Chapter 289: Zi Su’s Proposal

“You are growing too bold. You need to watch your words...” When Pei Rumo heard Zi Su’s statement, he immediately chided her.

Zi Su noticed that Pei Rumo was angry and understood that she was at fault. She immediately asked for forgiveness, “This servant knows her mistake. This servant spoke her mind as no one else was present. This servant hopes for Master’s forgiveness.”

Pei Rumo shook his head and sighed, “There are ears growing on the walls. There are plenty of people monitoring our First Prince’s residence. Do not be so reckless again in the future.”

Zi Su heaved a sigh of relief after hearing Pei Rumo’s response as she knew that he wouldn’t punish her. A second later, Zi Su spoke up, “Master, these people have rather mysterious identities. Do we need to send people to investigate?”

Pei Rumo rejected Zi Su’s idea, “It isn’t necessary. They are not threatening our direct interest. If they are really from that faction, investigating them would only draw more suspicion. It would be better for us to wait. Since they are living in that residence, they must be here for some important matters. They won’t be leaving for some time. We have no need to worry that they will be able to avoid our investigation.”

“Master is truly thorough in his considerations, this servant is too reckless.” When Zi Su listened to Pei Rumo’s arrangement, she quickly acknowledged.

Pei Rumo praised Zi Su instead, “You have already done a good job. For you to be able to think so far ahead, my nurturing has not been done in vain. If Ming Lu is half as sensible as you, I won’t need to bring him around everywhere I go. Not only do I have to exhort him earnestly, I still have to teach him such things, step by step.”

Zi Su covered her mouth and giggled, “Master has pampered Ming Lu too much. The other servants are following in Master’s footsteps. Ming Lu is different from this servant. When this servant was picked up and brought to the residence, I already knew the ways of the world. Ming Lu was raised in the residence at a young age and has not seen the world. There isn’t a need to hurry as we are living in peaceful times now. Ming Lu is much more intelligent than this servant. When he grows up, he will definitely be more useful to Master. Master doesn’t have to worry.”

Pei Rumo immediately felt relieved after hearing Zi Su’s reflection. Zi Su is speaking the truth. After all, when I brought Zi Su back, she was alone and had gone through challenging experiences. After struggling for food for a long enough time, she has seen through human nature. Her thinking is more mature compared to Ming Lu. That brat has been brought up in the First Prince’s residence and he is much younger than me. Back when I wasn’t so ambitious, I treated him as my best playmate and younger brother. Even now, I haven’t been guarding against him. On the contrary, I even taught him politics of the imperial court… Compared to Zii Su, Ming Lu is living a comfortable life.

Zi Su understood that her master doted on Ming Lu, thus, she didn’t criticize him too much. Otherwise, people might think that she was vying for Pei Rumo’s attention. At the end of the day, they were serving the same master and there was no need to draw such a fine line between them.

Since Zi Su was able to serve by Pei Rumo’s side for such a long time, she wasn’t a naive girl. Pei Rumo looked at Zi Su and recalled Luo Chu’s bold servant girl who charged into the residence with Ming Lu in tow. He immediately made fun of Zi Su, “Lucky you weren’t the one to deliver the letter to the general’s residence. If you encountered Luo Chu’s servant girl, the both of you will probably start fighting at the gate.”

“Young Lady Luo Chu’s personal servant? Is there something wrong with her?” Pei Rumo brought the topic up suddenly and Zi Su was bewildered.

Pei Rumo shook his head in response and laughed, “Nothing is wrong with her. Both of you are loyal to your master and mistress, but your personalities are poles apart. You are steadfast and will bury your thoughts in your heart. She is completely different. Her emotions are written on her face. If you are an invisible hidden weapon that kills without a trace, she should be a gutting knife who will be able to catch people off guard.”

“After listening to Master, I really wish to meet her. After all, if Master is praising a servant girl, she must be someone extraordinary. But Young Lady Luo Chu is a frank and upright person. It isn’t surprising her servant takes after her. Perhaps after a few more years, when that servant girl’s wisdom matures, she would be the same as this servant.” Zi Su laughed lightly and felt that Cai Ling was an interesting person.

“Enough of that. Hurry up and help me come up with a plan. What pretext should I use to invite Luo Chu the next time? I got her to invite me out to lunch last time but Pei Qingfeng, that annoying brat, disrupted our meeting.” Pei Rumo revealed a trace of anger when he spoke about Pei Qingfeng.

Zi Su felt that it was odd for her master to be on the losing end. However, he was her master and she would do her best to think of another plan.

“Previously when this servant served Young Lady Luo Chu, she was very obsessed with alchemy, poison-making, and cultivation. Why don’t Master come up with something regarding these fields? Even if you invite Young Lady Luo Chu for a meal, you can use some rare and odd medicinal ingredient, some poison or some elixir prescription as an excuse. Young Lady Luo Chu will definitely accept the invitation.”

After this reminder, Pei Rumo suddenly recalled that Zi Su was the person who served Bai Luochu during her stay in the First Prince’s residence. He turned his gaze to look at her to the point where she felt uncomfortable. “Let me ask you. When Luo Chu was living here, did anything happen between her and my Second Brother?”

When Zi Su saw Pei Rumo staring at her, she assumed that her master wasn’t satisfied with her proposal. She never expected for him to change the topic. She became extremely confused.

“Master, are you suspecting that Young Lady Luo Chu is having a love affair with His Second Highness?” Zi Su thought carefully and felt that this was the only reason her master would ask her a question like this.

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