Chapter 327: Not Even Once

After taking two steps, Pei Qingfeng seemed to recall something and turned back to face Bai Luochu, "Don’t forget about your promise."

Bai Luochu laughed... The usually aloof Pei Qingfeng is acting so childishly today!

Bai Luochu knew that if she didn’t promise Pei Qingfeng, she wasn’t going to hear the end of it. "I will definitely come back safely. When I get back, I will report to you as soon as I can.”

Pei Qingfeng nodded with satisfaction and muttered softly, "If anything happens to you, I will settle the score with Pei Rumo. Burning down the First Prince’s residence is the first thing I’ll do…”

Bai Luochu might not be able to hear what he said, but she heard Pei Rumo’s name. She became curious and asked, "Pei Rumo? Why did you mention the First Prince?”

Pei Qingfeng opened his mouth and prepared to speak about his deal with Pei Rumo but his personal guard signaled him to stay silent in case he said anything wrong.

Pei Qingfeng quickly shut his mouth as he felt that his personal guard was right. Bai Luochu might even think that he was meddling in her affairs. He offered a simple explanation, "Nothing much." He then immediately left as though he was afraid she would follow up with another question.

Bai Luochu looked at Pei Qingfeng’s back view as she shook her head and laughed helplessly. I previously thought that Pei Qingfeng was the most proper and upright prince. It seems like I was wrong. All of them are weird.

After Pei Qingfeng left, Bai Luochu instructed Cai Ling, “Cai Ling, prepare a basin of clean water for me. I shall personally wash the armor to prevent anyone from getting hurt.”

Cai Ling knew that the dusty armor was a priceless treasure and she immediately did as she was told. By the time Cai Ling brought the water over, it was already late at night. Even though the moon was hanging high up in the night sky, Bai Luochu prepared to clean it before airing it through the night.

This was the first time Cai Ling saw such a unique style of cleaning armor.

Bai Luochu used her spiritual energy to form a ball of water before splashing it on the armor. After several repetitions, the armor became sparkling clean. The entire armor was in perfect condition and only water stains were left on the surface.

With its flawlessly smooth surface, water droplets dripped down the surface of the armor, forming a small puddle on the ground.

Bai Luochu glanced at the mess and sheepishly apologized, “I... forgot about this. I should have asked you to bring over an empty basin too.”

Cai Ling felt that her mistress was really cute when she apologized. She was like a little kid who had done something wrong and was waiting for punishment. Cai Ling was willing to mop the ground over and over again just to see her mistress’ current expression.

She held back her laughter and said, “Mistress, it doesn’t matter. This servant will just mop the floor again.” Seeing that Cai Ling wasn’t angry, Bai Luochu heaved a sigh of relief. She might be the mistress, but she was obviously at fault this time.

After everything was done, the entire courtyard fell into silence. 

“Mistress, it is getting late. Shouldn’t you head to bed now in order to wake up in time to cultivate?” Cai Ling made the bed and said to Bai Luochu.

Bai Luochu nodded, “Of course.” After speaking, she headed for the bed stand in order to remove all her accessories.

Cai Ling stood silently in the room even though she should have left. Bai Luochu felt that there was something off with the little lass today and she turned to look at Cai Ling.

“Just speak your mind. I will answer all of your questions.” Bai Luochu stated as she took off her clothes.

Cai Ling already knew that she wouldn’t be able to hide her thoughts from her mistress and she expressed her doubts, “Mistress, His Second Highness had been treating you well in the past. Right now, His First Highness has taken over that role. I originally thought that His Second Highness had already given up after you failed to respond to his feelings, however, it didn’t seem like that was the case. From how he dug out his treasured armor to the way he rushed all the way here without caring about his appearance, His Second Highness definitely cares about you. This servant thinks that the reason behind his negligence was because he really had some complications and was unable to pay more attention to Mistress.”

Cai Ling carefully observed Bai Luochu’s expression after speaking. She realized that Bai Luochu was about to burst into laughter and she didn’t know what to do. Cai Ling lowered her head again and asked, “Mistress, these two princes have been treating you very well. Have you not been moved by them?”

Bai Luochu raised her brows slightly. After speaking so much nonsense, this little lass finally gets to the point.

Moved? Bai Luochu looked outside the window and she thought about something. Moved… I haven’t been moved in a long, long time. After all, there was only once in my previous life… Whatever. Have I been moved since reincarnating?!

No one knew when, but Pei Qingfeng’s face appeared in Bai Luochu’s mind. They first ran into each other when he barged into her room in the First Prince’s residence. Next, they ran into each other when she was sneaking into the palace. She was saved by him after being surrounded by the palace guards… After that was when he protected her reputation as Divine Physician Bai by inviting the commoners to vouch for her. He even risked his life to save her from Lu Wenshu’s attack in the Falling Cloud Mountain Range. There were too many instances and Bai Luochu didn’t know when she formed such a deep impression of him.

Bai Luochu shook her head as though she was trying to kick Pei Qingfeng’s figure from her mind. However, she wasn’t able to do so and his image burned brighter than before.

Bai Luochu didn’t realize the smile on her face but she regained her composure and said, “Not even once”

Cai Ling heard the response and was startled. She let out a long sigh.

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