Chapter 318: Honest Intention

Since Pei Rumo started stabbing at his sore spot, what was stopping him from doing the same? Pei Qingfeng suddenly felt that they were acting like immature children fighting over Bai Luochu as if they were fighting over a toy.

“Why else will I put so much effort into this scheme to drive a wedge between the two of you?” Pei Rumo invested a lot into the imperial court and right now, he was taking a short break before going back. 

“This is my only chance. Even if she hates me, I won’t be the only one.” Pei Rumo sounded rather deranged as he spoke.

“There is still Pei Wuchen. In name, Luo Chu should be Pei Wuchen’s fiancée and should be our nominal sister-in-law.” When Pei Qingfeng noticed that Pei Rumo was ready to risk everything, he managed to calm down and mediate the situation.

“So what?” Pei Rumo retorted, “Do you really think the engagement is set in stone? With Luo Chu’s current abilities, as long as she says she is not willing to marry Pei Wuchen, no one will be able to do anything to her. Our mistrustful Emperor Father doesn’t bother about such promises, he only cares about benefits. As long as Luo Chu can be used by the imperial clan, it doesn’t matter who she marries.”

Pei Qingfeng took a step back and laughed silently, “I originally thought that I was the only one who fell for her. Looks like you fell for her the hardest...”

After getting criticized by Pei Qingfeng, Pei Rumo didn’t have the intention to retort, “You are right. We are all insane… Let’s stop messing about and stop blaming each other.”

“I just hope you won’t keep using such despicable methods to drive a wedge between us. Luoluo will be the only one to suffer if that happens.” Pei Qingfeng persuaded.

Pei Rumo nodded in response and said, “Of course I won’t continue doing it. As for Luo Chu’s final decision, let’s compete fairly. Even though I know I might not have a chance, I don’t wish to give up. Do you understand?”

Pei Qingfeng saw that Pei Rumo had already taken a step back and didn’t want to push his luck. He simply returned to the Second Prince’s residence.

After Pei Qingfeng left, Zi Su and Ming Lu rushed in, “Master, are you okay?!”

Too bad Pei Rumo was immersed in his thoughts and didn’t wish to reply to them. He silently waved his hand to dismiss them.

I don’t wish to go out without a bang.

Pei Rumo cursed silently, Even though I only wanted to make use of her at first, I managed to fall for her...

I’m too deep under and my emotions are already out of control.

After saying all those things to Pei Qingfeng, I realized that I am merely lying to myself. If I can’t even do that, how can I keep her by my side?

Zi Su had already guessed Pei Qingfeng’s reason for barging into the First Prince’s residence. Knowing that her master needed time alone, she quickly dragged Ming Lu out of the room.

Ming Lu might not be aware of the situation, but he quickly made the connection between Pei Qingfeng’s appearance with Young Lady Luo Chu.

“Big Sister Zi Su, did Master quarrel with His Second Highness because of Young Lady Luo Chu?” When Ming Lu saw that they were far enough from the study room, he immediately asked.

Zi Su never expected that Ming Lu would be able to make the connection. However, it wasn’t wise to speak too much about this matter. If anyone were to hear of this incident, be it her master or Bai Luochu, they might be in trouble. She immediately berated Ming Lu, “This concerns Master and we can’t speak about it! Master doted on you too much… How dare you speculate about Master’s matters?”

Ming Lu pouted and complained, “Even if you don’t tell me, I already know. Apart from Young Lady Luo Chu, no one can make our Master lose control to such an extent.”

Zi Su rolled her eyes at Ming Lu and immediately covered his mouth. She brought him away before scolding him, “You are really a little ancestor. I’m telling you not to speak recklessly and you shoot your mouth off the next instant. Do you know how many pairs of eyes are staring at the First Prince’s residence? Why are you speaking so loudly about such matters? Do you wish for His Majesty to send down the order to execute every servant in the First Prince’s residence before you are happy?”

Ming Lu merely guessed the ins and outs of this matter and never thought of the consequences. His eyes widened to the size of saucers and he became extremely terrified. She quietly allowed Zi Su to pull him back into his room.

For the next few days, Pei Qingfeng would either accompany Ling Xian’er to tour the capital city or accompany Honored Tian Yun. In short, he spent all his time around the mysterious group of people. He didn’t know what was going on between Pei Rumo and Bai Luochu.

These days, Bai Luochu had a lot of spare time as Pei Qingfeng didn’t pester her endlessly. She slowly got closer to Pei Rumo.

But every time Pei Rumo wished to express his intention to her, Bai Luochu would immediately change the topic.

Slowly, Pei Rumo no longer brought up the topic. Even though he would still invite Bai Luochu on trips, he no longer talked about it. He felt that Bai Luochu was avoiding the topic as she was afraid of losing the man she loved.

Just like that, the emotional puzzle among the trio became more confusing because of Bai Luochu’s constant avoidance. Just when Pei Rumo wanted to nail down the matter and settle it once and for all, the old emperor released a shocking piece of news. The edict was so heavy it nearly smashed a group of people to death.

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