Chapter 299: Gossipy Ling Xian'er

After Ying Lan sent a letter to Bai Luochu the next morning, he left to spy on the Second Prince’s residence.

After an uneventful day, the only thing he heard was a girl shrieking at Pei Qingfeng.

“Ahh!! Pei Qingfeng you bastard! Why did you buy a fox mask for others and a pig mask for me?!” Ling Xian'er voice echoed throughout the yard early in the morning. 

Ling Xian'er's loud voice woke two people up, “Ling Xian'er! Why are you screaming so early in the morning?! If you don’t want to sleep that’s your problem, don’t stop others from sleeping in!”

When the two of them finally woke up, they no longer bothered scolding Ling Xian’er. They saw her sitting on her bed with huge eye bags and her hair was all over the place. She looked extremely dispirited as if she was a vengeful ghost.

They clasped their hands together and murmured in their hearts, “Amitabha.” They secretly wondered which idiot had provoked this little devil. 

“Pei Qingfeng is a bastard! He’s so shameless! He took my folktales and advice, but gave me a pig mask in return. I’m never going to be bothered with him anymore!”

The more they listened, the more they thought something was wrong. Is she cursing at Pei Qingfeng?!

However, they weren’t too caught up with Ling Xian’er as they turned their attention to Ying Lan. “I can’t believe that someone actually dares to spy on us.” 

Xian'er wondered who the suicidal individual was and she followed their gaze to find Ying Lan lurking in the corner.

At that moment, Ying Lan was unaware that he had already been exposed. He even thought that the three ladies were enjoying the scenery.

“Just let him do what he wants. Anyway, he won’t be able to find out anything. But…” Ling Xian'er eyes sparkled and thought of something, “That doesn’t mean that we can’t find out who they are.”

The two of them silently prayed for Ying Lan as he managed to catch the little devil in a bad mood. 

Ying Lan sneezed atop the tree. For the next few days, Ling Xian’er placed all her attention onto investigating Ying Lan.

Finally, Ling Xian'er found out Ying Lan’s background and details. 

“Ying Lan, Remote Paddy Inn’s boss, owner of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence and has close relations to Luo Chu.” 

After hearing the report, Ling Xian’er opened her mouth to ask a question, “Let me ask you, who is Luo Chu? Why haven’t I heard of her before?”

Ling Xian’er’s subordinate respectfully replied, “She is the ex-general’s daughter and is now the master of the general’s residence. She is also quite close to Pei Qingfeng.”

Ling Xian’er  immediately regained her spirit, “She’s related to Qingfeng?!”

Ling Xian'er grinned as she ran down the stairs to meet Ying Lan.

She had a bold conjecture and urgently needed someone to verify it. The best person to do so was obviously Ying Lan who had been ‘spying’ on her for the past few days.

Ying Lan who was starting to panic after failing to gather any information heard a girl’s voice from under the tree. “Big brother! Can you please come down for a moment? I have something to ask you.” 

Ying Lan looked down and discovered that the little girl was staring straight at him. He was doubting if she was able to see through his concealment and thought it was impossible. He remained silent and stayed on the tree.

When Ling Xian'er saw that Ying Lan wasn’t going to come down, she started revealing everything she found out about him. As her voice reached his ears, Ying Lan jumped down in shock. 

“I know what you want to ask me. You want to know where I got this information from right? Well, you don’t have to bother about it, you just need to tell me if you are here to investigate me on Luo Chu’s orders.”

When Ying Lan heard that this little girl was speaking of his mistress’ name, he became alarmed. “How did you learn all this?”

“If you don’t say anything, I’ll take it as I’m right...” Ling Xian’er dodged Ying Lan’s question and fired another one at him.

This was the first time Ying Lan met someone as unreasonable as this little girl and he didn’t know what to do. Looking at Ying Lan’s ashen face, Ling Xian’er decided to tease him. “Aiyo, handsome big brother, can you stop acting so seriously? I’m not going to do anything to cause you harm. I just want to know the person my Big Brother Qingfeng has his eyes on.”

Ying Lan realised that this girl was probably very close to Pei Qingfeng from the way she addressed him. He was also worried she would pester his mistress if he revealed the information, causing him to be at a loss. 

Even though Ying Lan said nothing, Ling Xian'er had more or less understood the situation. She quickly turned around and walked towards Pei Qingfeng’s residence.

Before she left, she warned Ying Lan, “Big brother… just out of kindness, I want to warn you that we are different from the Phoenix King Valley. Don’t think that you will be able to spy on us like how you spied on them. If Honored Tian Yun discovers your presence, things will get ugly. You better hurry up and report this to your mistress.”

Ying Lan obviously knew the meaning behind the little girl’s words and she quickly turned around to head back to the Remote Paddy Inn. He had to inform Bai Luochu immediately!

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