Chapter 308: Thoroughly Prepared

Cai Ling was very satisfied with Bai Luochu’s reaction. She opened up the wardrobe and started taking out the best-looking dresses. After rummaging around, she couldn’t find any special or fresh designs and was only able to find a passable green lotus dress. After sizing Bai Luochu up, Cai Ling felt that it was fine and started to dress her mistress up.

Bai Luochu didn’t wish to disappoint Cai Ling and had no choice but to change. As someone who was used to wearing clothes meant to facilitate easy movement, Bai Luochu nearly tripped over when she tried walking in the dress.

“Can I wear something else? I can’t even walk properly in this dress! My hair feels so heavy that my neck is about to snap from the weight!” Bai Luochu wanted to make use of this opportunity to take off the accessories Cai Ling meticulously placed on her head.

How would Cai Ling allow Bai Luochu to do as she please? Cai Ling immediately persuaded, “Mistress, stop complaining about it! Most of the aristocratic young ladies in the capital city are wearing the same thing as you. There are plenty of other private boats on the lake and we cannot allow a ‘young master’ from the general’s residence to attend the First Prince’s invitation.”

“I can’t even walk properly!” Bai Luochu wasn’t willing to give up.

Cai Ling knew that Bai Luochu would use this excuse and she prepared a countermeasure while she was dressing her up. “Mistress, This servant will bring you all the way to the entrance of the general’s residence. After you board the First Prince’s residence’s carriage, you wouldn’t need to walk around for a period of time. After alighting the carriage, His First Highness will naturally be there to help you. His First Highness promised this servant that nothing will happen to you. Mistress doesn’t have to worry.”

Seeing that there was no other choice, Bai Luochu could only agree so as to avoid Cai Ling from sprouting more nonsense.

On Pei Rumo’s side, the First Prince’s residence was bustling with activity as they got ready for the appointment.

“The Drunk Immortal Inn shouldn’t mess it up, right?” Pei Rumo was afraid that something might go wrong and this wasn’t the first time he asked Zi Su this question.

Zi Su was almost annoyed by Pei Rumo’s constant questioning but she managed to remain patient. “Please do not worry about the food. The Drunk Immortal Inn has always been reliable and the moment this servant brought out the title of the First Prince’s residence, they reassured this servant everything will be in place. Right now, they should be preparing the dishes.”

Even though Zi Su had already given her assurance, Pei Rumo didn’t feel at ease. He quickly sent someone to check up on the Drunk Immortal Inn. He even told the person to remain there to ensure that nothing went wrong with the preparations.

When Zi Su saw how anxious Pei Rumo was, she shook her head as she felt it was rather funny. It seems like Master has truly fallen in love. I wonder if Master will be able to discover his true emotions during the boat ride.

When Pei Rumo looked at Zi Su from the corner of his eye, he grew suspicious, “What are you laughing at? Why are you shaking your head?”

Zi Su’s body trembled in response and felt that her actions were a little too obvious. She immediately responded, “Master, please forgive me. This servant feels that it has been a long time since Master has been so attentive to a young lady.”

Pei Rumo was startled at Zi Su’s reply and coughed uncomfortably, “Cough Cough. In any case, Luo Chu has resided in our residence for a period of time and it is reasonable for me to be concerned about her. Moreover, she is more than qualified right now and I should bring her to my side. Why can’t I be attentive to her?”

Even though Pei Rumo spoke with confidence, his voice became softer and softer and he didn’t even dare to look into Zi Su’s eye.

Zi Su raised her brows slightly and thought, I don’t think it is that simple, right? Master just hasn’t realized it.

As a servant, Zi Su couldn’t directly expose her master’s thoughts. Instead, she felt that it would be best for her master to discover his feelings for himself.

The study room fell silent and Zi Su finally broke the silence after a long time. She reported, “Master, the weather will turn cold after it gets dark. This servant has already prepared two cloaks on the private boat. Because of the time constraint, I sunned your cloak and bought a new one for Young Lady Luo Chu. This servant got it from the most popular clothing store in the capital city and Young Lady Luo Chu should be satisfied with it.”

Pei Rumo nodded with satisfaction and praised Zi Su, “Well done. I didn't even think of all that. It seems like you ladies are more considerate when it comes to clothes.”

“Many thanks for Master’s praise.” Zi Su complained in her heart... If you fall sick, nothing will really happen. If Young Lady Luo Chu falls sick, won’t you return to the residence and fly into a terrible rage? How can I not be thorough in my considerations?

The sky was gradually turning dark and it was almost time for the appointment. Bai Luochu walked slowly from her courtyard to the entrance of the general’s residence and she understood the reason behind why the young ladies and madams from the aristocratic clans had a certain posture when walking. It was definitely due to the weight of all the accessories they had on their body.

The person who came to receive Bai Luochu was Ming Lu and when he saw her getup, his eyes lit up and he started to sing praises. “Young Lady Luo Chu, you look like a fairy mingling around in the mortal world!” In the end, Ming Lu was still a child and he didn’t think about the impact behind his words.

Bai Luochu felt that there wasn’t anything special about her appearance and she didn’t bother replying to Ming Lu. Cai Ling who was standing beside Bai Luochu quickly spoke up, “Isn’t that right? My Mistress has always been pretty. Do you mean to say that my Mistress looked ugly in the past?”

“How can I say something like that? Young Lady Luo Chu has always been good looking. However, she looks even more breathtaking now!” Ming Lu didn’t dare to bad mouth Bai Luochu and he quickly changed his words.

“Alright, let’s go. We shouldn’t let His First Highness wait for too long.” Bai Luochu no longer bothered about the two of them.

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