Chapter 296: Mischievous Elder Li

The person standing in front of her was none other than Elder Li.

“Oh? Young lass, are you here to purchase medicinal ingredients again?” Elder Li’s passionate voice echoed in her ears, causing Bai Luochu’s body to jerk. She turned around and noticed Elder Li standing in front of her.

Since Elder Li was a senior, she would be rude if she didn’t reply him. She quickly gave a polite greeting, “Elder Li, it has been a while.”

Elder Li was very fond of juniors who weren’t arrogant or hot-tempered. Bai Luochu fitted perfectly into those criterias and coupled with her incredible medical skills, Elder Li liked her even more. 

“Previously, we talked about having a discussion on medical skills. Does Divine Physician Bai still remember our conversation? What better time for a discussion than now? If you have spare time, why don’t we do it today?” Elder Li didn’t forget about the discussion and he invited Bai Luochu with enthusiasm.

Since she had nothing else on, Bai Luochu felt that she should agree and get the discussion over with. After all, it would prevent the old man from looking for her whenever he was free. She quickly nodded in agreement.

When Elder Li saw that Bai Luochu had agreed, he invited her into his consultation room and poured a cup of tea for her. He started to speak about the various methods he used in his life after tens of years of experience.

As he droned on, Bai Luochu felt that she was about to fall asleep. She didn’t know how to change the subject.

Before Bai Luochu could change the topic, Elder Li threw a curveball at her. “Lass, you don’t need to be overly disappointed. I understand Qingfeng really well. He has his reasons for hanging around that young lass. Wait for some time and Qingfeng will definitely make things clear.”

Bai Luochu was baffled as she didn’t understand why Elder Li would suddenly bring Pei Qingfeng up. A puzzled look appeared on her face and she asked, “Elder Li, what are you talking about? Why are you talking about His Second Highness?”

Elder Li assumed that Bai Luochu was feeling embarrassed and said, “I understand. You are in a serious relationship with Qingfeng and won’t be swayed by the recent events… However, this old man feels a little heartbroken to see you in such a sorry state.”

“Elder Li, I am not despondent. Am I not having a pleasant discussion with you right now?” Bai Luochu saw that Elder Li was getting overboard and interrupted him.

“Are you not feeling down because of Qingfeng’s interaction with the mysterious young lass?” Elder Li noticed that Bai Luochu wasn’t pretending and he was growing more confused by the minute.

Instead, Bai Luochu was growing increasingly confused. “All of you seem to know that Pei Qingfeng has been interacting closely with a young lady. Why did I only learn about it today?”

In fact, Bai Luochu couldn’t blame anyone but herself. She wasn’t able to receive information in a timely manner as she had instructed Cai Ling to stay in the residence during this period of time. As for the rest of the intelligence, Pei Qingfeng’s secret guard had been diligently obstructing them from reaching Bai Luochu. He didn’t want her to know as he didn’t want her feelings to be hurt. 

This was the reason Bai Luochu had only recently learned of Pei Qingfeng’s interaction with Ling Xian’er.

When Elder Li noticed Bai Luochu’s genuine confusion, he consoled her. “You shouldn’t be too angry. Qingfeng probably hid it from you as he was afraid you would overthink. Once this event blows over, he will definitely look for you to explain himself.”

Bai Luochu felt that Elder Li was spouting nonsense. Listening to Elder Li, she felt as though she was going to be abandoned by her husband. Moreover, the heartless rat who was going to leave her was Pei Qingfeng...

Bai Luochu felt that it was necessary to explain to Elder Li and she immediately retorted, “Elder Li, listen to me. Things aren’t as you think...”

Before Bai Luochu could speak, Elder Li interrupted her again, “Aiyo, you are really devoted to Qingfeng. Even now, you are still speaking up for him. Tsk Tsk Tsk, if I get the chance, I have to knock some senses into that brat. He should learn to cherish the people around him…”

Bai Luochu felt that talking to Elder Li was like talking to a wall. She went straight to the point and shot him down. “Elder Li, I am only friends with Pei Qingfeng. He can be considered my patient.”

When the words left her mouth, the consultation room fell into silence. Elder Li’s trembling voice finally broke the silence after quite some time. “Are you speaking the truth?” Elder Li had a hopeful expression and he seemed to be hoping that Bai Luochu was speaking in a fit of anger.

Bai Luochu didn’t have the heart to break the old man’s heart, but she nodded anyway.

Elder Li had an expression of disbelief as though he was struck by a bolt of lightning. He looked at Bai Luochu as though he was about to scream at her. Aren’t you touched by how well he is treating you?!

Bai Luochu was rather embarrassed when she looked at Elder Li. She had no choice but to lower her head in order to hide her thoughts.

“Are you not planning to give him a chance? To be honest, I know Qingfeng very well and you are the first person he treats favourably. Even though it seems like I am meddling in your business, I feel that the two of you are made for each other. Apart from Qingfeng, I don’t think there is anyone suitable for you.”

Bai Luochu fell silent in response. What was there to consider? She admitted that Pei Qingfeng was an outstanding individual and if she was still the Young Lady of the general’s residence, she would definitely be moved by him. It was a pity she wasn’t Luo Chu. How could she accept someone who might betray her the next day? He might even personally stab her through the heart… Lu Wenshu had given her a lesson she would never forget. Once bitten, twice shy. The current Bai Luochu wasn’t going to bother herself with relationships.

“Elder Li, I don’t wish to think about such things now. Concentrating on the medical field is the way to go.” Bai Luochu avoided the topic.

Who knew that a casual comment by Bai Luochu would reopen Elder Li’s wounds? She really opened a can of worms this time.

“Young one, do not fixate yourself on becoming a magnate of a certain field. You might miss out on a beautiful relationship if you do…”

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