Chapter 315: Another Chance Encounter

When Bai Luochu’s figure finally disappeared from his sight, Pei Rumo reluctantly ordered Ming Lu to steer the carriage back to the First Prince’s residence.

As soon as Bai Luochu returned to the residence, Cai Ling welcomed her back. "Mistress, was the boat ride interesting? Did the First Prince say anything to you?”

Cai Ling might be an orphan but she understood the Cloud Water Nation’s tradition. When she heard the fireworks exploding in the sky, she realized that it was the Colored Lantern Festival and thinking about how Pei Rumo extended an invitation to Bai Luochu, she immediately understood his intention. However, she was unable to read her mistress’ mind and decided to clear her doubts.

Bai Luochu was still in a daze and she spoke like a wooden puppet without a soul, "It was fun but His First Highness didn’t say anything to me.”

Cai Ling felt a sense of disappointment after hearing Bai Luochu’s reply. She thought that the First Prince was an aggressive man but never expected him to chicken out during the trip.

If Pei Rumo were to hear Bai Luochu’s statement, his blood vessel would probably pop. He explained the true meaning of the Colored Lantern Festival and his meaning couldn’t be more clear. Anyone would be able to realize his intentions if they used half their brain to think. However, it was a pity his target was Bai Luochu as she only saw him as a friend.

After the Colored Lantern Festival, Bai Luochu continued her endless cultivation session as though she was trying to avoid something.

That was until Pei Rumo delivered another invitation card.

“Mistress, His First Highness delivered another invitation card. Do you wish to take a look?” Cai Ling could sense something wrong with her mistress but she didn’t dare to say anything about it in case she angered Bai Luochu. Now that Pei Rumo had finally sent an invitation card over, she finally dared to approach her mistress.

Bai Luochu behaved like a machine and she chewed her food methodically. She didn’t raise her head when Cai Ling placed the card down on the table. Without even opening the card, Bai Luochu said to Cai Ling, “As long as His First Highness sends an invitation card, accept them. There is no longer a need to consult me about it.”

Cai Ling was rather astonished at Bai Luochu’s attitude towards the First Prince, but she didn’t say anything about it. After all, she was merely a servant. Furthermore, her mistress had been acting strangely for quite some time and she wouldn’t be surprised if her mistress went over to the palace to persuade His Majesty to rescind the engagement.

As for the state of the First Prince’s residence, it was completely different from the general’s residence. Pei Rumo was busy with political affairs and seemed completely indifferent to the fact that he sent out an invitation card to Bai Luochu.

Zi Su was the one who was busy as a bee as she handled the arrangement for the trip the next day to the Landscape Pavilion.

When she finally found some spare time, she entered Pei Rumo’s study room and reported, “Master, the things over at the Landscape Pavilion are in order. We are only waiting for Young Lady Luo Chu’s reply.”

Pei Rumo was still buried under the imperial notices and he gave a quick reply, “I can be at ease with you handling the arrangements. If there is nothing else, you may be dismissed.”

However, Zi Su stood in the study room for a long time and she didn’t leave. In the past, she would have disappeared a long time ago and this made it obvious that she had something on her mind she wanted to ask Pei Rumo.

Pei Rumo kept the imperial notice and raised his head to look at Zi Su, “Speak. There is no need to bottle up your feelings. If you fall sick after keeping everything to yourself, people might think that the First Prince’s residence does not care about the servants’ well-being.”

After getting teased by Pei Rumo, Zi Su became embarrassed. “This servant doesn’t know if I will overstep my boundaries… Master might even scold me after I ask the question. Whatever the case, I hope Master can clarify this servant’s thoughts.”

“Whatever it is, you need to ask before I can reply you, no? If you ask about the secrets of our Cloud Water Nation, I can’t possibly tell you, right?”Even though Pei Rumo already guessed Zi Su’s question, he wasn’t going to talk about it on his own accord. 

Zi Su laughed and asked, “This servant knows what can be asked and what cannot be asked. Why would I ask Master about the secrets of our Cloud Water Nation? This servant only wishes to know if Master is interested in Young Lady Luo Chu.”

Pei Rumo might have already guessed Zi Su’s question, but he was still nervous. His hands started to sweat and he nearly stained the imperial notice in his hand.

If I admit to it directly, will I embarrass myself?

Pei Rumo didn’t wish to give Zi Su a straightforward answer and he replied, “What if I do and what if I don’t?”

When Zi Su heard Pei Rumo’s reply, she knew that he had already fallen for Bai Luochu. Zi Su didn’t expose him and she quickly continued, “Master is the First Prince of the Cloud Water Nation and no one will be able to touch you. However, Master needs to be careful as there are other men around Young Lady Luo Chu. Apart from His Second Highness, His Third Highness might also get involved in this matter. If Master is really interested in her, you need to make a move soon.”

How would Pei Rumo be unaware of the meaning behind her words? “I know what I need to do. Remember to prepare the carriage and I will pick Luo Chu up before going to the Landscape Pavilion.”

“Yes, this servant understands.” Zi Su felt that her master had truly fallen for Young Lady Luo Chu.

In the blink of an eye, the day of the appointment arrived and Bai Luochu rode in the First Prince’s carriage towards the Landscape Pavilion. She never expected to encounter Pei Qingfeng and Ling Xian’er at the entrance. When they met again, Pei Qingfeng couldn’t stop himself from overthinking. Even Ling Xian’er took an extra glance at Pei Rumo and she thought that he was someone with profound schemes. He even included her in his dirty little plot.

When Bai Luochu saw the two of them, her first instinct was to leave.

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