Chapter 297: Overestimating Their Capabilities

Bai Luochu felt that Elder Li was a man with a lot of experience.

As Elder Li droned on, Bai Luochu tuned him out. When he was done narrating his life experience, Bai Luochu finally managed to buy all the medicinal ingredients she needed. By the time she left the Hundred Herbs Hall, it was already evening.

When she left, Elder Li’s words echoed through her mind. She wasn’t as sad as before but she walked rather quickly. She wasn’t able to hide the restless feeling in her heart.

"Lass Luo Chu, listen to my advice. You will never get the chance to turn back time. If you miss the chance, some things may be lost forever. You need to think it through.”

What is he talking about?! What do I need to think about? The betrayal in my previous life? Pei Qingfeng’s friendship with me?

Bai Luochu felt that her mind was in a mess. With her mind in a chaotic state, it was difficult for her to avoid trouble.

“Give way! Hurry up and give way!” A carriage blazed a trail down the path which was already narrow to begin with. Even though the pedestrians were cursing under their breath, they jumped aside to make way for the carriage. Bai Luochu was the only one left in the middle of the road.

Luckily for her, the coachman didn’t want to be pinned with the crime of a murder. Even though he was in a hurry, he jerked the reins of the carriage causing it to come to an abrupt stop. He stopped the horses right before a tragedy happened.

Even though the carriage had stopped, the curses flowing out of the coachman’s mouth was as smooth as a river.

“Are you crazy?! Even if you wish to commit suicide, go do so at the side of the road! Why are you blocking the path of a carriage from the Prime Minister’s residence?! If you startle the members of the Prime Minister’s residence, you are screwed!”

Bai Luochu didn’t even notice that the coachman was cursing at her. She only discovered that she was the target of his insults when she saw everyone pointing at her. She finally snapped out of her daze and turned to look at the coachman.

Whatever the case, a carriage shouldn’t be thundering down the city center. Bai Luochu wasn’t someone who would take a scolding passively. She quickly retorted, “The Prime Minister residence is really amazing… you allow your horses to run about in the crowded city center without regard for everyone’s safety. I discovered a newfound respect for the Prime Minister’s residence.”

Bai Luochu’s words stirred the hornet’s nest and discussions broke out in the crowd.

“Sigh, the Prime Minister’s residence is getting overboard. They are making use of the fact that they are from the Empress Dowager’s birth clan and think that they are above the law.”

“This Young Lady is really courageous. She knew that they were from the Prime Minister’s residence yet she dared to criticize them.”

The coachman wasn’t able to hold it in and he yelled at everyone. “Shut your mouths! What do a bunch of plebeians like you know? The Prime Minister is busy with political work and is currently rushing for time! How dare you idlers criticize him?”

“Nonsense. Out of everyone in the capital city, I thought the Prime Minister would be the last person to flout the law. I guess not.” Bai Luochu carried on with the sarcasm.

Everyone broke out into an uproar the moment the words left Bai Luochu’s mouth.

“This young lady is crazy!!”

“Don’t you know that she is Divine Physician Bai? Even His Majesty has to show some considerations when dealing with her. How can a mere Prime Minister’s residence touch her?”

Su Luoqing who was seated in the carriage couldn’t sit still anymore when she heard that the person blocking her way was Luo Chu! How dare a lowly slut like her block my way?!

Without hesitation, Su Luoqing exited the carriage directly and used a peculiar tone to criticize Bai Luochu, “Oh? Who would have thought that the person blocking my way would be Divine Physician Bai! I apologize for being rude…”

Bai Luochu never paid attention to worthless people. However, she detected a trace of hostility from the lady in front of her. No matter how hard she racked her brains, Bai Luochu couldn’t think of where she had seen the lady before. “Do I know you?”

Su Luoqing was obviously enraged by Bai Luochu’s question. She tried to suppress her anger but to no avail. “Divine Physician Bai kindly offered your assistance when I was suffering from a deadly poison, don’t you remember?”

Bai Luochu finally recalled that she was the woman who tried to mess with her because of Pei Qingfeng. She assumed that her previous lesson would be enough for Su Luoqing but from the looks of things, she was wrong.

Looks like I was too lenient in the past. If I don’t teach her a proper lesson, people like her wouldn’t know when to back down. 

When Su Luoqing saw that Bai Luochu fell silent, she had no idea that Bai Luochu was forming some sort of insidious plan in her mind. She assumed that Bai Luochu was afraid of her status and spoke haughtily, “If Young Lady Luo Chu thinks that His Second Highness will support you and speak out for you, I would like to remind you that the person beside the Second Prince is no longer Young Lady Luo Chu. You better be mindful of your words and actions!”

“Sigh, such a pity. Someone thought she could soar into the sky after turning into a phoenix. What a shame. She is still an unassuming sparrow after waking up from a dream.”

Everyone in the crowd knew of Pei Qingfeng’s recent actions and they all looked at Bai Luochu with pity in their eyes.

Bai Luochu ignored all of them as she raised her head to speak to Su Luoqing. It was as though she was speaking to a retard, “Since when have I relied on other’s support when doing things? Even when comparing sparrows and phoenixes, aren’t you the one despised by His Second Highness? You directed all your anger at me after failing to seduce him during the banquet… Even if I dreamt of turning into a phoenix, it was better than being someone without the opportunity to dream. If you’re here because you think I’m easy to bully, why not go holler at His Second Highness?”

Bai Luochu turned around to leave but she suddenly thought of something. She turned back and spoke to the coachman, "Didn't you say something about the Prime Minister being in a rush? Why did the Prime Minister turn into Young Lady Su? Did our Cloud Water Nation change Prime Ministers?”

Bai Luochu wanted everyone to hear her and didn’t bother suppressing her voice.

In the next second, everyone’s attention shifted to the coachman and Su Luoqing. Bai Luochu no longer bothered with them and she headed for the Remote Paddy Inn.

Bai Luochu didn’t know why, but she felt a stinging feeling in her heart when she heard everyone talking about Pei Qingfeng and the unknown woman. She felt that if she didn’t do something about it, the fire inside her body wouldn’t stop.

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