Chapter 291: Silently Determined

Zi Su became rather embarrassed after hearing Bai Luochu’s praise. She immediately replied modestly, "How can that be possible? Young Lady Luo Chu is making fun of me."

Since the two of them started talking, the poor Cai Ling was standing by the side as she seethed in silence. Cai Ling was obviously unsatisfied with Zi Su’s sudden visit. Moreover, she looked so familiar with her mistress! She wasn’t even able to voice her discontent as her mistress would probably scold her for speaking out of turn.

As Cai Ling’s thoughts ran wild, she slowly suppressed the anger in her heart.

Zi Su had a personal agenda for visiting the general’s residence. She wanted to take a look at Bai Luochu’s servant who had been evaluated highly by her master. When she was conversing with Bai Luochu, her gaze would occasionally shift towards little Cai Ling who was standing in the corner. Cai Ling’s expressions were naturally caught by the observant Zi Su.

Initially, when Zi Su noticed Cai Ling’s irate look when she appeared, she felt that she made a wasted trip. She felt that Zi Su had put up a good show in the First Prince’s residence for her master to hold her in such high regard. However, when she realized that Cai Ling regained her composure in an instant, she saw her in a completely different light.

Right now, she seems like an immature lass. However, after a few years of training from Young Lady Luo Chu, she might turn out to be a completely different person. Master is right… This lass is indeed incredible. In time to come, she should turn into a formidable leader. Since Young Lady Luo Chu has never taken background into account, this little girl might just become an influential figure in the imperial city...

Zi Su quickly shifted the topic to talk about Cai Ling. "Are you Young Lady Luo Chu's personal servant?"

Cai Ling raised her head and looked at Zi Su without a trace of fear. There was a trace of smile on her face as she replied, “Yes. Is there a reason behind sister Zi Su’s question?”

Zi Su lowered her head and smiled. There was a bashful look on her face as she replied, “Nothing much. I heard rumors about you storming into the First Prince’s residence several days ago. Moreover, my Master praised you without end… That was one of the reasons I decided to head over. I wanted to see the person my Master held in such high regard.”

“Sister Zi Su must be teasing me! I really do not deserve such praise from His First Highness. I did it because I didn’t want my Mistress to be misunderstood. I was offensive and rude… I hope sister Zi Su can relay a message to His First Highness that I sincerely apologize for my behavior.”

Even though Cai Ling’s words held no hidden meaning, she managed to end the conversation.

Zi Su shook her head helplessly and laughed, “Master is right. It is really a straightforward and efficient, fish gutting sword.”

“Fish gutting sword?” Cai Ling was about to ask but Zi Su evaded the question.

“Young Lady Luo Chu, I have delivered the invitation card. Please look through it and decide whether or not you would like to attend. There are plenty of things in the First Prince’s residence I need to take care of. I shall take my leave and there is no need to see me out.”

Zi Su immediately left after speaking, leaving behind a puzzled Cai Ling and an enlightened Bai Luochu. When Bai Luochu saw that there was no keeping Zi Su, she turned to Cai Ling. “Do you know how big of a disaster you brought onto yourself?”

“Disaster? What disaster? This servant stayed in the residence for the past few days. I tried my best to cultivate and didn’t cause any trouble! I didn’t even head to the Remote Paddy Inn or other places… What did I do?” Cai Ling felt wronged by Bai Luochu’s sudden criticism.

Bai Luochu frowned and laughed bitterly, “No wonder Zi Su would ask to see me. She wanted to see the person His First Highness praised. Didn’t you barge into the First Prince’s residence the other day? Now you’re famous! You’re even a target for everyone living there.”

Cai Ling panicked a little after hearing Bai Luochu’s words and she didn’t know what to do next. “Mistress… what do I do now?!”

Bai Luochu snickered,” Pfff, hahaha! I was kidding! Pei Rumo is an old fox and he couldn’t be bothered with you. Zi Su must have felt a little insecure after hearing his praises and decided to scout you out. Whatever, you did well and she should be convinced by your act. There isn’t a need to worry.”

A wave of relief washed over Cai Ling but when she recalled how Bai Luochu made fun of her earlier, she started grumbling, “Mistress, how can you make fun of your poor servant?”

Bai Luochu’s expression changed and she put on a serious face. “You can’t say that I made fun of you. It was a reminder for you to keep a low-profile. If a tree stands out in a forest, it will be blown down by the wind. A nail that stands out will be hammered down. This time, you merely attracted Pei Rumo’s attention. If your performance catches the attention of some incredible individuals, you might not be alive to complain to me.”

Cai Ling heard Bai Luochu’s explanation and understood her mistress’ worries. “This servant understands. I shall be more cautious with my words and actions in the future. I will not cause more trouble for Mistress!”

“That’s great. Even if I need to clean up after you, it’s not a problem. As long as you’re not in danger, everything can be negotiated.”

Cai Ling nodded in response and was touched by Bai Luochu’s concern.

When Zi Su returned to the First Prince’s residence, Pei Rumo had been sitting in the study room for a period of time.

Zi Su quickly rushed into the study room and apologized to Pei Rumo, “Please forgive me, Master. This servant had a short conversation with Young Lady Luo Chu and delayed my journey back.”

Pei Rumo wasn’t angry and replied calmly, “The most important thing is to hand Luo Chu the invitation card. Returning late is nothing to fuss over.”

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