Chapter 313: Ling Xian’er’s Thoughts

After Pei Rumo brought out the osmanthus cakes and the plum blossom brew, he felt that the weather was turning chilly. Recalling the cloaks prepared by Zi Su, he turned around and went back to get them. He carefully placed one on Bai Luochu’s body after bringing them out.

At that moment, Bai Luochu was admiring the moon as she thought about recent matters. When Pei Rumo suddenly approached her from behind and placed the cloak over her, she became startled and wanted to dodge. She was a little too late as Pei Rumo had already added some pressure in order to prevent her from running away.

“Don’t worry. It’s just a cloak to keep you warm.” Pei Rumo carefully adjusted the cloak before walking in front of her to secure it. He didn’t want her to move around as he was afraid she would throw the cloak away, causing her to endure the chill of the night.

“Zi Su prepared this cloak as she was afraid you would catch a cold during the trip. Because she did it in a hurry, she wasn’t able to get an accurate measurement of your body. Since she was once your servant girl, she bought one based on your previous measurements. It seems like you have grown taller since then and I will need to inform Zi Su about it so she doesn’t get you the wrong size in the future.” Pei Rumo spoke as if they were a couple who had recently been reunited.

Bai Luochu had no idea what intimacy was and she quickly praised Zi Su, “That servant girl’s memory is truly praiseworthy. When you return, remember to praise her on my behalf and thank her for her kindness.”

“Of course. She is probably waiting for you to personally commend her.” Pei Rumo continued, “Let’s start eating. If we wait any longer, the liquor is going to go bad.” Pei Rumo pulled Bai Luochu’s wrist as he helped her to her seat at the small table.

Pei Rumo didn’t forget to pour the liquor for Bai Luochu before wiping off the crumbs on her lips. Bai Luochu tried to dodge, but her actions were completely warped in Pei Qingfeng’s eyes.

“Big Brother Qingfeng, please don’t get anxious. Why don’t we come up with a plan together?” Ling Xian’er felt that Pei Qingfeng was about to snap and she quickly stopped him.

Pei Qingfeng rolled his eyes at Ling Xian’er before turning his gaze back to Bai Luochu and Pei Rumo. “It’s all because of you that we are out boating today. If you didn’t decide to go boating, why would we encounter the two of them here?”

Pei Qingfeng started to complain to Ling Xian’er.

Ling Xian’er knew those were words spoken in a fit of anger and decided to remain silent.

“Actually, I don’t think it’s a bad thing...” Ling Xian’er muttered.

Pei Qingfeng’s eyebrows arched upwards and the anger which was slowly subsiding flared up in an instant. “What do you mean?! Will things only be bad when I attend their wedding banquet? Or will things only be bad when Luo Chu becomes an official member of the imperial clan and I address her as ‘sister-in-law’?!”

Ling Xian’er saw that Pei Qingfeng wasn’t in the right state of mind due to his jealousy and she knew she had to explain herself before he blew up. “Why are you in such a hurry to throw a tantrum? Can’t you listen to what I have to say?! Think about it! If Divine Physician Bai doesn’t care about you, why would she be so angry when she saw us together? Isn’t it because she cares about you?”

When Pei Qingfeng heard what Ling Xian’er said, he started to think back to Bai Luochu’s behavior when she first noticed them. It is true that her attitude is vastly different from before. It seems like I am getting muddled due to my jealousy. Anger clouded my judgement when I noticed Luo Chu with Pei Rumo and I wasn’t able to detect anything wrong with her behavior. Xian’er’s words make sense but what can I do now?! Unless...

Pei Qingfeng suddenly turned to look at Ling Xian’er and thought about how this shrewd lass always had some weird ideas tucked away somewhere in her brain. She had read too many of those ‘folk stories’ and might just have an idea in that tiny head of hers.

When Ling Xian’er saw that Pei Qingfeng had finally calmed down, she knew that he was ready to listen to her. The only thing she had to do now was to work harder to enlighten this pig-headed individual in front of her.

Ling Xian’er cleared her throat and started to speak, “Cough cough. Big Brother Qingfeng might not know about this but for a pair of lovers, the thing they hate most is a grain of sand in their eye. The grain of sand refers to the person standing in the way of their relationship and to Divine Physician Bai, I am that grain of sand. As for the grain of sand in your eye, it would be the man sitting opposite Divine Physician Bai.”

When Pei Qingfeng heard Ling Xian’er’s bad analogy, he quickly interrupted her, “Where in the world do you get these stuff from? It better not be some nonsense you read in some random book.”

Ling Xian’er saw Pei Qingfeng’s doubt and she tried to explain herself, “Big Brother Qingfeng, how can you say that about me! I am trying my best to help you here and you’re being an ungrateful person!”

Pei Qingfeng felt that he couldn’t allow Ling Xian’er to create a bigger commotion and he quickly stopped her, “Fine fine fine, you’re a genius. Continue speaking but remember to keep your volume down.” 

After seeing how Pei Qingfeng gave in to her complaints, Ling Xian’er continued her explanation, “Big Brother Qingfeng might be unaware, but young ladies are extremely reserved beings. I think that you should allow me to stimulate Divine Physician Bai so that she can realize her feelings for you.”

“That’s the problem! I can’t be certain that she has feelings for me! If she doesn’t...” Pei Qingfeng was never confident when it came to reading Bai Luochu’s feelings.

“Aiya! Stop thinking so much! From all the books I read, I can deduce that Divine Physician Bai is definitely interested in you!”

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