Chapter 325: Improper Appearance

“Why is Your Second Highness here?” Since Pei Qingfeng paid her a visit, Bai Luochu felt that she would be rude if she didn’t exchange some greetings.

Standing in front of Bai Luochu, Pei Qingfeng was at a loss of what to say. What should I say? I was the one who gave her the cold shoulder these few days… I also went on a trip with Ling Xian’er without telling her. I won’t be surprised if she is currently angry at me.

His guard had no choice but to break the silence, “In response to Young Lady Luo Chu’s question, my Master heard about Young Lady’s expedition to the Desolate Region and became very anxious. As he wasn’t able to convince His Majesty otherwise, he can only do all he can to keep you safe. Things might go wrong on the trip and my Master can’t join the expedition even if he wanted to. As such, he dug out the flexible hedgehog armor to serve as Young Lady’s last line of protection.”

Flexible hedgehog armor? Bai Luochu raised her brows in response. In her previous life, she never used armor as she was able to condense her immense spirit qi into an unbreakable armor. The extremely rare flexible hedgehog armor became a mere object she had seen in some books. When she looked at the dusty armor lying in Pei Qingfeng’s arms, she wasn’t able to recognize it.

Pei Qingfeng naturally noticed Bai Luochu’s confusion and he felt that she was doubting the authenticity of the armor. He quickly explained, “Don’t look down on the armor because of its appearance. I left it in a storage room to collect dust as I had no need for it. After you get someone to wash it up, it will look much better. Furthermore, this flexible hedgehog armor has many functions...” Pei Qingfeng was like a broken jukebox as he went on and on.

Whatever the case, they were standing at the entrance of the general’s residence. The usually elegant Second Prince was holding onto a set of dusty armor while going on and on about in with his dishevelled look. He looked extremely eye-catching.

Even though it was rude to interrupt someone in the middle of their sentence, Bai Luochu didn’t have a choice. “Your Second Highness, you look rather haggard and it will be better for you to enter the residence first. Furthermore, the appearance is rather improper right now. It is better for you to enter the residence first. Furthermore, haven’t you heard the saying ‘An innocent man commits a crime if he treasures a jade ring’? If you list out the benefits of the flexible hedgehog armor out on the streets, won’t the general’s residence be filled with thieves? I should at least serve a cup of tea to thank Your Second Highness for bringing the armor to me. Why don’t we discuss more in the reception pavilion?”

Pei Qingfeng couldn’t think of anything else other than protecting Bai Luochu. If he placed her in harm’s way because of his big mouth, all his goodwill would go down the drain.

As such, Pei Qingfeng didn’t refuse and followed Bai Luochu into the general’s residence.

Once Pei Qingfeng sat down, he wanted to go on about the benefits of the armor but was interrupted by Bai Luochu. “Cai Ling, ask a manservant to bring a bronze mirror, some hot water, and a towel. Boil a pot of tea while you’re at it and make sure the taste isn’t too strong.”

Cai Ling knew that her mistress couldn’t bear to see Pei Qingfeng’s haggard appearance. Hence, she quickly left to carry out Bai Luochu’s orders. Even though she didn’t like how Pei Qingfeng was treating her mistress recently, she had to follow Bai Luochu’s instructions.

“I’m not petty about the tea leaves. However, night is falling and if we drink too much tea, it will be hard to fall asleep.” Bai Luochu turned around and explained.

Pei Qingfeng didn’t mind. He replied, “It doesn’t matter. I am already very happy that you are still willing to sit and drink tea with me. I found this armor after flipping the entire residence upside down. Even though I never used it before, I can’t deny the effectiveness of the armor. Just be careful when washing it.” Pei Qingfeng passed the armor over to Bai Luochu.

“Your Second Highness is too kind. Of course I understand the uses of the flexible hedgehog armor. If Your Second Highness has anything else to say to me, please do so. I don’t think you’re here just to deliver the armor, right?” Bai Luochu shook the hedgehog armor, causing a portion of the dust to scatter in the air. The dust particles shimmered under the soft moonlight, forming a beautiful scene.

Bai Luochu was clear about the uses of the armor. She even knew that only one armor would be produced every few dozen years. The threads were spun using the fur of various spirit beasts. During the process, the spines from the head of the Spirit Hedgehogs were added in. The spines could only be found from adult Spirit Hedgehogs and it was where the Spirit Hedgehogs stored spirit qi. Only Spirit Hedgehogs above one hundred years old would be able to produce one. Every hundred years, one spine would be produced and one Spirit Hedgehog would only produce five spines in its lifetime. A single piece of armor used a thousand spines and the value could be imagined.

The materials might already be priceless, but the function was the most important part of the armor. Putting aside the fact that it was impervious to weapons, fire, and water, it was able to withstand a single blow from pinnacle experts. Furthermore, it was able to block off poison from different types of spirit beasts. The person wearing the armor could even activate the spines by infusing spirit qi into it. The spines would be able to stop approaching enemies, thereby protecting the user.

When Pei Qingfeng was still in shock after learning that Bai Luochu knew the uses of the armor, Cai Ling came over with a pot of tea. A manservant followed behind her with a bronze mirror and hot water.

Pouring tea for Bai Luochu and Pei Qingfeng, Cai Ling quickly gestured towards the water and mirror, “It is better for Your Second Highness to groom yourself. Otherwise, when you leave the general’s residence, outsiders might think that we send our guests to do manual labor.”

Pei Qingfeng didn’t know what Cai Ling was talking about and he glanced into the bronze mirror. He was dumbstruck when he saw the homeless man in the mirror. Who is this unkempt, untidy, and dirty beggar in the mirror? Who sent a beggar into the general’s residence?!

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