Chapter 293: Not in the Mood to Eat

Ling Xian’er was a completely different person compared to the one who was complaining to Pei Qingfeng. She was like a fairy who descended from heaven as she mingled among the common populace.

Compared to her change in temperament, Pei Qingfeng was more curious about her use of language. He immediately questioned, “I have a question for you. Who taught you such things?”

If her ‘great’ sisters taught her such things, I will ask Honored Tian Yun to transfer them away even if she hates me for it. How can they teach her such inappropriate language?

Ling Xian’er didn’t know that Pei Qingfeng was enraged and she brushed it off. “Where can I learn such things from other than those folk tales? Big Brother Qingfeng should start reading those romance novels. I heard from Honored Sir that you never interact with any women. If this carries on, won’t you remain single for the rest of your life? You’ll die alone without anyone by your side!”

Pei Qingfeng was gritting his teeth so hard that they were aching. However, he wasn’t able to scream at Ling Xian’er. He had no choice but to send her out.

When he saw that she was gone, Pei Qingfeng turned to his personal guard. “Look for Honored Tian Yun and let him know about her outrageous behavior. She had been reading too much junk and ask Honored Tian Yun to confiscate those books and burn them on the spot.”

The personal guard was about to leave, but he was called back after taking a single step out of the room. “Wait, don’t burn them. Bring them all to me.”


When the personal guard arrived in Ling Xian’er room to confiscate her books, she screamed at the top of her lungs, “Pei Qingfeng! How dare you do this to me! I was merely trying to be kind!”

When the personal guard saw the raging Ling Xian’er, he was terrified. After all, she might look like a beautiful fairy, but she was a little demoness.

“Young Lady Xian’er, my Master is doing this with your interest in mind.” He prepared to slip away after explaining himself.

“Wait!” Ling Xian’er called out to the personal guard and made him extremely apprehensive. He forced out a smile and replied, “Is there anything this servant can do for you?”

“I have a question for you. What is Big Brother Qingfeng going to do to all my books?” Ling Xian’er stared at the personal guard as she tried to detect traces of lies in his words.

That personal guard felt as though he had seen the doors of the netherworld when Ling Xian’er questioned him. The hair on his back was erect from fear. In order to escape from this she-devil, he spoke truthfully, “Young Lady Xian’er, Master initially ordered me to burn these books. However, he changed his mind and told this subordinate to bring them back to him. He will return them after Young Lady’s behavior improves.”

Ling Xian’er was very satisfied with his answer and immediately released the personal guard.

When she thought about it, Ling Xian’er felt that something was wrong. Pei Qingfeng was someone who disliked trouble. Even though he looked like someone who was easily swayed, he was a decisive person who would nip problems in the bud. Why would he order his personal guard to bring him her books? Ling Xian’er wasn’t able to understand his actions.

“Could it be...” A bold thought formed in Ling Xian’er’s mind, “Is he planning to read those books?!”

When the thought formed in her head, Pei Qingfeng had already dismissed everyone on his side as he flipped the book open. He sat in his study as he read the book in silence.


On the day of the meeting, Bai Luochu appeared on time but realized that Pei Rumo was already waiting for her.

“For making Your First Highness wait, I have sinned.” Even though she was apologizing to Pei Rumo, she had an indifferent expression on her face. She seemed completely insincere about the apology.

Pei Rumo never expected Bai Luochu to behave with proper etiquette and it was already a feat for her to be willing to express her apologies, albeit an insincere one. Whatever the case, he wouldn’t bother about how she conducted herself in front of him.

“I didn’t wait for a long time. However, you were early in the past. If I were to arrive late, I might leave a bad impression.” Pei Rumo spoke and poured a cup of tea for Bai Luochu before handing her the menu.

“I recall that you have a certain dietary preference. Since I am fine with anything, please order whatever you like.” Pei Rumo sipped his tea as his gaze never left her face. Those who didn’t know the relationship between them might think that they were mutually in love.

Bai Luochu didn’t hold herself back and ordered her favorite dishes. When she thought that Pei Qingfeng might appear out of nowhere, she made an additional order of poached chicken. She remembered that Pei Qingfeng was unlike her who loved food with intense flavors.

When Pei Rumo saw Bai Luochu ordering the poached chicken, his eyes drooped downwards and a weird expression appeared on his face.

Isn’t this one of Pei Qingfeng’s favorite dishes? Does she think he will show up today? Seems like she is going to be disappointed today.

Pei Rumo could see that Bai Luochu was treating Pei Qingfeng differently compared to the other princes. However, she didn’t realize that her attitude towards him had changed. He thought that it would be interesting to see her reaction when she realized that Pei Qingfeng had been spending the past few days with another woman. 

“Alright. That shall be all.” Bai Luochu closed the menu and asked the waiter to take their order. After ordering the food, she took the initiative to start the conversation. “Why did Your First Highness invite me for lunch today?”

Pei Rumo wasn’t in a hurry to reply and he started to drag it out. “Why can’t I ask you out for lunch? Didn’t you say that you would accept all my invitations?” Pei Rumo silently observed Bai Luochu’s expression and he discovered that she constantly turned to look at the door of the private room.

Pei Rumo snickered in his heart. He could see that Bai Luochu hadn’t discovered her true feelings for Pei Qingfeng. She was obviously in love… Whatever the case, Pei Rumo wasn’t in a hurry to expose her.

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