Chapter 295: Sudden Realization

Pei Rumo had no choice but to reply Bai Luochu’s question. He quickly spoke of the conjecture in his heart, “I have never seen this young lady in the capital city. With the recent rumors going around, this young lady should be the person pestering Pei Qingfeng.”

Bai Luochu’s gaze didn’t leave Pei Qingfeng and Ling Xian’er’s body as they strolled down the street. All their actions were caught in her eyes. Young lady?! With her physique, she looks about my age. She looks like a lively bunny compared to an old and decrepit hag like me.

Bai Luochu felt a strange feeling welling up in her heart. It was as though there were ten thousand ants crawling around her body and she quickly attributed it to her recent lack of rest.

“Your First Highness, I am not feeling very well and shall take my leave.” Bai Luochu kept the medicinal herb and ran out of the restaurant.

Pei Rumo remained in the private room and an indifferent expression hung on his face. After some time, the corners of his mouth curled upwards and he muttered to himself, “Hmm, interesting. Things are getting really interesting.”

Not too long ago, there was a scene playing out in the Second Prince’s residence. Pei Qingfeng’s personal guard and the secret guard commander were squatting in the back garden of the residence as they started fighting over something.

“You… Why didn’t you make a report about it? We’re both going to die!” The first one to speak was Pei Qingfeng’s personal guard.

The secret guard wasn’t convinced he was in trouble as he tried to argue his way out of it, “How dare you criticize me! You’re the one hanging around Master everyday! I have been crouching in front of the general’s residence the entire time and came back as soon as I heard the information! Who knew that Young Lady Xian’er would invite Young Master when His First Highness invited Young Lady Luo Chu for lunch?!”

“Shut up! You better start praying!” The personal guard interrupted.

“What? Why do I need to pray?”

The personal guard raised his hand to smack the secret guard on the top of his head. “What else?! We better pray that they never meet! If they see each other… we are both dead men.”

“Then what if they really meet?” The secret guard commander asked fearlessly.

“If that were to happen… I hope Master isn’t the one who sees them. That way, we will be able to live for a few more days.”

“If Young Lady Luo Chu erupts in anger, won’t our deaths be accelerated? Master will definitely blame the two of us!”

The personal guard stood up and left. When the secret guard commander saw that he was being left alone, he yelled, “Hey, why are you walking away?!”

The personal guard closed his eyes first before yelling his reply, “Where else can I go?! I’m going to sharpen all the blades in the residence. I don’t wish to suffer under a blunt blade.”

The secret guard commander felt that the personal guard’s idea was reasonable and he quickly followed behind him.

There was a saying that went ‘One could eat whatever they liked, but words cannot be spoken without thought.’ Whatever the two guards said came true and Bai Luochu noticed Pei Qingfeng’s presence just as they left to sharpen the blades. 

“Big Brother Qingfeng, look, this mask is really interesting!” Ling Xian’er was tugging at Pei Qingfeng’s sleeve as she pointed to a mask in a stall.

It was a white color fox-shaped mask that had red and gold patterns all around it.

When the stall owner saw that someone was interested in his products, he went all-out to praise it., “This Young Lady really has a keen eye for goods! This fox mask is the most popular item in my shop and I even painted the design on personally. This is the only mask left and if you want it, I’ll wrap it up for you.”

Pei Qingfeng looked at the fox mask and Bai Luochu’s face appeared in his mind. He didn’t know why he thought of her either, but it might be because of her fox-like eyes when she was planning a scheme. The more he looked at the mast, the more he felt that it suited Bai Luochu. He took out some money with the intention of purchasing the mask.

Ling Xian’er really fancied the mask and acted coquettishly to Pei Qingfeng immediately, “Big Brother Qingfeng, can you buy this mask for Xian’er?”

Pei Qingfeng handed money to the stall owner and kept the mask. He didn’t pass the mask to Ling Xian’er.

Ling Xian’er was initially filled with joy as she assumed that Pei Qingfeng had bought the mask for her. She became puzzled when he kept it instead of passing it to her.

“Big Brother Qingfeng, why are you not giving me the mask?”

Pei Qingfeng raised his brows and asked Ling Xian’er, “Do you want it?”

Ling Xian’er thought that Pei Qingfeng was just trying to tease her and quickly nodded.

Pei Qingfeng never had the intention to give her the mask in the first place. “This mask isn’t suitable for you.” He took a pig-faced mask and placed it on Ling Xian’er’s head before turning to pay the stall owner. “This suits you more.”

How could Ling Xian’er not be aware of Pei Qingfeng’s true intentions? Even though she was extremely mad, devious schemes didn’t form in her mind. She merely swore in her heart. Just you wait, Pei Qingfeng, sooner or later, I will personally meet the person you care so much about. If Honored Tian Yun asks about her, you better not beg me to show her any mercy.

Bai Luochu watched the whole scene play out and she felt lost.

In her daze, she absent-mindedly made her way to the Hundred Herbs Hall. Thinking about how she shouldn’t waste the newly obtained Snow Appearance Herb, she decided to buy some medicinal ingredients while she was at it in order to concoct a new elixir.

She stepped into the Hundred Herbs Hall and was about to ask for an attendant. However, she never expected someone familiar to be standing in front of her.

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