who else with the surname ‘Lu’ would request a meeting with Pei Rumo? Bai Luochu instantly became suspicious of the campaign and thought about the reason behind Lu Wenshu’s appearance.

As thoughts ran through her mind, Lu Wenshu entered the study room.

“Your First Highness, Divine Physician Bai, this one offers his greetings.” Lu Wenshu greeted the two of them.

Pei Rumo saw the polite Lu Wenshu and he felt that he would be disrespecting the expert if he were to give a casual reply, “Young Master Lu is too polite. Why is Young Master Lu here?”

Lu Wenshu didn’t immediately reply and turned to look at Bai Luochu. She turned her gaze out of the window the moment Lu Wenshu turned to look at her.

Lu Wenshu mocked himself with a depreciating smile and it seemed as though the sour relationship between them wasn’t going to fix itself anytime soon. Whatever the case, he felt that there was a long road ahead of him and if he was able to obtain her heart in the past, he would be able to do it again.

“I heard that Your First Highness is going on a campaign to the Desolate Region with Divine Physician Bai. As it happens, I need to attend to some matters there. Will it be possible for me to tag along on your journey? Moreover, I can provide some additional support for the army.”

Pei Rumo’s brows jolted. Originally, he wanted to wait for Bai Luochu to agree before immediately departing for the Desolate Region. He didn’t want Lu Wenshu to find a chance to tag along. However, he never expected Lu Wenshu to react so quickly. He even followed Bai Luochu to the First Prince’s residence! He knew that it wouldn’t be easy to get rid of this old fox now that he was here.

Lu Wenshu looked at Pei Rumo with a profound look in his eyes. Your intention is so obvious. You made use of the information I gave you and thought of a plan to leave me behind?! Nonsense! As if I will fall for your tricks.

Pei Rumo understood if he didn’t bring Lu Wenshu along, Lu Wenshu might just expose the fact that he was the person who provided the information about the Field Pearl Flower. Right now, they were locusts tied to the same boat. If Lu Wenshu decided to expose everything, Pei Rumo wouldn’t be able to escape from Bai Luochu’s wrath. He had no choice but to accept Lu Wenshu’s proposal.

“With Young Master Lu’s strength, nothing will go wrong. Since that is the case, this prince shall accept your proposal.”

Lu Wenshu had already expected Pei Rumo to agree. However, he wasn’t sure what Bai Luochu would think.

Bai Luochu was clear about Pei Rumo’s intention. She knew that Pei Rumo merely wanted to get a chance to spend some alone time with her. There was no way he would allow Lu Wenshu to participate… Now that he agreed to bring Lu Wenshu along, Bai Luochu felt that the two of them had reached a deal and were merely acting out a show in front of her.

But what is it? The two of them are old foxes and will never allow themselves to be at a disadvantage. What deal did they make?!

A lightbulb flashed in her mind as she felt enlightened. Field Pearl Flower! No wonder I felt that something was off when Pei Rumo spoke to me about it. How can an imperial prince obtain access to so much information about a rare herb like the Field Pearl Flower? It seems like Lu Wenshu was the person who provided the information. He probably used that as a chip in order to bargain with Pei Rumo to bring him along for the campaign...

Too bad Lu Wenshu moved fast. With Pei Rumo’s personality, he was probably trying to leave for the Desolate Region before Lu Wenshu found out.

Even though Bai Luochu figured out the deal between the two of them, she wasn’t happy about it. After all, it wasn’t a great feeling to be plotted against by others.

“Heh, what a great plan. Are you two done acting?” Bai Luochu looked at them with disdain and snorted.

When Pei Rumo and Lu Wenshu saw her expression, they felt embarrassed. They stood there like children who were caught cheating in a test as they knew that they were at fault for plotting against her.

Bai Luochu felt that she would’ve left if she hadn’t decided on going. It was too bad she had already agreed and there wasn’t a proper reason for her to retract her decision. She snapped, “Whatever. Since everyone is present, we might as well carry out a proper discussion. What possible dangers are there on the journey to the Desolate Region? Hurry up and list them all out lest we throw away our lives for nothing.”

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