Chapter 322: Lu Wenshu’s Deal

“Young Master Lu should speak your mind. I haven’t decided whether or not to accept your proposal.” Pei Rumo’s current status was comparable to Lu Wenshu and now that Lu Wenshu paid him a sudden visit, he felt something off.

Lu Wenshu was adept at scheming but if he failed to speak his mind when talking to Pei Rumo, the First Prince might become more suspicious.

“Your First Highness will definitely be satisfied with my deal. Just some time ago, I heard that Your First Highness will be going to the Desolate Region with Divine Physician Bai. As it happens, I have something to do there and if you don’t mind, we can travel together.” Lu Wenshu stated.

Pei Rumo felt that Lu Wenshu was right. However, he didn’t wish to easily accede to Lu Wenshu’s request as it would make him seem weak. “Young Master Lu is rather considerate. Even though you will be able to lead us there, we won’t be able to avoid using more manpower and resources.”

Lu Wenshu obviously knew that Pei Rumo was asking for benefits. In his eyes, Pei Rumo seemed to turn into a fox who didn’t want to suffer from any disadvantage. Lu Wenshi’s expression remained unchanged and he explained, “Your First Highness seems to be misunderstanding something about the Desolate Region. The reason behind its name is because of the absence of human presence. However, that’s not all. When somewhere has a high concentration of spirit qi and no one to absorb it, natural treasures would be produced, attracting plenty of spirit beasts. Even though Your First Highness’ army is brave and strong, they have little to no knowledge of spirit beasts. Won’t someone like me be the best candidate to lead them during the battle against the beasts?”

After listening to Lu Wenshu, Pei Rumo knew that he had no reason to refuse. “Since Young Master Lu gave me a reason I can’t refuse, I won’t. However, I have no idea if Divine Physician Bai will go. I wonder if there is a way to bait her into going?”

Lu Wenshu fell silent for a moment as he thought of something. After some time, he raised his head to speak, “If Your First Highness trusts me, I can give Your First Highness a reason to make Young Lady Luo Chu participate in the expedition.”

Pei Rumo raised his brows and felt that Lu Wenshu was probably going for Bai Luochu as well. Whatever the case, it was better that someone familiar with spirit beasts would be going with them. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that bringing Lu Wenshu along was worth it.


Bai Luochu had just obtained the information that she was going to depart along with Pei Rumo and he paid a visit to the general’s residence. She was curious about the reason behind his visit and couldn’t refuse him at the door. She quickly invited Pei Rumo into the reception pavilion and got straight to the point. “Why is Your First Highness here? My residence is too small and won’t be able to house a great buddha like yourself.”

Even though Pei Rumo could see that Bai Luochu wasn’t excited to see him, he didn’t get angry.  “I have no other intentions. I am only here to give you a reason to head over to the Desolate Region.”

Bai Luochu’s curiosity was piqued. When Pei Rumo said that he had something she would be interested in, it was definitely good stuff.

“Your First Highness, please elaborate. If your reason is convincing enough, I don’t mind making a trip to the Desolate Region.” Bai Luochu remained indifferent as though she wouldn’t be tempted no matter how enticing it was.

Pei Rumo laughed inwardly and felt kind of sad that she was treating him the same as before. Even though he was a little disappointed, he knew that she was definitely going to be interested in what he was about to reveal.

“There is a rare herb only found in the Desolate Region and it wouldn’t be a stretch to call it an immortal herb. Have you heard of the Field Pearl Flower? This rare flower was only said to exist in legends but my sources told me that a stalk bloomed in the Desolate Region.”

Bai Luochu was definitely tempted. However, she didn’t immediately agree. “That’s it? Putting aside the fact that even if such a mystical herb exists, there will definitely be a terrifying spirit beast standing guard beside it. Even if we know of its whereabouts, it will be impossible to retrieve the herb.”

Pei Rumo never thought so far ahead and he stood there blankly.

Bai Luochu became unable to make up her mind and she found an excuse to worm her way out of giving the First Prince a definite reply. “Why don’t you head on back first? If I wish to go, I will definitely send you a message.”

Pei Rumo had no other choice but to return to the First Prince’s residence to wait for a reply.

When Bai Luochu saw that Pei Rumo had gone far away, she immediately instructed Cai Ling, “Guard the general’s residence. I am going to the Remote Paddy Inn and you cannot let anyone into the residence while I am gone.”

It had been a long time since Cai Ling saw Bai Luochu acting so serious. She immediately understood the severity of the situation and acknowledged, “Mistress doesn’t have to worry. With this servant guarding the residence, everything will be fine.”

Bai Luochu relaxed when she heard Cai Ling’s guarantee and she quickly headed towards the secluded courtyard. Entering the secret room, she used the tunnel to head for the Remote Paddy Inn.

When Bai Luochu arrived at the Remote Paddy Inn, Ying Lan had already found out about the expedition to the Desolate Region. Just as he wanted to look for Bai Luochu, she appeared in front of him.

“Mistress, is the information from the palace true?” Ying Lan quickly asked.

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