Chapter 317: Hidden Agenda

Pei Rumo was like a different person and after reading through the imperial notices, he remained in the study room. Instead of resting, he sat up straight as a smile appeared on his face. He looked towards the entrance of the First Prince’s residence as though he was waiting for someone.

Zi Su swept away the ashes from the incense burner and looked at Pei Rumo in puzzlement. “Master, it is already deep into the night. Why don’t you return early to rest?”

Pei Rumo looked at Zi Su and replied, “Light more incense. A guest should be arriving shortly.”

Zi Su was confused as she didn’t understand why a guest would appear so late in the night. However, Pei Rumo had already given the order and she didn’t dally about. She quickly lit more fresh incense.

Pei Rumo knew that with Pei Qingfeng’s personality, he would start an investigation as soon as he noticed that something was off. By then, Pei Rumo wouldn’t be able to hide his true intentions. Whatever the case, Pei Rumo didn’t wish to hide it any longer. After all, they were all of age and Bai Luochu was still single. Why couldn’t he openly contest against his second brother?

Before the fragrance of the new incense filled the room. Pei Qingfeng had already barged his way in. Even Ming Lu was unable to stop him. 

“Your Second Highness, our Master is still working. Please do not disturb him.” In order to prevent Pei Qingfeng from charging into the residence, he advised Pe Qingfeng to stop.

Ming Lu’s statement was akin to pouring oil over the flames. The enraged Pei Qingfeng lost his temper and yelled at the poor servant boy. “Working? What important state affairs can he be attending to right now? Isn’t he busy coming up with schemes to wreck other people’s relationships?!” Before Ming Lu was able to respond, Pei Qingfeng pushed open the door of the study room. He was greeted with Pei Rumo’s smiling face and it seemed as though his first brother had already predicted his arrival.

“What a genius! Your First Highness even predicted my arrival! If Your First Highness decides to change a job, why not become a fortune teller in the temple? I don’t think anyone is better than you when it comes to predicting people’s actions.” Pei Qingfeng was clearly enraged. His subtle curses were no different than openly slapping Pei Rumo across the face.

Pei Rumo acted as though he wasn’t the target of Pei Qingfeng’s rage and he even spoke politely, “The study room is indeed a good place for a discussion between brothers. Why not pour our hearts out to each other here? Zi Su, you may be dismissed.” 

Zi Su might be terrified by Pei Qingfeng who suddenly barged in, but she still obeyed Pei Rumo’s orders and immediately backed out of the room. Before she left, she dragged Ming Lu out as well.

The moment the doors were closed, the interior of the room was isolated from the outside world. No one knew why the usually aloof Second Prince would barge into the First Prince’s residence. Why would the mild-tempered Pei Qingfeng charge into the First Prince’s study room spewing curses?

“Since you came in such a hurry, I presume you know what I did. I don’t think you’re here for tea and I shall not ask my servants to prepare any. It is getting late and I think that we should settle this quickly.” Pei Rumo saw that everyone had left and immediately got to the point.

Pei Qingfeng suppressed his anger and started to interrogate Pei Rumo, “Did you ask someone to spy on me?”

Pei Rumo causally swept the dust off the table and replied, “Yes. Not only did I spy on you, I even invited Luo Chu out in order to ‘coincidentally’ run into you. We are both clear about Luo Chu’s temper. If she gets angry, she will hate you for life.”

Pei Qingfeng wasn’t able to suppress his anger any longer and he grabbed Pei Rumo’s collar. “Why did you do that? What do you stand to gain from doing that?!”

When Pei Rumo saw that Pei Qingfeng was unable to keep his cool, he mocked him, “The world should really take a look at the current Pei Qingfeng. Take a look at our refined and aloof Second Prince acting like a hoodlum in the streets trying to beat up his older brother. Look at yourself! When it comes to Luo Chu, you are never able to compose yourself!”

Pei Qingfeng gradually calmed down but his words were still sharp, “Why don’t you tell me how much you stand to gain from doing all that? Luo Chu will find out sooner or later and once she realizes it, you won’t be any better off.”

Pei Rumo sneered, “Haha, benefits? There are plenty! I was the first one to get close to her. You pestered her incessantly but managed to gain her affection! In order to make her accept my invitations, I had to look for rare and bizarre treasures around the world! All that for just a smile! You did nothing!”

“I nearly died to save her....” Pei Qingfeng refuted.

“Aren’t you worried that she is treating you differently because of guilt and gratitude? What if there aren’t any feelings between the two of you?” Pei Rumo was slowly losing control of himself.

Pei Qingfeng felt weak and he slowly sank back into his chair. He was extremely worried that Pei Rumo was right. What if Bai Luochu was treating him differently because of her guilt and gratitude? If it was a mere misunderstanding, he was confident that he would be able to win Bai Luochu’s heart. However, if she was merely being nice to him because of his actions in the Falling Cloud Mountain Range. 

Pei Rumo looked at Pei Qingfeng and knew that his words greatly impacted Pei Qingfeng. He felt that he was the winner this time..

Pei Qingfeng wasn’t willing to back down and his response immediately struck Pei Rumo back down into the bottom of the valley. “At least she is grateful towards me. She doesn’t even feel anything for you. Don’t forget about how you saved her because you wanted to make use of her. From the beginning, the two of you were destined to make use of one another.”

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