Chapter 328: Reply

Cai Ling originally thought that her mistress was just a little cold. When she saw how the two princes treated her, even Cai Ling was moved. She never expected her mistress to be so indifferent.

The long sigh from Cai Ling had directly affected Bai Luochu’s thoughts. She laid on the bed and looked up at the ceiling, lost in thought. It wasn’t because she wasn’t moved by Pei Qingfeng’s actions. Instead, she didn’t dare to be moved. The betrayal was still fresh in her mind. Before taking her revenge, she wouldn’t allow herself to fall in love. As she slowly drifted off into dreamland, her mind was still thinking about various things.When she woke up the next morning, she felt exhausted. 

It was a long night and Bai Luochu wasn’t the only person who didn’t sleep well. Pei Rumo had been in his study room for an entire night.

“Master, it is already so late. Young Lady Luo Chu shouldn’t be coming over. Why don’t you go to bed?” Zi Su saw the moon hanging in the middle of the night sky and felt that it was pointless to wait any longer. Ever since Pei Rumo came back from the general’s residence, he locked himself in the study room refusing to leave. He was waiting for Bai Luochu’s reply.

Pei Rumo was still looking at the entrance of the study room as he said, “I will wait a little longer. It isn’t time for night curfew yet. What if she comes and I fail to receive the reply?”

Of course, Pei Rumo was talking about Bai Luochu. Pei Rumo wasn’t confident that Bai Luochu would accept the imperial decree and go on the campaign to the Desolate Region.

After all... Pei Rumo mocked himself. He knew that he had many dealings with her and also knew that she would only do things that benefited herself. If his conditions weren't tempting enough, he was certain she wouldn’t accept.

When Zi Su saw her master spacing out, she felt that it wasn’t worth it. “His Majesty was the one who ordered her to go… Young Lady Luo Chu can’t possibly defy the imperial order, right? Why don’t Master relax?”

“Not necessarily. Emperor Father’s intentions are to test Luo Chu’s limits. If she doesn’t feel like going, she can head over to the imperial palace and offer Emperor Father some benefits. As long as she offers enough, he will be happy to retract his order.” Pei Rumo stated.

Zi Su’s eyes widened and even though Pei Rumo might think highly of her, she would never have thought that the all-mighty emperor of a nation would resort to such low means.

Pei Rumo had been serving in the imperial court for a long time and someone like him was able to easily see through the emperor’s thought process. The old emperor already noticed Bai Luochu’s worth and refused the alliance marriage with the Phoenix King Valley. However, he remained silent after seeing Pei Rumo and Pei Qingfeng’s affection for her. In his opinion, it didn’t matter who Luo Chu married. As long as she becomes a daughter-in-law of the imperial family, nothing else matters. As for the refusal of the alliance marriage, the old emperor merely used it to appease Bai Luochu. He didn’t want her to develop a bad impression of the imperial clan. Moreover she had already exposed the wrong-doings of the Valley Master’s daughter and as the emperor of a nation, he had to stand up for his loyal general’s daughter.

The more he thought about it, the more Pei Rumo became depressed. He felt that his odds of success were dropping when she failed to reciprocate his feelings. Now that he thought about the old emperor’s intentions, he felt that his odds of marrying Bai Luochu became lower than ever.

No matter what, Pei Rumo would never give up the chance of spending time with her. Even though Lu Wenshu might have popped out of nowhere, Pei Rumo felt that he couldn’t be considered an obstacle in his path. Even if the journey was dangerous, Pei Rumo wanted to bring Bai Luochu along. He also believed that he had the ability to protect her.

Zi Su noticed that she wasn’t going to be able to persuade her master and she had no choice but to wait quietly beside him. The wait eventually lasted until midnight. Pei Rumo found the energy to sit motionlessly as he stared at the door without blinking. As for Zi Su, she managed to doze off. 

When the gong of the night watch filled the sky, Zi Su jolted awake. She spoke to Pei Rumo in a daze, “Master, the night curfew has begun and it is better to rest early. You need to attend the morning court assembly tomorrow. Perhaps Young Lady Luo Chu will look for you after the assembly ends…”

Pei Rumo knew that Bai Luochu wasn’t going to appear and he quickly agreed with Zi Su.

On the other hand, Zi Su was silently praying for Young Lady Luo Chu to come tomorrow.

Early the next day, after Bai Luochu ended her morning cultivation, she headed straight for the First Prince’s residence. When Zi Su heard the report from the guard, she sprinted towards the entrance to invite her into the residence.

“Young Lady Luo Chu, you are finally here! Master has been waiting for an entire night. He became disappointed and this servant had to use the imperial court assembly to get him to sleep!”

Bai Luochu listened as Zi Su droned on and on. Even though she heard everything the little servant girl said, she didn’t give it much thought. After all, in Bai Luochu’s opinion, Pei Rumo was simply making use of her. She was similarly making use of him to achieve her goals. Why should she care about his feelings?!

No matter what she thought, she had to maintain her decorum as she gave a polite apology, “I am at fault and when His First Highness returns, I shall ask for his forgiveness.”

When Zi Su saw that Bai Luochu was acting politely, she felt that she hadn’t been too nice with her words. Zi Su laughed apologetically and said, “What is Young Lady Luo Chu saying? Master will be very happy since you decided to go. There is no need to apologize!”

Bai Luochu really wasn’t adept at feigning civility and she quickly ended the conversation by smiling and nodding. She headed to Pei Rumo’s study to wait for his return.

After Pei Rumo finished the court assembly, he rushed back to see that Zi Su was waiting for him at the entrance.

“Master, Young Lady Luo Chu is here and is currently waiting in the study room for you.” Zi Su nodded lightly to Pei Rumo and reported.

Pei Rumo immediately charged towards the study room and he knocked over all the potted plants at the side.

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